Accident, Death and Disability Insurance

The Accident, Death and Disability policy provides benefits in the event of an accident*. All CSIA members in good standing, under 70 years of age, are eligible to this program. Members are covered when performing the normal and regular duties, which pertain to their occupation as a ski instructor and for which they are being remunerated (while under the employment of a snow school).

*Subject to all restrictions and limitations described in the policy.

This plan also provides members with insurance while they are travelling directly to or from their residence and the premises of their duties, along a normal or reasonable route, without delay or stop-over. Members are not covered while attending courses for which they do not receive remuneration from their employer.

A claim must be submitted as soon as possible, and within the prescribed time frames of each section listed in the policy, if applicable. No claim will be valid after three hundred and sixty-five (365) days following the date of the accident or the beginning of the disability.

Please click here to view the policy in its entirety.

For any questions relating to the General Liability or the Accident, Death and Disability coverage, please contact Ms. Frances Dion at 1 800-811-6428, Ext. 231 or by email at

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