Welcome to this 9th edition of the “Communiqué!” 



Happy Holidays!

First things, first, I want to wish every Member, their family, and friends the best holiday season! I hope everyone gets a chance to spend time on snow. Every ski season has some challenge(s.) But, wow, it sure seems we have had our share, with the Pandemic, and the weather causing delayed openings and access problems in some Regions. One thing is for sure, the Membership is a resilient group, and we can overcome these challenges. The recent forecast looks like a return to more seasonable weather in Eastern Canada next week!

At this time, we have completed Course Conductor Training, with 658 Course Conductors taking part! Those Course Conductors are now ready and stoked to deliver our Certification Courses and Pro Days in every corner of the country!

Also in this edition, we are releasing the details of the next Interski Team selection prerequisites. The Interski Congress will be held in 2023 in Levi, Finland. To be part of the selection process, you must be an active Level 4 and Course Conductor. Click here for the complete details.

Lastly, if you don’t already know, our chosen craft is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. With the busy Holiday period starting in ski resorts across the country, make sure you are extra diligent in keeping yourself safe on the slopes!



Please take note of our Office hours during the Holidays this year:

-Friday, December 24: closing at noon

-Monday, December 27: closed

-Tuesday, December 28: closed

-Friday, December 31: closing at noon

-Monday, January 3: closed

-Tuesday, January 4: closed

We will resume our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Please contact us by email at national@snowpro.com for further inquiries



It is my pleasure to recognize the Members who have been with us and have paid their Membership dues for 25, 40, or 50 consecutive years!

Below are the names of our Members who are receiving their 50-year Member recognition this season. 

Abbott, Alan

Adams, Tony

Anderson, Susan

Bolduc, Claude

Boulerice, Donat

Charron, Pierre

Christie, Liam

Cook, Casandra

Davis, James

Frizzell, Robert

Gfeller, Jurg

Harris, Michael

Henkenhaf, Wilhelm

Hunt, David

Lake, Arthur

Larlee, John

Lavigueur, Roger

Marien, John

McNeill, Gary

Miller, David

Moore, Wendell

Olson, Martin

Peissard, Bernard

Petrone, Mario

Prince, Ron

Provencher, Raymond

Receveur, Rick

Rosewarne, Jamie

Rotundo, Joseph

Speiss, Craig

Starr, Bill

Tutty, Brian

Wells, Frank

Wroldsen, Peter

Young, George


To find out about our 25 and 40-year Members, visit snowpro.com.



Have you renewed your 2021-2022 Membership yet?

Act now and take advantage of some of the amazing benefits offered to Members, such as access to Pro Deals available online and our wonderful CSIA branded store items (see new products below)!  Also, check out the brand new benefits from Big Picture Skiing and Projected Productions.

Login to your profile in snowpro.com to renew.



It’s getting cold out there! Stay warm on the slopes or when you are walking around the resort with one of these accessories.

Below are a few new CSIA branded pieces, currently available to our Members, with savings of up to 20% off of regular retail prices. Go to the CSIA snowpro.com online store to see the different styles and colors of hats, beanies, neck warmers, bandanas, and socks.


Happy shopping!



We are excited to announce Member discounts to the following global online resources from both Big Picture Skiing and Projected Productions.

Big Picture Skiing

What is Big Picture Skiing about? The Body, Snow, and the Mind.

We all see skiing through our own lens and that’s exactly the way it should be. However, if we can learn to see through multiple lenses, we open the possibility of connecting the dots and realizing WHY people explain skiing a certain way and why others are a seemingly different way, but they are saying the same thing. Big Picture Skiing is my lifelong project to explain:

What is happening in the body, on the snow, and in the mind for all different types of skiing.

If you can help people understand the above three aspects, I believe you will be able to be coached more effectively, self-coach yourself, and coach others with more success. This then achieves everyone’s goal of getting better at skiing. Inside Big Picture Skiing you will find hours of content covering biomechanics, carving, bumps strength and mobility, equipment, and more. It is my brain downloaded into video content to view whenever you want and as much as you want.

To check out Big Picture Skiing with a free 7-day trial head to www.bigpictureskiing.com. CSIA Members can use the coupon code CSIAPRO to receive 33% off any subscription choice if they decide to continue their learning.

Thank you!

Tom Gellie

CSIA Member

Big Picture Skiing


Projected Productions

Since 2015, the team at Projected Productions has tracked down the very best skiers including Interski Team Members, full cert trainers, elite-level coaches, and even World Cup and Olympic athletes to share their knowledge and experience. With over 11 hours of instructional video content, the Projected Library will not only improve your skiing, but will also develop knowledge of ski technique and biomechanics, inspire with breathtaking skiing imagery, and provide step-by-step progressions and exercises to develop instructing skills!

This 2021-2022 season, Projected Productions is offering all CSIA Members an exclusive 66% OFF the 1 month ALL-ACCESS VIDEO PASS. This pass provides unlimited access to the entire Projected instructional video library from your smartphone or computer for just AUD$5.99.

To access this offer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to www.projectedproductions.com
  2. select “Partner Access” from the top menu and then select “CSIA/AMSC”
  3. To enter the Guest Area, enter password CSIA2021
  4. Click on the CSIA/AMSC Projected Library accompanied by three vertical dots (above the top line of videos).
  5. Select “Subscribe” and follow the prompts to create your account and purchase a subscription.

You can also click here to watch a brief video guide explaining this process.


  • To watch videos, you must enter the CSIA Member’s area as advised above. Your CSIA Member’s special does NOT provide access to the public Projected Library.
  • Once in the Member area, you must be logged in to access videos.

Kind regards,
Pauly & Reilly

Projected Productions




On behalf of the entire CSIA Staff Team, Happy Holidays!!

Perry Schmunk

Managing Director