Recall Year

In order to maintain the integrity of your membership, it is mandatory for all CSIA members to participate in a recall activity. This activity can be completed every year but is required at least once every three years.  It is in your best interest to keep yourself up to date. It helps to maintain your certification’s integrity, especially given the fact that numerous employers do verify your recall year.

CSIA recall consists of either completing the CSIA Online recall module or by participating in a CSIA certification course. Participating in a PDP or a non-certification national program (module, convention, etc) no longer counts as fulfillment of your recall year.

Your recall year is displayed in your profile, on the website.

The online recall module can be located in your profile under the "Online learning" tab upon payment of your membership dues. This 30 module reviews components of safe teaching and risk management, guest service, code of ethics review as well as the CSIA mission statement and value. Those components being the basis of good teaching. 

To access the Online recall module please login to your CSIA member profile.  If you wish to register for a CSIA certification course click here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.