Icebreaker Only Black 2

The CSIA is happy to announce that we have acquired a new bronze sponsor, Icebreaker. As of now, active members in good standing can purchase products at 50% off from this renowned company. As the leading merino sportswear brand, Icebreaker will outfit you with year-round gear, ranging from base layers, to jackets & mid layers, to lifestyle apparel. We are excited to have Icebreaker offer these exclusive deals to you so read more about Icebreaker and discover what they are all about.

Not sure how the Pro Deal program works?

Simply login to your profile on, click the Pro Deal tab, download the Icebreaker2017 PDF and follow the steps.

Want to know more about Pro Deals in general?

Click here for more information on how to get your discounted products. Remember that only certain sponsors offer summer Pro Deals so inquire with the company’s customer service if they have items left in stock.

We are excited to have them on board and look forward to developing this partnership! 

Icebreaker lowres photo