Dear members,

This is an exciting time for our organization! As we look forward to the future it is important that we are set up to meet the needs of a complex and changing market place and continue to deliver ever-improving value to each of you - our members!

Prior to my joining the organization, as your Managing Director, there was a considerable amount of work done by what was known as the Education Working Committee (EWC). That work included taking a very close look at our organizational structure and how our resources are deployed to best meet our future needs.

In addition to the work done by the EWC, I have crossed the country numerous times in the last three months, reaching out to all our partners, including; Ski Area Operators, Ski School Directors, Suppliers and Ski Area Operators Associations. Also, through attendance at CSIA courses and events I have spent considerable time listening to you the membership and the Course Conductors (those who deliver our products.)

As a result of both the work done by the EWC and my own cross-country research, I am excited to announce the creation of three NEW positions at the Senior Leadership level of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance:

         -Director of Product Development and Information Technology

         -Program Director

         -Director of Marketing

Please click here to consult the 3 full job descriptions.

We are now actively recruiting for these roles! If you are interested in one of these positions, please send a cover letter and your resume to before April 14, 2019.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Best regards,

Perry Schmunk, CSIA Managing Director

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