Snow Park Certification

The Snow Park Certification Program is designed for any skier with park experience who wants to teach in the park. It includes:

  • An introduction to teaching Snow Park skills
  • Practical ski improvement and teaching methods with a technical understanding and development of the guest experience
  • Demonstration of advanced park and riding skills
  • Upon successful completion of the Program, the Candidate becomes a CSIA Member and is certified to teach Snow Park skills up to an advanced level - air progressions, rails and switch skiing

Duration: 3 days (20 hours)
Education credits value: 10 credits
Prerequisites: 15 years of age, with some park experience. No previous CSIA Certification required
Program Fee: $365.20 + tax
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CSIA Professional Development Modules

CSIA Professional Development Modules are designed to upgrade and develop new skills. If your desire is to focus on a particular aspect of your development, attending a Module is the perfect tool. It can be used as an alternative for instructors who wish to continue their education in ski teaching before taking the next level of Certification, or to simply keep improving. There is no pass/fail assessment for these Modules.


Teaching Children

Do you teach children? Are you looking for ideas and understanding of how to deliver amazing lessons to kids?

  • Develop your understanding of how children develop, both mentally and physically at different ages
  • Build your toolbox with tactics for specific age groups and skill levels
  • Learn practical approaches for safety and class control
  • The indoor component is focused on communication with children

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of Certification
Module Fee: $108.80 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Free Tactics / Snow Park Intro

Learn an approach to developing skiers that is fun and free!

  • Learn to teach entry level basics in the park: safety, flatboxes, introduction to air
  • Add to your teaching toolbox with Free Tactics knowledge - creative skill development, features and terrain as development tools, switch skiing
  • You will have the opportunity to try entry level park features, and discuss them as teaching tools
  • The training provides the tools to take students into the terrain park safely and teach the basics

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of Certification. Does not require previous snow park experience. CSCF EL Trained*

Module Fee: $108.80 + tax
Module Outline: click here
Registration: The 2019-20 schedule is not available at the moment. Please check back soon!

*This Module is also open to ACA-only Members with the EL Trained status. To register, a temporary access must be requested. Please contact Benoit Fournier at or 1-800-811-6428, ext. 234 for all the details.



BPC - Biomechanical and Psychological Considerations

How learners learn depends a lot on how they feel, and how they are “built”, both physically and mentally!  As a teacher, learning to recognize these characteristics among your students can be a major game changer in the outcome of a lesson.

This new 10-credit National Module will help you do just that as well as providing you with tips on how to react and adapt your lesson to address the diverse needs of your students! 

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of certification
Module Fee: $108.80 + tax
Module Outline: coming soon

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Terrain Assisted Development

Learn to use the terrain as a teaching tool

  • Learn to identify skiing objectives and match appropriate terrain assisted activities
  • Adjust your tactics to the skier’s skills (entry level to intermediate) and for terrain (green to blue)
  • Managing progression to steeper terrain

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of Certification
Module Fee: $108.80 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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All-Terrain – Advanced

Develop your skiing skills in bumps and varied terrain

  • Learn to read the bumps and adjust your line to optimize your performance, while using the Technical Reference
  • Develop your skills in steeper terrain and vary your approach with snow conditions
  • Gain confidence in challenging situations
  • Receive feedback specific to your needs if you are preparing for Level 3 or Level 4

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of certification.
Module Fee: $108.80 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Advanced Teaching

Develop your instructing skills at an advanced level!

  • Develop your use of a learning contract to engage learners and create a memorable experience
  • Hone your observation skills and understanding of advanced skiing, as well as Reflective Learning
  • Prioritize skill development according to IACRCv principles and learn how to establish realistic time frames and approaches for development
  • Build your situational toolbox and become better at matching tactics to situations
  • Learn how to create tasks and manage situations for precise results
  • Practice teach with guidance and debriefing

Duration: 2 day
Education credit value: 30 credits
Recommended for: Those who are already teaching and want to work towards Level 3 and Level 4 Certification
Prerequisite: Level 2 Certification
Module Fee: $246.90 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Trainer Development

Are you interested in becoming a CSIA Course Conductor? Are you currently in a Trainer role in your Snow School?

