Hall of Fame

The C.S.I.A. Hall of fame has been established in order that we may showcase previous and current award recipients.

Hall of Fame Criteria

Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of two Hall of Fame members and a current Board member.

The final decision must be unanimous. In order to preserve the high degree of honour there no obligation to have a recipient in any given year or to have only one honoree.

All nominations will be kept for a period of 4 years, and will be reviewed annually. Candidate submission forms must be sent in by the nominating person. Guidelines are as follows:

  • Length of time actively teaching skiing. Ten years is the minimum.
  • Length of time in the CSIA. Fifteen years is the minimum.
  • The member should be over 40 years of age.
  • Leadership and/or volunteer positions held within snow sports, i.e., Ski School Director or CSIA Board Member (National or Regional)
  • Contribution to our industry (i.e., what impact did individual have on our industry?).
  • Has the member shown dedication to the sport of skiing or ski racing?
  • Does the member show devotion to the CSIA and promotion of the organization?

Click here to view all Ontario Hall of Fame recipients, as well as view the nomination form/criteria/procedure.