General Liability Insurance

The CSIA third party liability policy is insured through Lloyd's of London. The policy provides general liability insurance with respect to third party property damage and bodily injury claims against the CSIA. All operations of the organization are covered including administration; programs, PDP's, Regional Committees and their activities, etc.

A secondary purpose of the CSIA liability policy is to provide excess coverage for members, beyond the insurance provided by employers such as ski areas and snow schools. The CSIA policy will respond in excess of other insurance in place for current CSIA members. It will not respond as primary insurance for members or employers.

The policy may respond to defend members in several situations including while they are skiing on their own personal time or when teaching for a snow school. If a member is teaching at the time of an incident, the employer's policy will respond first to defend the member. However, if the employer's coverage was inadequate (i.e., the limit was exhausted) the CSIA policy would respond in excess of the employer's insurance. In the case of an incident while the member was skiing on his/her own personal time, the liability insurance provided as part of the member's home-owner or tenant's policy would respond first. (All CSIA members are therefore strongly encouraged to carry their own homeowner's or tenant's insurance policy). The CSIA policy would respond second (excess) if required.

The CSIA general liability insurance will not respond to cover uninsured snow schools that employ current members. Each snow school must secure its own liability coverage.

The CSIA policy does not cover CSIA members' freelance teaching activities. This activity is generally not condoned at ski resorts across Canada so members considering it are encouraged to first secure agreement with the host resort. 

The CSIA liability policy provides worldwide coverage for members who are Canadian residents. Any lawsuits against the CSIA or its members must be brought within Canada for the policy to respond. Foreign members must secure their own independent insurance coverage for any activities outside of Canada.

This document is a partial summary explaining the application of our members' liability insurance coverage. It does not replace the complete wording of the policy. In the event of a discrepancy between this partial summary and the policy wording, the policy wording shall prevail.

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