The Professional Development Program (PDP) offers to the CSIA membership continuous updating on the latest innovative ski teaching methods. Take advantage of this service offered and be a professional by knowing what is happening in the world of ski teaching today.

Attend your yearly PDP and benefit from:
  • 3 hours sessions delivered by an accredited Course Conductor
  • Individual feedback
  • Maximum of 10 participants per class
  • Exclusive to CSIA members and free of charge

2 options to choose from (SELECT ONLY 1 PER SEASON)
Assessment & Development
Focusing on simple approaches to improve students.
  • Acquire better tools to assess then develop skiers.
  • Focus on tactical understanding and class management issues (skiing while teaching rather than lecturing while teaching – use mileage!)
  • Develop toolbox of ideas based on needs of the group you have - make it real!
  • Worth 3 Education credits
Ski Improvement
Ski improvement and methodology development  
  • Refresh your understanding of the Canadian Approach
  • Refine your technique using our skills concept
  • Develop your teaching skill set through exposure to our advanced methodology
  • Worth 2 Education credits

The PDP schedule is establish by the coordinator, in each region, in agreement with the Ski School Directors. All inquiries regarding schedule and registration should be directed to your local Ski School.

Click here to access the PDP Coordinator List

2016/2017 schedule and registration will be available in late September. Stay tuned!