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Dear CSIA Member,

Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone is set for a great long weekend!

In this edition: Save the date information about our Fall Kick-Off events dates, an exciting Summer Program from our Silver Partner, Tecnica Group, and important notice from our Hall of Fame Committee.



Although we officially will not open program registration until the Fall, we want to let you know of the following “save the date” information, as promised in the last edition of Communiqué.

We are working on final details with venues for our first on-snow events next winter and official notices will be issued in the early Fall, but we are planning the following:

Lake Louise:

-Course Conductor Training November 14,15, 2022

-Kick-Off Member “Pro Days Camp” (aka Members’ Convention) November 16 -18 2022


-Course Conductor Training November 28,29, 2022

-Kick-Off Member “Pro Days Camp” (aka Members’ Convention) November 30 – December 2


Please note that additional Course Conductor Training dates and venues will be released in the Fall.


The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) National Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of the organization, inspiring and encouraging the development of young Instructors, and enshrining CSIA Members who have made a significant contribution to the growth and well-being of the CSIA on a National scale and to the sport of skiing and ski teaching.

The CSIA National Hall of Fame has 4 categories where inductees can be awarded:


This category is intended to honour those that had a significant role in shaping the CSIA during the early years of our association.


This category recognizes those who have clearly made a positive contribution to the development of the CSIA either from a National or International perspective.

Inspirational Leader

This category honours and awards those individuals that have demonstrated remarkable leadership skills, they are also perceived as role models thanks to their startling motivational talents; and most importantly, they are truly inspirational mentors to other Members and their peers throughout their CSIA careers.


This category is reserved to honour individuals who have made an impact on the Ski Industry through their dedication to the sport.  These honourees may or may not be Members of the CSIA.  This is a means for the CSIA to acknowledge and recognize a partner in the industry.

The Induction Ceremony of the selected nominees for the Founders, Builders, Contributors, or Inspirational Leader category is held annually in the fall, during annual Eastern and Western Members events.


To nominate an individual, please ensure to follow the guidelines as outlined below:

Nominator: Name, Member #, contact information

Nominee: Name, Member #, contact information

Supporters:  Names, Member #’s, contact information

Information on the Nominee

                        Category:  Founder, Builder, Inspirational Leader, or Contributor

                         Personal overview to include all of the following that is pertinent:

                                    -CSIA Certification Ladder

                                    -Ski Instructing History

                                    -Ski Industry History

                                    -CSIA Volunteer/Work History

                                    -Previous Achievements and Recognition

                                    -Overall Contribution to the CSIA & to the Ski Industry

                                    -Picture of the Nominee

Nomination Deadline: All nominations must reach the National Office by September 1st on an annual basis.   

Please Submit Nominations by email to:  hof-tdlr@snowpro.com

The CSIA National Hall of Fame Committee will consider the nominations and determine who the successful candidates will be.  Please note that all nominations remain active for a period of five (5) years, which means that in the case a nomination was not selected for this year, it will be eligible for another four (4) years.

With your help, deserving individuals will receive the recognition they have earned through perseverance and dedication to the betterment of the CSIA on a National Basis.

With Thanks,

The CSIA Hall of Fame Committee: Mike DesBrisay - Chair (Alberta), Martin Jean (Québec), Norman Kreutz ( British Columbia), Heather Robertson (Alberta), Lynn Warll (Ontario), Kathy Prophet (Québec)





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To renew your Membership online, go to snowpro.com, access your Profile with your Membership number and password, or contact us at 1-800-811-6428 ext. 221.



Did you know that Rollerblade is amongst the brands offered by Tecnica Group, one of our Silver Sponsors? Take a look at their Skate to Ski program below and get ready for next season!

With the ski season being over, don’t lose your edge this Summer and take advantage of the good weather to try inline skates. Skating has come back strong with the pandemic and as a skier, this practice could be beneficial for you.

Indeed, skating is the solution to tone your body and core, practice your balance and your agility, and above all, it is a low-impact sport that can even be practiced with the family. Everyone gets something out of it!

A few years ago, Rollerblade started a program called Skate to Ski. Divided into 4 phases and offering complete exercises, the goal of the program is to help you to become more agile on your skis once Winter is back. To find out about the program and start your training, click HERE.

In the meantime, you can find the model you need by visiting the Rollerblade website.



Need gear or clothing for your summer outings? Camping, trail running, etc.

THE NORTH FACE PRO PROGRAM is still active to CSIA Members for all your needs this summer!

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  • Free shipping
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    • When you are on The North Face Pro Program website, you will be prompted to upload a digital copy of your Membership card. Your Membership card is found in your snowpro.com Profile.
  • Once you have your pro deal codes visit https://www.thenorthface.com/en_ca/homepage.html



Winter is now behind us, and you can start planning your summer outings!

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On Behalf of your CSIA Staff Team, stay safe, and Happy Canada Day!


Best Regards,

Perry Schmunk

CSIA Managing Director