CSIA British Columbia / Yukon


Board / Staff

CSIA BC Committee Mandate

  • To contribute, promote and support objectives in accordance with the CSIA mission statement.
  • To promote and deliver quality and consistent Level 1 programs.
  • To facilitate and enhance communication between and amongst members, partners, CSIA National and other regional committees


Paul Sauve 


Southwestern Zone Rep 

Mike Manara

Southwestern Zone Rep.

Dianne Dagneau

Northern Zone Rep.

 jonathan Mosley

Past Chair

 Kim Fournel

 Southwestern Zone Rep.

Tom Klingspohn

Kootenay Zone Rep. 

 Anne Terweil

Okanagan Zone Rep. 

Gillian Shaw



Kristian Armstrong

Staff - Level I 
and Operations Administrative Coordinator



Ken Paynter

Staff - Level 1
Technical Coordinator

Jeanette Sha 

Staff - Secretary/Treasurer


Contact Us

Level 1 Coordinator

Kristian Armstrong

CSIA Level 1 and PDP Coordinator British Columbia

phone: 1-855-504-4511
Email: level1bc@snowpro.com

For more information on CSIA BC, check out Snowprobc.com.

Find us on Facebook here.

Find us on Instagram at CSIABC.


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