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Join  us  Sunday,  November  25,  from  9:00  a.m. to 3:00  p.m.  followed  by  après  and  the CSIA BC annual general meeting  in Whistler. Don’t  miss  getting  out  on  the  snow  to  start  your  season  off  with  some  of  the  best  Level  4s  in  BC.  Ignition  Day  is  the  perfect  event  to  get  motivated  for  the  coming  winter  by  polishing  your  skills  and  refining  your  assessment  and  development  strategies.

Last November's election to fill four seats on the BC board saw incumbents Mike Manara and Dianne Dagneau back by acclamation, newly elected board member Anne Terwiel was voted in to represent the Okanagan and Gillian Shaw was elected as director-at-large.

Mike represents the South Western Zone and Dianne is the board member for the Northern Zone.

Mike, who is in his final three-year term with the board, has worked for the past 16 years at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, where he is the Director of Sports and Guest Services and an active member of the senior management team. He is an active Level 3 course conductor and has served 10 years with the CSIA BC, twice chairing the board.

Dianne, who lives at Troll Mountain in Quesnel and owns a successful financial services business, has been instrumental in promoting events with Level 4 trainers in the northern region of the province. She achieved her CSIA Level 3 in 2016

Anne, who is a senior lecturer at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, is a 35-year-member of the CSIA, is CSIA Level 4 certified, CSCF Level 2 and has an MBA from Simon Fraser University. She is a learning disabilities specialist and CTHRC trainer with the Canadian Tourism Human Reources Council.

Gillian,  a  longtime  tech  journalist  who  has  given  up  daily  deadlines  to  spend  more  time  skiing  and  teaching  at  Whistler  Blackcomb is a Level 2 CSIA. She  is  also  on  the  board  of  The  Vancouver  Sun  Children's  Fund and on the board of trustees of the Jack Webster Foundation.

BC Region Board Elections Candidates

This November there are four seats up for election on the CSIA BC Board. The seats available are: 1 South Western Zone, 1 Okanagan Zone, 1 Northern Zone, 1 Director-at-Large. 

This year there is a strong field of candidates who are profiled below. To vote please log into www.Snowpro.com

South Western Zone Candidates

 Mike Manara (Incumbent)

Mikes professional background is over 20 years’ experience in the Ski Industry. For the past 16 years, he has worked at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. He is the Director of Sports and Guest Services and is an active member of the Senior Management team with Mount Washington. In this role, he manages:

  • Snow Schools
  • Rentals
  • Mt Kids center
  • Retail & Uniform purchasing
  • Events
  • Mt Clubs
  • Alpine Groups
  • Summer Operations

He is an active level 3 course conductor with the CSIA and is involved with the Canada West Snow Sports Committee.  Mike has been a board member with the MBTA, The Comox Valleys Sport Tourism committee and is a founding board member of the United Riders of Cumberland.   Mike has served 10 years with the CSIA BC, serving twice as chair of the committee.  He is seeking his final 3-year term with the board.  He with his wife Mariah and their two daughters live in the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. 

*Note - Besty Linnell has withdrawn her candidacy. Therefore as the only candidate Mike has been elected by acclimation. 


Okanagan Zone

Keith Massey

Keith Massey has been an active ski instructor for the CSIA for fourteen years.  During this time, he has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree, a bachelor of Education degree, and has also recently successfully completed his CSIA level 4.  Keith has also previously filled the role of the Treasurer for two years on the CSIA Alberta committee.  In 2013, Keith made the move to British Columbia, and has been here ever since.  Keith strongly feels that the CSIA regional committee’s play an important role in laying the foundations for the CSIA as a whole.  Moving forward, Keith aims to be a part of the CSIA BC committee, and hopes he can utilize his skills for the benefit of all the CSIA members residing in BC.

Anne Terwiel

I am very interested in participating in the development of programs within the CSIA in British Columbia. As a 35 year member, I am very invested in the organization and its advancement. As a career trainer and educator, I have kills and experience related to planning, implementing and evaluating training and education programs (for children, adolescents, and adults). I thoroughly understand learning theory and practice, and can add value in discussions round learning materials and learning pathways. I am also involved in research into skiing safety and volunteer management. I love skiing and teaching, and would be honoured to be part of a passionate team responsible for moving our profession forward.


  • Senior lecturer, Thompson Rivers University
  • CSIA Level 4
  • CSCF Level 2
  • MBA, SFU
  • Learning Disabilities specialist, SFU
  • CTHRC Trainer, Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council



Jeff Murl

Jeff moved out west from Toronto in 1997 and started teaching skiing at Cypress Mountain. After continuing to teach throughout his education in Finance at UBC, he decided to move to Europe for "one last season" before focussing on his career. Instead of curing his addiction, it ignited a bigger passion and he has been teaching at Whistler since.

