Course conductor training

Not only is the Course conductor training a prerequisite to teach on the Level 1, it is also a great way to start the season! This training will help you develop a better understanding of both skiing and teaching.

Furthermore, it will help you perform better as a dominant figure in your ski school. All level 3 and 4 are welcome to participate to this training, even if a have never worked on the Level 1 or have no intention to do so.

Note that this training does not guarantee that you will work on the Level 1, nor that you will do a "rookie." Those wishing to become a Level 1 course conductor will have to complete 5 tasks before being eligible for a Rookie. The entire process will be explained during the Course conductor training.

Course conductor training offered by the CSIA Québec.

Level 4 Course conductor training offered by the CSIA national office.

Be ready, as your skiing, understanding and motivation will be evaluated. The quality of your demonstrations is also very important. You will also have to teach to your fellow participants (indoor & outdoor).

Here are the main criteria for the selection of Course Conductors:

  • Experience and seniority.
  • Full-time Level 4 usually have preference.
  • Your implication in skiing, full-time vs. part-time.
  • Your intention to attend the level 4 exams.
  • The evaluation of your skiing, understanding and motivation.
  • Your implication in a ski school, supervisor, etc ...
  • The availability of each and everyone in their region.

The course conductor training is 2 days. The indoor session will be integrated with the outdoor sessions. The first morning, we will start at 7h15 AM for the indoor session.