Level 3 Program Description

The Level 3 ski instructor certification is for advanced skiers that have passed the Level 2 certification. The course enables ski instructors to improve their situational teaching skills, to acquire a better understanding of CSIA technique and methodology, and the role of ski teaching within the ski industry, as well as introduce instructor training. It combines practical ski teaching methods, technical understanding and development, and improvement of guest service skills.

Candidates will receive coaching on their skiing, teaching and people skills with the goal of reaching the Level 3 standard. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach skiers up to advanced parallel skill level.

Since the 2014-15 season, the Level 3 program is now offered in a modular, credit-based structure.
The certification consists of 3 components, each requiring its own individual registration:

Structure L3

Level 3 Training course
Training in advanced skiing and teaching skills, with development strategies and recommendations for Level 3 exams.
  • Ski improvement at advanced performance level with exposure to varied terrain
  • Technical reference points for advanced skiing
  • Development of advanced teaching skills with practice teaching
  • Review of level 3 standards and exam procedures
  • Individual development strategies

Duration : 3 days
Prerequisites: CSIA Level 2 certification
Course Fees: $389.30 + tax
Course Guide: Click Here
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Education Credits
The required 40 Education Credits can be accumulated before or after the L3 Training course but they absolutely must be accumulated before attending the L3 exams.
  • To view your Education Credits total, please login to your personal page and then look for the Pathway tab.
  • Please note that 10 Education Credits have been awarded automatically to members having earned their Level 2 Certification prior to the 2013/14 season.
  • Members having attended the 5-day Level 3 Training prior to the 2014/15 season have been automatically allocated the necessary credits to fulfill the structure's requirements.
While most CSIA programs are eligible for Education credits (see full list here) , the easiest, suggested way to accumulate the remaining 30 Credits is to attend the following 2-day National Module:
Level 3 Certification Exams
  • Skiing is evaluated in a ski-off format. The ski-off is reviewed during the course and each candidate will be given clear directions for exam preparation.
  • The teaching exam consists of a 60 minutes lessons taught to your peers. Teaching assignments are given the morning of the exams, by the course conductor in charge.
  • Candidates who fail skiing or teaching can be re-tested on that portion with no time limitation. Candidates passing one portion will never have to be re-tested for that portion.
  • All Candidates, including first-time participants, have the option of challenging only one of the two exams, to obtain a partial Level 3 certification.
  • The process of certification is not limited in time. Once qualified for the exams, candidates will not have to attend the L3 Training ever again.

Duration : 2 days (day 1 - Teaching, day 2 - Skiing)
Prerequisites: Level 3 Training course completed (new 3-day format) AND 40 Education credits accumulated -OR- Level 3 Training course completed (old 5-day format)
Exam Fees: $268.50 + tax ($146.50 + tax for partial exam)
Registration: Click Here
Were you qualified for the exams after the 2013/14 season? You still are.
Members who were already qualified for the Level 3 exams at the end of the 2013/14 season are still qualified for the exams under the new structure. If you have attended the previously offered 5-day Level 3 Training course, you can go straight to the exams, without having to accumulate any education credits.  The mandatory Education Credits to fulfill the certification’s requirements have been automatically allocated to you.
Preparing for exams
Level 3 standards are significantly higher than the Level 2 certification. To maximize the chances of success, candidates are encouraged to develop a personal training plan and seek specific training based on their needs. The following modules can help: Alternatively, seek the assistance of a current Level 3 course conductor through a snowschool.
Level 3 Videos
Prepare for the course or the exams by viewing our compilation of videos pertaining to the Level 3 certification. Click here to access the YouTube playlist.