Jeff worked in the finance industry before opening a restaurant in North Vancouver, and eventually adding a couple more. Over that time, he attained his accounting designation (CPA) and has opened his own accounting practice, serving a diverse set of clients. He has served as the Treasurer on several boards for Societies in Vancouver. Since making the switch into private accounting practice, he can arrange his schedule to accommodate teaching skiing and training full time. Having completed his Level 3 CSIA, CSCF 1, and CASI 1, he is now fully committed to working towards the ultimate goal of Level 4 CSIA.

Gillian Shaw

I was a business editor at The Vancouver Sun responsible for the daily publication of a business news section. I was also a technology writer for the Sun and a national news network for more than 20 years. I’ve been asked to speak on privacy, social media and other tech issues in a range of forums.

My background is in writing, editing, technology, publications, web site content and management, social media, marketing and communications strategy. I’m a founding member of a children's charitable initiative which took the charity from less than $15,000 in donations to more than $400,000 in its first year to more than $1 million in revenue last year.

Through my board position on the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund I'm familiar with governance, budgeting, financial reporting, bylaws and other issues. I also directed our web site launch, our social media sites and the transition to online donations.

I'm a level 2 instructor at Whistler Blackcomb and early in my career, I wrote a regular ski column that led to my introduction to a number of organizations in the ski industry. That was some time ago - one of my columns was on the introduction of shaped skis - but interestingly many of the same issues remain today.

I’m a big fan of the CSIA's work. I know much of that is volunteer driven and I would like to help. Thank you for considering me for the board.

Arash Mashbough

For Arash, skiing is a way of life--a passion for both him and his family. Arash started teaching skiing in his early 20s. He was involved in several local and youth FIS certified races as Race Secretary and Chief of Timing. He has prepared homologation applications for a few ski runs for registration with FIS. Arash has been a member of CSIA for almost 20 years.

Outside the ski industry, Arash is a professional engineer (P.Eng.) and a project management professional (PMP) with Associated Engineering, a Canadian-owned consulting firm. He is also a Director for Associated Engineering. An active volunteer, he is involved with Engineers and Geoscientists BC, the regulating body for professional engineers and geoscientists.

Arash draws many similarities between consulting engineering, project management, and ski instruction. To Arash, a well-delivered lesson is like a well-delivered project. You need to deliver value and tangible results, and if you do it well, your clients will return for the next one!

From his professional and volunteer work, Arash brings to the Board experience in managing major capital projects, as well as marketing and business development, organizational management, financial management, fiscal responsibility, professional development, compensation, self regulation, communication, and public relations.

As a CSIA-BC Director, Arash will be a voice on the board for both part-time and full-time members. He realizes that the full-time members are extremely passionate about what they do, and need to make a living with their career. At the same time, the industry has increased its reliance on part-time members, and they need to receive support to perform at their best. The image of Canadian Ski Instructors is of extreme importance to Arash. Drawing from his extensive skiing and marketing experience, he will strive to maintain and improve our image.


Northern Zone

Dianne Dagneau (Incumbent)

Dianne Dagneau is a 25 year CSIA Member and achieved Level 3 in 2016.

Highlight of last season was course conducting the “Teaching Children’s Module” at Hudson Bay Mountain – Smithers.

Representing the North on the CSIA BC Board has been very rewarding.  The goal was to have northern exposure of Level 4’s, create more events for members to attend and to promote membership.

Dianne lives at Troll Mountain in Quesnel and owns a successful financial services business.

*Note - as the only candidate Dianne has been elected by acclimation. 

Do you know someone ready to give back to the membership by being on the BC CSIA Board?

Is it you? Among the qualities that come in handy,we are seeking board members with passion for the CSIA. One or more of the following skills to contribute in the following areas would be a bonus:
• Marketing
• Education / Teaching
• Information Technology
• Business Experience
• Accountancy / Financial literacy
• Society Governance
• Ski Industry Experience

Currently we have 4 Director seats up for election. Director-at-Large, South Western Zone, Northern Zone and Okanagan Zone.These positions are available for members in good standing and are open to any member in that region. Nominations are being accepted for all seats up for election.

The seats available are:
• Mike Manara from South Western Zone
• Dianne Dagneau from Northern Zone will be running as incumbents
• Rodger Poole from Okanagan Zone and
• Jon Moseley Director-at-Large will not be re-running (Open to all regional members in good standing)

In total, the CSIA BC committee has 4 zones with 7 directors:
• 3 Directors from the South Western Zone
• 1 Director from the Northern Zone
• 1 Director from the Okanagan Zone
• 1 Director from the Kootenay Zone
• 1 Director at Large
To qualify for a Director's position in a specific zone you must be a member in good standing, a resident of British Columbia, and reside in the zone for which you would like to run.
The Director Seat is a 3 year term. A Director Seat can serve for a maximum of 6 consecutive years (2 terms).
If you are interested in becoming a Director in one of these zones please contact Paul Sauvé by email as follows: sauve.paul@gmail.com.
Deadline to be considered for the ballot is Friday, October 20th, 2017.

Voting for the BC Region Board of Director seats will now take place electronically at Snowpro.com

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