You are reading the 41st edition of the Communiqué!


Dear CSIA Member,

We just got through the Family Day weekend in most parts of the country. Since the last edition, I have had a chance to connect with Members at Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Panorama, Devil’s Glen, Blue Mountain, Alpine Ski Club, and my first time at Chicopee. It is always a pleasure to connect with our community across the country.

I realized that our community is very small; at Blue Mountain, I skied with people who got their start in instruction from a Gap Program in Banff. At Sun Peaks, I got to ski with Instructors originally from Snow Valley, Ontario. At Chicopee, I connected with an Instructor I had the privilege of working with during my time in Banff. There are endless stories that show how close our community is! We are typically only one degree of separation apart at most!

As I mentioned in the last edition, we are now just a month away from the departure of the Interski Team for Levi, Finland. Every member of the team is ready and prepared to share their learnings and experience in real time throughout the event.

On a more serious note, please take the time to read this important reminder below, intended for all Instructors across the country.



As Ski Instructors, you play an important role in the development of new skiers and you contribute greatly to the clients' enjoyment of snow sports.

In addition to accompanying them in their first turns, it is also important to make them aware of the Mountain Code of Conduct. Did you know that everyone who practices a sliding sport must respect the Mountain Code of Conduct?

The Mountain Code of Conduct establishes rules that promote the harmonious cohabitation of all users of a resort and help reduce the risk of injury. It also applies to snow parks and the term "skiing" encompasses all types of activities practiced in a ski resort (snowboarding, telemark, etc.). For their own safety and that of others, all skiers must behave respectfully and comply with the Code and other rules in effect at the ski areas. Please be aware that patrollers can intervene with a person who violates the Code and remove their access to the mountain.

Please consults the following resources for more information.

Click here to consult the tools prepared by the Quebec Ministry of Education (available in French only) and the Alpine Responsibility Code.

As a ski teaching professional, it is important to pass on this content to your students and validate their understanding at any time during the lesson or as part of a multi-week program.

This message is brought to you by the CSIA Team in collaboration with the Association des stations de ski du Québec and other Ski Area Operators across Canada.



We would like to remind our Members that the Pro Deal Program is a privilege we offer and not a right. Each CSIA Member is entitled to 1 (one) set of Pro Deal equipment per season purchased in Canada. In that sense, please know that discount codes provided by some sponsors when purchasing equipment, cannot be shared with other individuals. Sponsors love being able to provide CSIA Members with Pro Deals and they would like the Program to continue! Thank you for being respectful and complying with the terms and conditions of the Program. 


As we are closing in on some of our biggest Course weeks of the year, I just want to thank every Member for their patience. We have been at our capacity of Course Conductors across the country and we are doing everything possible to move Course Conductors around to meet the demand.

Hoping to see you on the slopes soon! My next trip will be the Central Pro Days Camp at Asessippi in March!


On behalf of the Staff Team,

Best Regards,

Perry Schmunk

CSIA Managing Director