Regular Membership

The Regular membership is for active instructors who are teaching and/or members who wish to attend a certification course or national module during the season. Regular members enjoy a wide-variety of member benefits including Pro Deals, General Liability insurance and Accident, Death and Disability coverage.

Consult the Insurance section below for further information on insurance. Certain conditions apply.

Cost of membership varies depending on how many organizations you are affiliated with. To know the exact amount for your membership please contact us here at the national office.

Associate Membership

The Associate membership is an option for instructors who are not planning on teaching or taking a certification course or national module during the season, but still want to keep their membership active. By changing your membership to an Associate member and paying the annual dues you will avoid having to pay a reinstatement fee.

For CSIA members, the Associate membership will allow you to continue to accrue your years of membership, towards receiving a recognition within the organization.

The Associate member is eligible for the general liability coverage when skiing on their own personal time; however is not eligible to the Accident, Death and Disability coverage*. Consult the Insurance section below for further information. Certain conditions apply.

Cost of membership varies depending on how many organizations you are affiliated with. To know the exact amount for your membership please contact us here at the national office.

25-Year Membership

The 25-Year membership is an exclusive recognition given to CSIA members that have paid their membership dues for 25 consecutive or cumulative years. We also recognize 40 and 50 year members, with certificates and pins.

Members having achieved this recognition before or during the 2009-10 season, as explained in the outcome of the April 2009 Special General Assembly communication, were grandfathered and would pay dues at a special rate in future years. These grandfathered members benefit from the same advantages as regular members, including Pro Deals, insurance coverage*, etc. For more information regarding the outcome of the April 2009 Special General Assembly, please click here.

Names of members having received these recognitions are listed under the section “Awards and Recognition”.

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate membership status is intended for instructors that have been granted an equivalency for their foreign certification. Affiliate members can also take advantage of our membership perks such as Pro Deals, snow school job listings, insurance programs*, etc. Consult the complete list of membership benefits below.

To become an affiliate member of the CSIA, foreign instructors are required to:

  • Complete the Affiliate membership application form. Qualifications will be taken into consideration upon review of the application to grant an equivalency.
  • Once an equivalency has been granted, the foreign instructor can become an Affiliate member by paying an annual membership fee of $164.00 CDN plus applicable taxes (for a single CSIA membership).

Affiliate members can register for a CSIA course once the affiliate membership fee is paid for that season.

Affiliate members will be considered Regular members after successfully completing a CSIA certification of equal or higher level than the certification level granted.

Affiliate members can also apply for a ski instructor's position in one of the Canadian snow schools. Please click here to view the current job postings. Please note that working Visas and/or legal papers are not provided by the National Office, but rather through your potential employer.

If you are ready to apply please click here and fill out the 2018-2019 CSIA Affiliate membership application.

Upon reception of your Affiliate membership application and supporting documentation we will treat your request and forward you all details by email. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Subject to all restrictions and limitations described in the policy



Log into your membership profile to access your exclusive promotional codes and Pro Deals.

Get $750 cash back on your next purchase or lease of a new Subaru vehicule.


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Purchase the official CSIA members or Course Conductors uniform by Phenix. Uniforms can be purchased through your profile, each February, for delivery the following season.

Ski Equipment

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Save up to 50% on your next ski equipment when you purchase with participating manufacturers, through our pro deal program.

For details on how the program works consult the Pro Deal section below.


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General liability and accident, death and disability insurance coverage, as part of your membership.

Travel insurance program with Securiglobe.

Preferential rates on your next home and car insurance coverage with GPL.



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Scholarship program available to help you reach your next level of certification. Details

Take a free Professional Development Program (PDP) session, delivered by a top CSIA Course Conductor.Details

Visit our YouTube channel for the most up to date videos (covering both technique and teaching methodology)


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Brand-name CSIA logoed products and accessories are offered exclusively to our members at special discounted prices. Visit our online store now.

Stay informed!

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Get the latest news through our monthly newsletter and the annual printed Ski Pro magazine.


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Significant hotel accommodation discounts through Choice Hotels.

Take advantage of preferred rates on your next car rental through National, Alamo and Avis Car Rental.

Lift ticket discount: Benefit from reduced lift tickets at participating resorts. Contact your local resort to confirm their participation in this program.

Tax benefit: The CSIA is an officially recognized federal and provincial educational institution. As such, members will receive a tax deductible receipt when participating in courses, modules and select events.


Pro Deals

How does the Pro Deal Program work?

The CSIA Pro Deal Program is open to all active CSIA members in good standing.

Each CSIA member is entitled to 1 (one) set of Pro Deal equipment per season purchased in Canada. Your membership card is equipped with an image for items that may be purchased through the pro-deal program. Your card will be punched at the time of purchase, so please assure that you present your valid membership card at the time of purchase, otherwise your order will be refused.

There is no deadline to purchase your equipment. However, stock is limited so first come first served.

How do I purchase my equipment?

The CSIA Pro deal program varies depending on the manufacturer. Some will direct you to their online store and others will provide you with a PDF order form. For those who provide a PDF you can either place your order directly with the manufacturer or you can present yourself in a participating retailer in Canada with the PDF list.

Unfortunately the CSIA National office is not provided with a list of the different retailers across Canada that participate in the program. We strongly suggest giving your local retailer a call and speak with the manager to inquire whether or not they participate in the CSIA Pro Deal program.