  • Learn to create realistic teaching examples and use them to develop people skills, class management and technical knowledge
  • Develop a deeper understanding of training approaches and how to adapt to conditions and situations
  • Become a better trainer of instructors, teach-to-teach, by creating tasks that involve the learners and develops their decision making skills
  • Learn by doing! You will practice teach with guidance and de-briefing
  • Mandatory Module in advance of Level 4 Certification, along with the Trainer Development Exam

Duration: 2 day
Education credit value: 30 credits
Mandatory for: Level 4 Candidates
Recommended for: Level 3 Instructors that wish to become a Level 1 Course Conductor (this Module does not replace the annual Regional Level 1 Course Conductor Training)
Prerequisite: Level 3 Certification
Module Fee: $246.90 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Training for Performance

Are you preparing for Level 3 or Level 4 Exams? Do you want to perform better under pressure?

  • Develop your understanding of a balanced performance
  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses in performance situations and learn how to develop your own strategy for success
  • If you are preparing for L3 or L4 Exams, you will review specific runs and exam strategies and develop reference points to optimize your performance
  • Learn the basics of managing stress and how they apply to you, develop better mental preparation and imagery

Duration: 2 day
Education credit value: 15 credits
Recommended for: Level 3 and Level 4 Candidates
Prerequisite: Level 2 Certification
Module Fee: $246.90 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Coaching the Fundamentals

Looking for ideas to coach kids, teens or adults at an advanced skill level? Do you want to learn how to create effective training environments?

  • Learn the basics of creating training environments to impose outcomes
  • Develop your skill/drill toolbox using brushes, corridors, stubbies and develop your own skiing skills as you train these tasks
  • Learn how to design tasks and vary development tasks according to the environment and the learner

Duration: 2 day
Education credit value: 20 credits
Recommended for: Any level of Certification
Module Fee: $246.90 + tax
Module Outline: click here
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Professional Development Program (PDP)

The Professional Development Program (PDP), delivered by the Regions, offers CSIA Members continuous updating on the latest innovative skiing and teaching methods. Take advantage of this Regional service offered, improve your skills by keeping up to date with new trends.

Attend PDP and benefit from:

  • 3 hours Sessions delivered by an accredited Course Conductor
  • Get individual feedback
  • Maximum of 10 participants per class
  • Exclusive to CSIA Members and free of charge, delivered by Regions

2 options to choose from (SELECT ONLY 1 PER SEASON)


Assessment & Development

Focusing on simple approaches to improve your students

  • Acquire excellent tools to Assess & Develop skiers, expand your toolbox of ideas based on the needs of the group
  • Focus on tactical understanding and class management skills (learn to get mileage while teaching)
  • Discuss good Decision-Making and use Reflective Learning
  • Worth 3 Education credits

Ski Improvement

Ski Improvement and methodology development

  • Refresh your understanding of the Canadian CSIA Approach, learn more about Training & Exam Programs
  • Refine your technique and demonstrations, using our Technical Reference
  • Develop your teaching skills through exposure to our advanced methodology
  • Worth 2 Education credits

The PDP schedule is developed in each Region, in agreement with Snow School Directors.

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Online Learning

The Online learning modules are free to all Members. They are a great opportunity for professional development and continuing education, while also eligible for Education Credits. The material covered in these interactive modules ties in with CSIA ski teaching methodology, and directly complements the on-snow and indoor content presented on some of our Programs.

Online Learning Modules are available through your Member’s Profile. Simply login to your Profile and look for the Training tab.


Teaching Children Online Module

The Teaching Children Online Module is a 30 min interactive Module that takes the participant through the different stages of development with children, both physically and cognitively. These development stages are broken down by age groups 0-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13-18. This Module also reviews safety and risk management in regards to teaching children.

Mandatory for: Teaching Children National Module (on-snow) participants
Recommended for: All Members
Education Credits value: 2 credits


Guest Service Online Module

The Guest Service Online Module is a 30 min interactive course that develops the participants' understanding of:

  • Learning Contract
  • Communication Skills
  • Learning Styles
  • Debriefing
  • Group Dynamics
  • Dealing with difficult customers and situations

Mandatory for: Level 2 Training Course participants
Recommended for: Level 3, Level 4 and Snow Park Course participants; and all Members
Education credits value: 2 credits


Regional Clinics and Events

Regional Clinics and Events are delivered by your Regional Committee. They are designed to enhance your personal development as well as supplement the Certification Programs curriculum. Please refer to the schedule to view dates.


The AST (Avalanche Skill Training) will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge. Sanctioned by Avalanche Canada the course covers the fundamentals of safe backcountry activities and companion rescue. This course is focused on demystifying the avalanche phenomenon and increases the awareness of the alpine environment during the winter period; whether you are snowshoeing, cross-country and alpine skiing, snowboarding or telemark.

In order to achieve the ISIA status the AST course or its equivalent is mandatory.

This module is provided by a third party, for more information please visit:

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