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CSIA Atlantic Education Scholarship Program 2016 Season

CSIA Atlantic continues to promote on-going education through its Scholarship Program. Financial assistance will be available to aspiring full-time and part-time ski instructors who have unmistakably demonstrated their commitment to the sport of skiing and have distinguished themselves by their initiative and involvement in their Atlantic snow schools. CSIA Atlantic will annually set aside $1000, no later than October 31, when CSIA Atlantic financial holdings show a surplus of $45,000, to assist Atlantic members in good standing for the CSIA Level 3 and Level 4 course or exams to help offset costs.

Should there be multiple applicants, the fund shall be divided among the applicants, with no single award exceeding $500, or no award less than $100. 

The candidate shall:
be a member in good standing of the CSIA Atlantic;
include a summary of his/her involvement and dedication within their snow school, including any specific achievements or recognitions received, as well as outlining his/her career objectives within the ski industry;
include a letter of recommendation from his/her Atlantic Snow School Director;
be submitting the first scholarship request in three years;
send the scholarship request to the CSIA Atlantic Board Chairperson, no later than January 15, 2016;
mention, or show registration confirmation for the course or exam being applied for, as well as its date and location;

The Scholarships shall be awarded based on the following criteria:
all of the above-mentioned information has been submitted;
the scholarship will be valid for the period beginning January 20, 2016 and ending June 30, 2016;
should the course that has been awarded be cancelled, the scholarship amount will be carried over to the following season, subject to candidate’s written confirmation of registration in the new course;
member registration in the course is confirmed with CSIA National Office;
the scholarship request is subject to funds available at the time of the candidate applying;
a cheque in the amount awarded will be mailed out to the applicant within one week of the completion of the course.

Selection Process and Communication:
CSIA Atlantic Board will be responsible for the selection of the candidates.
CSIA Atlantic Board will review all applications from December 15, 2015 until January 15, 2016.
All candidates will be notified of the CSIA Atlantic Board by January 31, 2014 or earlier, in writing (letter or email), by telephone or by other means deemed adequate).

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New Brunswick

Crabbe Mountain http://www.crabbemountain.com/

Mont Farlagne http://www.montfarlagne.com/en/

Poley Mountain http://poleymountain.com/ 

Sugarloaf Park http://parcsugarloafpark.ca/summer/


Marble Mountain http://www.skimarble.com/summer/ 

White Hills www.whitehillsresort.com 

Nova Scotia

Martock http://www.martock.com/

Ski Ben Eoin http://www.skibeneoin.com/ 

Ski Wentworth http://skiwentworth.ca/ 

Cape Smokey http://www.skicapesmokey.ca/

Price Edward Island

Brookvale Ski Park https://www.tourismpei.com/brookvale-activity-park

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