How does the Pro Deal Program work?

The Pro Deal Program is open to all active CSIA members in good standing.

Each CSIA member is entitled to 1 (one) set of Pro Deal equipment per season. Your membership card is now equipped with an image for items that may be purchased through the pro-deal program. Your card will be punched at the time of purchase, so please assure that you present your membership card at the time of purchase, otherwise your order will be refused.

The CSIA National office acts as the liaison for the program. If you have questions regarding products, pricing, etc., please contact the manufacturer or a participating retail store.

The CSIA Pro deal program varies depending on the manufacturer. Some may direct you to their online store and others may provide you with a PDF order form.   For those who provide a PDF you can either place order directly with manufacturer or you can present yourself in one a local store here  in Canada with the PDF list.

Please login to your personal page to access Prodeals.

How do I purchase my equipment?

New this season!! We have negotiated with the ski manufacturers and there will no longer be a deadline to purchase your equipment. However, stock is limited so first come first served. Please be friendly and respectful of the staff at the participating retail store as they are providing CSIA pros with a service. If you have clients looking to purchase equipment, recommend the store where you bought your Pro Deal equipment to return the service. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please login to your personal page to access Prodeals.