Please be friendly and respectful of the staff at the participating retail store as they are providing CSIA pros with a service. If you have clients looking to purchase equipment, recommend the store where you bought your Pro Deal equipment to return the service.

The CSIA National office acts as the liaison for the manufacturer. If you have questions regarding products, pricing, etc., please contact the specific manufacturer or a participating retail store.

To consult the offers please login to your personal page to consult this season’s Pro Deals. The Pro Deals can be located under My Profile. From the drop down menu select My Profile once again and scroll to the bottom of the page.



Anyone who held a CSIA certification in the past and would like to activate it, can apply for reinstatement by filling out the online reinstatement application.

The reinstatement allows the member to reactivate his/her certification(s), without having to retake the certification. To do so, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $100.00 (for single CSIA membership) in addition to the current season’s membership dues and any applicable taxes. Note that reinstatement fees and membership dues depends on the number of organizations you are affiliated with and your status with each.

Also, upon reinstatement, members may be required to complete a recall activity to ensure they are up-to-date on the current teaching methodologies. For further information on the Recall, please consult the Recall section below.

If you are ready to apply please click here and fill out the 2018-2019 CSIA Reinstatement application.

Upon reception of the application form, the CSIA National office will validate and send you all relevant information by email.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

ISIA requirements

As a member of the International Ski Instructors’ Association (ISIA), the CSIA has the authority to issue the ISIA minimum standard international stamp to its members. The stamp allows for an increased recognition of one's competencies at the international level. There is no charge for the stamp.

A minimum number of 320 hours of education is required to reach the ISIA minimum standard, included the following three mandatory programs:

  • CSIA Level 3 Certification
  • Avalanche Skills Training (AST)
  • Valid First Aid Certification (from a recognized organization such as Red Cross, St.John Ambulance, etc)

The additional hours of training to make up for 320 hours of education must be completed through the CSIA or one of the following organizations: CSCF, CASI, CSGA or CANSI.

Courses, exams, modules and camps will only count once, even if you attended them more than once or had to take the course/exam again before passing. The reason they are not counted more than once is because you are reviewing the same information and material and is not to be considered as additional training hours.

Private training programs or ski school training programs are not eligible. Also note that when referring to education hours this means the hours attending courses, we do not count the amount of hours you have worked at a ski school.

To submit an application, please click here.


In order to maintain the integrity of your membership, it is mandatory for all CSIA members to participate in a recall activity. This activity can be completed every year but is required at least once every three years. Your CSIA recall year is displayed in your online member profile.

CSIA recall consists of either completing the CSIA Online recall module or by participating in a CSIA certification course. Participating in a PDP or a non-certification national program (module, convention, etc) no longer count as fulfillment of your recall.

The online recall module reviews components of safe teaching and risk management, guest service, our code of ethics as well as the CSIA mission statement and value. Those components providing an update on the current teaching methodologies.

It is in the members’ best interest to keep their certification up to date. It helps to maintain your certification’s integrity, especially given the fact that numerous employers do verify the recall year.

To access the CSIA online recall module please login to your CSIA member profile. Once logged in select the Training tab, then Online courses offered from the drop down menu. If you wish to register for a CSIA certification course click here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Snow School Directors Club

The CSIA Snow School Directors Club is a service that is provided to Snow Schools Administrators and their staff.

As part of the Snow School Directors Club you can have access to:

  • CSIA Website – consult the National Website pertaining to Membership and Courses 
  • Instructors – search Instructors to verify status, ensure membership is paid for the season, confirm that the recall is up to date and consult education pathway for accumulation of credits and PD modules 
  • Programs – manage PDP sessions 
  • Jobs – post job offers on the National website free of charge 
  • Documents – consults documents pertaining to the Mini Vikings Program, Skier Progression Program and Equivalency 
  • My Profile – consult the organizations contact information and upgrade your membership category


The Snow School Directors Club offers two categories of membership; Standard (no cost) and Upgraded (105.20$ + tax). Below are the details to each category

Standard SSDC

  • Research status of instructors to ensure they are paid and up to date with their certification
  • Purchasing of Skier Development Programs
  • Stay informed with CSIA and Snow School specific updates
  • Receive promotional material from CSIA (Level 1 poster)
  • Partake in instructor of the year award
  • Advertise job postings on the CSIA website
  • Standard club is at No Cost

Ugraded SSDC (Oct 1st - Sept 30th)

  • Receive two 50$ vouchers, applicable on any National programs in Canada.
  • Receive a refund on shipping fees on orders of 75$ or more (before taxes) for any Skier Development program materials.
  • Research status of instructors to ensure they are paid and up to date with their certification
  • Purchasing of Skier Development Programs
  • Stay informed with CSIA and Snow School specific updates
  • Receive promotional material from CSIA (Level 1 poster)
  • Partake in instructor of the year award
  • Rebate of 15% on the Teaching Children Module for your staff
  • Advertise job postings on the CSIA website
  • Receive 1 affiliate CSIA snow school identification
  • Preferred price to advertise (25% rebate) on our newsletter
  • Upgraded club is $105.20 + tax

Sign Up for SSDC

If your organization does NOT have a CSIA Snow School Directors Club account, please contact the CSIA National Office either by phone or email and provide us with:

  • Name of organization
  • Mailing address & physical address if different
  • Website & email address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Name of contact person for the organization including their email and phone number
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