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I hope that in the last two weeks, you have been following along on the Home Page of snowpro.com and our social media for all the postings about our Interski Team’s representation of you the CSIA Membership on the world stage, and all the interactions and learnings from the other nations!



Being there as part of the entire Canadian Delegation was very special! Our Delegation was seventy people strong. The CSIA Interski Team and their family members, the CASI and CANSI Teams, and the Delegation of Members from our CSIA Membership made the Canadian presence felt everywhere during the Congress!

Organization of the event - Levi was an amazing venue, with unbelievable snow and weather, great indoor meeting space, and loads of content. All lectures and workshops were well-organized through a very useable app, and the depth of content was impressive!

Skiing demonstrations of the Team - The Canadian show runs focused on relatively uncomplicated formations, with a focus on speed, and deflection across the hill, and highlighted the quality of the skiing skills of our Team members.

Teaching workshops delivered by the Team - Each Team member was well prepared and did an amazing job highlighting our approach to ski teaching to the Congress participants. On the Interski 2023 Facebook page there is plenty of posts highlighting the world’s response to our team’s workshops, check it out!

Jeff Marks, National Program Director was the recipient of the first award of the Interski event: The Collaboration Award. Congrats again Jeff!

Jeff Marks, Head Coach, and Luc Neron, Assistant Coach organized the Technical comparison runs, a Canadian tradition at Interski. Again, check out our CSIA AMSC Facebook feed for that coverage!

Mark Sedgwick, Director, Product Development, and I hosted a morning collaboration session with Vanessa Mann and Peter Allison from the IAESS (International Association of Education in Science and Snowsports). That’s a long “handle” but it is basically the science and education branch of the Interski family. This organization represents a great resource and a network for our own product development, including our own CSIA contributions back to the greater world instructor community.

Jeff Marks MC’d the Opening Ceremonies and the first Show Run night alongside Dave Schuiling, Director of Education from the PSIA AASI.

I had the honour of MCing the second Show Run night and the Closing Ceremonies alongside Paul Lorenz, Managing Director of the APSI.

The Team is now super excited to connect back with you to share all the takeaways from the event. Make sure to check snowpro.com for all the events remaining across the country, from Spring Flings in the West to Pro Days Camp in the East at Mont-Sainte-Anne this weekend!

Every Team member just “killed” their skiing and teaching presentations…To the point where throughout the event, there was/is pressure on us, Canada to host the next Interski, which is something we are certainly looking at! Stay tuned for future developments on that front!



In addition to all the Levi 60 clips posted so far, below are the links to the lectures presented by CSIA National Program Director, Jeff Marks and Managing Director, Perry Schmunk.

Click here for Jeff’s lecture.

Click here for Perry’s lecture.



The CSIA is proud to announce the 2022-2023 Ski Instructors of the year!

Below is the national list of all CSIA Ski Instructors who went above and beyond expectations in their Snow Schools this past season. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all Snow School Directors and their teams who took the time to send in their nomination! Congratulations to all!

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Looking forward to connecting on the snow this spring!

On behalf of the Staff Team,

Best Regards,

Perry Schmunk

CSIA Managing Director