You are reading the 45th edition of the Communiqué!


Dear CSIA Member,

I know that for some of you, the ski season has come to an end, with summer rushing back in Eastern Canada. In Western Canada, the resorts in the Bow Valley and in Whistler have seen some of their biggest snowfalls of the season.

From a Program operations standpoint, we are in the middle of the last two big weeks of activities. In the East, we just finished the Level 4 Exams, with 18 successful candidates. On Wednesday in Whistler, there were 8 successful candidates, and next week, the final Level 4 exit process will take place in Banff. Follow our CSIA AMSC social media feed to get all the details and to congratulate everyone!

Every week this season, we had a hard time meeting the demand for our Certification Programs. The increase in our Course Conductor supply (Level 4’s) continues to help, by trying to meet the demand in servicing you the Members! However, if you did experience a wait list scenario in your own Course plans, we apologize!

It is a busy spring outside of the Certification Programs as well. We had a great Interski Pro Days Camp in the Quebec City region, and we have the Alberta and BC Spring Flings going on this weekend. Connecting with so many Members is such a great way to end the season!

This week, I had the pleasure along with two Interski Team Members, JS Forget, and Casey Bouius, to be invited to the PSIA National Academy, in Big Sky Montana. We have a long-standing cooperative relationship with our colleagues to the south and we are working towards an even tighter partnership in which CSIA Members can enjoy PSIA resources and programming and vice versa. JS and Casey did a great job with our CSIA Interski presentation to the crowd of 600 PSIA Members! Watch for PSIA National Team Members during our Fall events next season! Other international guests attending the National Academy were the NZSIA, APSI, and Slovenia (Sloski). Part of Slovenia’s presentation was the rollout of Elan’s folding ski! No, that wasn’t a misprint; it is a ski that folds into your luggage! I had the chance to try it, and had they not told me that it folds, I would not have known! The Big Sky Event also gave us a chance to meet and work with Interski President Eric Sheckleton and Pete Allison, Board Member of the IAESS (the educational and research arm of ISIA and Interski.)

Next week we will continue with a busy spring of meetings, with our Ski Area Operator Associations. The first one is Canada West (CWSAA) in Whistler. Along with our partners CASI, CANSI, and CADS, we will also be presenting our Interski findings and presentation and we will be part of a panel, discussing the future of Snowsports Schools in Canada.

May 1st is the beginning of a new National Board cycle. Congratulations to Paul Sauvé, for starting his second term and Gunars Kazaks for being elected to his first term! Click here to get all the details on the election results. 



A great big THANK YOU to all CSIA Volunteers!

In this Volunteer Recognition Week, the CSIA would like to thank and recognize all its Volunteers across the country.

Whether you are part of the National/Regional boards or one of its committees; your passion, dedication, and relentless efforts have enabled the CSIA’s success since its beginning and in the years to come.

Thank you to all that have volunteered over the years and to the ones that will be volunteering in the near future.

If you would like to get involved, but don’t know how, please contact us at national@snowpro.com


In the last edition of the Communiqué, we shared the names of the 2022-2023 Ski Instructors of the Year (appearing below). We are happy to announce that 6 names were drawn amongst the recipients. The winners are highlighted in red!  They each win a piece of equipment offered by our sponsors. Congratulations to all!

 Liste finale 4

I hope you are either getting some last few turns of the season in or relaxing and regrouping after a busy season!

On behalf of the entire staff team, thanks for a great season!


Best Regards,

Perry Schmunk

CSIA Managing Director