Q: I am a CSIA Foreign Member and will be working as an instructor for a Snow School in Canada. If I were to injure myself while teaching, what coverage am I entitled to?

A: Although Foreign Members are covered under the accident, death and disability (AD&D) insurance program, the coverage is strictly limited to death and dismemberment indemnity, the principal sum being $25,000. The AD&D coverage is only for Members who are registered under a Canadian Provincial Medicare Program. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you investigate purchasing your own accident insurance coverage prior to travelling to Canada.

Q: As a CSIA Instructor, am I insured to teach privately or as an "Independent and Freelance Instructor" ?

A: No. coverage does NOT apply to instructors operating as an independent business. Please note that additional coverage is available and must be purchased if Members are conducting business as Independent/Freelance Instructor. The intent of the policy is NOT to provide coverage for Snow School/Ski Camp operations under a paid membership renewal. For further details on the insurance coverage for Independent/Freelance Instructors teaching in Canada, please consult the information published under the Members/Insurance section of our website or contact Ms. Frances Dion at 1 800-811-6428 at ext. 231 or by email at

Q: I am a CSIA Instructor and I would like to know if I am insured to teach outside of Canada?

A: No. You are only covered under our liability insurance program while teaching in Canada.

Q: I am a CSIA Instructor and I’m considering teaching independently at various Ski Resorts. Do I require the permission of the host resort to do so? If not, can you please explain why?

A: Each resort will have its own policy on this. You will find that virtually NO resort in Canada permits freelance instruction, where an individual not affiliated with the resort accepts money to teach on the mountain. It is up to each resort to set and enforce their policies. The CSIA has no involvement.

As a point of clarity, this has nothing to do with the many independent Snow Schools, operating across Canada. These organizations will have entered into agreements with the resorts at which they operate. These agreements will likely include a requirement that the organization hold their own third party liability insurance and that the host resort is provided coverage under that policy. Each Member must make their own choices with respect to their business activities. The CSIA works together with our Industry Partners for the good of the sport and the industry and we encourage each Member to make responsible, well thought-out decisions.

Q: I am a CSIA Member in good standing and still actively teaching in my 70's. However, I was told by a fellow Member that I am NOT covered by CSIA’s insurance programs. Is this true?

A: Our general liability policy does not have an age limitation. You are therefore covered for third party property damage or bodily injury while on the mountain, either while you are teaching under the employment of a recognized Snow School, or leisure skiing on your own personal time.

However, CSIA's Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) policy does have an age limit for coverage of Members aged 70 years and over.

Q: Are Program Participants covered by the CSIA Accident, Death and Disability (AD&D) Policy?

A: The Accident Policy covers paid Members of the CSIA. Provided the participant is a paid Member, there might be coverage depending on the circumstances and the nature of the injury. It is best to contact the CSIA National Office to discuss this.

Q: I currently hold a Foreign Certification and reside in Europe. Last season, I obtained my CSIA Certification. I am interested in teaching in Europe and want to know if I am covered under the CSIA’s Liability Insurance Coverage? If not, can I pay a supplement to upgrade my insurance coverage?

A. The territory coverage on the policy is worldwide, meaning Members (as "insureds" on the policy) have coverage worldwide as well. The caveat is that, any particular suits must be launched in Canada for the policy to respond. For example, if a UK-based Member gets sued in the UK, there is no coverage, however, if they are sued in Canada, coverage will be provided.

It is important to understand that no Member is covered on a primary basis other than for free-skiing, or leisure skiing. The Member should confirm that the Snow School for which they are working, presumably somewhere in Europe, has insurance that covers their Ski Instructors. If this is the case, as in Canada, the CSIA policy will respond in excess of the Snow School's policy (again, only if the suit is launched in Canada). If the Snow School has no coverage, the Member should speak with an Insurance Broker in the country where they reside and arrange appropriate coverage, or seek employment with a company that does provide adequate primary coverage.

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