Education Credits Program Description

Launched for the 2013/14 season, the Education Credits concept marks a historic change to the CSIA’s education system. In recent years, continuing education has become more and more important to instructors and snow schools alike. Now, our members’ participation to numerous programs is being valued through the attribution of Education Credits.

These credits are being tracked on your personal page, under the Pathway tab. Credits are accumulated into a grand total, which can only increase. At no time will you be required to trade or “sell” credits.

Pertaining to certification, specific numbers of credits serve as eligibility milestones. Reach 10 credits to fulfill the Level 2 requirements. Reach 40 credits to fulfill the Level 3 requirements.

Tableaux structure  14-15 credits Eng

List of eligible programs and their attributed value:

National Programs
Snow Park Certification 10 credits
Teaching Children Module 10 credits
Free Tactics / Snow Park intro Module (formerly known as Freeride module & Snowpark training) 10 credits
Terrain Assisted Development Module (formerly known as All-Terrain - introduction) 10 credits
All-Terrain - advanced Module 10 credits
Advanced Teaching Module 30 credits
Trainer Development Module 30 credits
Training for Performance Module 15 credits
Coaching the Fundamentals Module 20 credits
National Convention 3 credits
High Performance Camp 3 credits
Women's Edge Camp 5 credits
Women's Edge Day 3 credits
Assessment and Development 3 credits
Ski Improvement 2 credits
Online Learning Modules
Teaching Children 2 credits
Guest service 2 credits
Regional Clinics*
L2 Course Prep Clinic 3 credits
L3 Course Prep Clinic 3 credits
Carving Clinic 2 credits
Corridor Clinic 2 credits
Short Turn Clinic 2 credits
Skills and Drills Clinic 2 credits
Women 4 Women Clinic 2 credits
Project Y 3 credits
Snow Park Trick Building Progression Clinic 2 credits
Bump For Confidence Clinic 2 credits
Bump For Performance Clinic 2 credits

Atlantic members' convention 2 credits

Ignition Day 2 credits
City Lights 2 credits
Northern Lights 2 credits
Northern Festival 2 credits
Women’s only Workshop 3 credits
Corridor Training Clinic 2 credits
Carving Clinic 2 credits
Bumps Clinic 2 credits
Pushing your Limits Clinic 2 credits
Snow Park trick builder Clinic 2 credits
Short Turn Clinic 2 credits

Central members' convention 2 credits

Level 2 Prep 3 credits
Level 3 Prep 3 credits
Short Turns (acquisition) 2 credits
Pushing your Limits 2 credits
Advanced & Expert Parallel 2 credits
Success in Teaching - introduction to teaching tactics 3 credits
Corridor Training 2 credits
Early Season Fundamentals (1-day) 2 credits
Early Season Fundamentals (2-day) 3 credits

Supervisors' Day 3 credits
Skills development workshop 2 credits

*Please note that, in order to obtain accreditation, regions must submit an application to the National Office. For more information, please contact your regional coordinator.

***Please note that this list is subject to change without notice, including additions.***

Other certifications

Members holding a certification from any of the following organizations are entitled to 10 Education credits: CSCF, CASI, CADS, CANSI, CSGA, CFSA. The offer is non-cumulative for members of multiple organizations.

Credits for Dual and triple members (CSIA, along with CSCF and/or CASI) will be applied to the membership files systematically, but gradually, by National office. Members of the other organizations must submit a proof of certification to the National Office, by email at or, for credits to be applied.


- The Education credits system was introduced for the 2013/14 season. To the exception of the Snow Park Certification, only programs offered since November 2013 are eligible for credits

- National modules and Online learning modules are eligible for credits exclusively once per program. Attending the same module twice will not provide twice the credits.

- National events, PDP sessions and Regional modules are eligible for credits only once during a given season. Attending again the previously mentioned programs the following season, will allow you to earn additional credits.

- Training received from a snow school and work experience are not eligible for credits.

- Credits value of each program is based on course content and its relevance to the certifications standards.