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With constantly changing weather and landscape that encompasses everything from the sprawling prairies of Saskatchewan to the concrete canyons of Toronto to the imposing majesty of the Canadian Rockies, it makes sense for Subaru to have a strong presence in Canada. In 1976, Canadians got their first exposure to the benefits of Subaru All-Wheel Drive when Subaru Auto Canada Limited (SACL) began offering a full range of vehicles. In 1989, the privately owned SACL was purchased by the Toronto-based Subaru Canada, Inc., who, under the guidance of parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, began an expansion process that would eventually see over 85 Subaru Dealers in operation across the country. The safety, control and performance of the Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system has since endeared itself to Canadians, who have helped Subaru sales in Canada to reach record heights.

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