Q: What is my Member number?

A: Your CSIA Member number is written on your membership card as well as your renewal notices, confirmations & receipts. If you do not know your membership number, please click here and send us your full name, date of birth and address.

Q: Where can I get membership receipts?

A: All membership receipts are automatically uploaded to your CSIA personal page. To obtain a receipt please
log in to your CSIA personal page and select My Profile, then My Invoices and Receipts. * Please note there is no official tax receipt for membership dues, only a paid invoice.

Q: I have been inactive for three years. Do I have to pay 3 years of back dues?

A: No, you will not be required to pay back dues for all season that you were not a Member. When reinstating, you will be responsible to pay a Reinstatement Fee plus the cost of the Annual Membership the season you reactivate. For information on reinstatement click here.

Q: I am a Level 1 Instructor and have been inactive for 12 years. Do I have to retake my Level 1 Certification?

A: Once you have passed your Certification, it is yours for life. However, upon reinstatement you will be required to complete a recall of your Certification in order to get everything up to date according to CSIA standards. For more information on CSIA Recall click here.

Q: How do I get the International Certification (ISIA) sticker?

A: In order to qualify for the ISIA Recognition you must be a Regular or Associate Member of the organization holding CSIA Level 3 or above, and you must provide proof of a valid Avalanche Safety Training and First Aid Certification as well as have accumulated 320 hours of education. For more information and to apply click here.

Q: I passed my Level 1 in March and I just received a Membership Renewal Invoice in August. Isn't my membership good for one year after becoming certified?

A: When you passed your Level 1, you became certified, and enjoyed all the rights and privileges of a current CSIA Member for the remainder of the current membership season. CSIA membership runs from October 1st to September 30th every year. To retain your membership and receive all the Member rights and privileges for another season, there is an annual membership fee to be paid each fall. Log in to your personal page to access the Renewal Form.

Q: I am a CSIA Member who resides in Ontario, however I teach at a mountain in Québec. How do I go about changing the Region we are affiliated with, in order to be able to vote on CSIA Québec Regional matters?

A: A Member may have their permanent address of residency in a given CSIA Region, but choose to teach skiing or reside, on a seasonal basis, in another Region. Click here to consult the CSIA’s procedure to change your Regional Affiliation on a seasonal basis.

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