In accordance with CSIA’s General By-Laws, the term of office for the Directors representing the Alberta and Atlantic regions will expire on May 1, 2019.

Candidates are either selected by a Nomination Committee or run “from the floor” by having submitted a Nomination Form by November 30, 2018. Following this process, we are pleased to announce that:

  • For the Alberta region, the following candidates will stand for election: Vieri Berretti, Colin Borrow, Robert Côté, Paul CunniusMorgan Engel and Danielle Galletly-Vriend.
  • For the Atlantic region, the following candidates will stand for election: Gregor Byrne and Darren McDonald.

Click here to read their respective biographies.



The election process for the National Board of Directors is conducted by mail-in, fax-in or electronic ballot; and as per the CSIA National By-laws, is open to those members in good standing, who reside in the region the Director will represent (Article 5.06 of the CSIA By-laws provides further details on the “Right to vote”). Members are entitled to one vote; and once the ballot has been submitted, it is irrevocable.

Eligible members from these two regions can cast their vote:

  • Electronically by accessing their online member’s profile (login on; the ballot can be found on the home page of your personal profile. Once completed, click on the SEND button;
  • Click here for the fax or mail-in ballot (paper copy).

The deadline to cast your vote is Monday, April 15, 2019, 5:00 p.m. EST.

This election is a great opportunity for CSIA members, to choose who can best represent their interests on the CSIA Board of Directors, and who can influence the future direction of the CSIA. To help you with selecting your candidate; we encourage you to read the biographies (see link above) and job description (click here for the Role and responsibilities document). The job description will allow you to gain a better understanding of what a CSIA Director is responsible for and how their respective skill sets can become an asset for your association!

Voting is your privilege and duty as a member. Exercise your right to vote and make a difference!

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