Why Start Ski Teaching?

Taking the Level 1 Course is a great way to not only improve your understanding of skiing, but it is a requirement for anyone who wants to become involved with teaching skiing in Canada.

Some common benefits to all who participate in the Level One Program are:

  • Gain a lifetime of experience while enjoying the natural wonders of the great outdoors.
  • Learn valuable transferable skills such as guest service, defining peoples goals and objectives, communication skills and age specific approaches.
  • Become a better skier on an ongoing basis by understanding and improving your own skills.
  • Advanced CSIA certification improves your chances for career opportunities in the ski industry.
  • CSIA instructors are taught respect, patience, tolerance, and self confidence while improving their skiing ability.
  • Parents can gain creative and effective tools to teach and ski with their own children.
  • Share skills and knowledge with other professionals in the industry.
  • Taking the Level 1 Course isn't just for those who want to become ski instructors - it's a great way to stay active, spend time outdoors and meet people in the winter months!