Hall of Fame

CSIA's National Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of the organization, inspiring and encouraging the development of young Ski Instructors, and enshrining CSIA Icons and Legends who have made a significant contribution to the growth and well-being of the CSIA on a National scale and to the sport of skiing and ski teaching. The CSIA thanks Mike DesBrisay, Martin Jean, Norman Kreutz, Doug Leeming and other cherished Members who have contributed to the esteemed process over time. 



Réal Charette 1999
Réal Charette has been a Member of the Alliance since 1941. He was the first Canadian in 1948 to direct a Ski School in Canada, called at the time “Snow Eagle Ski School”. In 1951, Réal was the creator of the “Learn to Ski Week”, better known these days as “Ski Week”.

In 1953, Réal was nominated, along with Ernie McCulloch and Harvey Clifford as the first three “Seniors” (Level 4). After years of being an integral part of Gray Rocks promotion, Réal left the Ski School in 1982 to become Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Gray Rocks.

In 1986, he was presented with the first annual Bewi Award in Boston for “Outstanding Contribution to the World of Skiing”. Réal was subsequently inducted into the Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame in the late 1990s. Réal Charette, one of the early icons of alpine skiing in Quebec, passed away in Mont-Tremblant on October 22, 2002 at the age of 82.
Louis Cochand 2000

1938: Founding Member of the CSIA
1939: First President of the CSIA
1939 and from 1945 to 1948: Chief Examiner
Wrote the first CSIA Manual
Manager of the 1948 Olympic Ski Team
Manager of the family business – Chalet Cochand Resort in Sainte-Marguerite, Quebec

Raymond Lanctôt 2000

Twice President of the CSIA: from 1958 to 1960 and from 1964 to 1966
Member of the National Technical Committee
Wrote the first French translation of the Manual
Interski Team Manager in 1965 at Badgastein, Austria
Interski Delegate in Aspen in 1968 and Garmisch in 1971
Developed the concept of ski equipment sponsorship for key CSIA people through his sport equipment distribution company
Director of the Mont-Plante Ski School for 15 years


Christopher H.Gribbin 2005

Founding Member of the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance in 1943, Chris held the very first secretary-treasurer position from 1949 to 1962. At that time, the Executive Director's position did not exist. This was considered the highest position, and in fact, Chris was also CSIA's first paid employee. His responsibilities included the administration of day-to-day business as well as assisting with Courses.

Chris has been a Member of the CSIA for 50 years! Needless to say, this is quite an achievement and undoubtedly reflects his tremendous love and passion for the sport. Chris was the 11th ski instructor to earn his Level 4 Senior Instructors Certification.
As a well-respected contributor and avid writer, Chris covered "Skiing in the Laurentians" in the Montreal Star.

Amongst his many career successes, Chris was also head coach of the "Université de Montréal Bleue et Or" Ski Team.

His involvement in the ski industry continued, as Chris became an Executive Committee member of the Canadian Ski Museum, based out of Ottawa during the late 1990s.


Hines Von Allmen 2010

Hermann Gadner 2010

Hans Falkner 2010

Rolland Belhumeur 2010



Wayne Bradford 1999

A Member of the Alliance since 1960, Wayne Bradford was Head Examiner in western Canada in the 1970s. Wayne was also part of the Interski Team in 1964 and 1968. Wayne played an instrumental role as the founder of the development of Technique and Modules for the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiers. At the time of updating this information (October 2005), Wayne is the Ski School Director at Kimberley Resort in British Columbia.


Harvey Clifford 1999

In 1948, Harvey Clifford became a Member of the Alliance. Between 1950 and 1962, Harvey held the position of Ski School Director in various stations across Canada and abroad, namely in Banff, Alberta; Sainte-Marguerite, Quebec; Ruapehu, New Zealand, and Mt. Snow, Vermont. Amongst his achievements, Harvey represented Canada at the 1948 Olympic Games in St. Moritz as well as the FIS Championships in Aspen, Colorado in 1950. Harvey, who was an inductee in the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame, passed away in 1982.


Conrad Guay 1999

Conrad Guay has been a Member of the Alliance since 1968. He was the Ski School Director in Mont-Tremblant from 1975 to 1989. Interski counted Conrad amongst its team in 1975. Conrad also coached the Interski Team in 1983 and 1987. At the time of Conrad's induction into the CSIA Hall of Fame, he was coaching the National Ski Team.


Elton Irwin 1999

Elton Erwin first became a Member of the Alliance in 1949. Elton is also a founding member of the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers of which he was President for 16 incredible years. He was also an Interski delegate on three occasions. Inductee of the Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame, Elton teaches skiing and golfing at Gray Rocks, Quebec.


Ernie McCulloch 1999

Ernie McCulloch became a Member of the Alliance in 1946. In the early 1950s, his career saw him win several prestigious ski races in North America, in the Quebec-Kandahar as well as the U.S. National Championships. Ernie also took with him, on numerous occasions, the Harriman Cup and won the Ryan Cup. Nominated as one of the first "Seniors" (Level 4) along with Réal Charette and Harvey Clifford, Ernie held the position of Ski School Director of the Mont-Tremblant Ski School between 1953 and 1969. In 1965, he was a member of the Interski Team. Ernie has also been inducted in both the U.S. and Canadian Ski Hall of Fame. He was Director and owner of the Blue Mountain Ski School from 1970 to 1980. Regretfully, Ernie passed away in 1987.

André Schwarz 1999

André Schwarz became a Member of the Alliance in 1970. In 1975 and 1979, André was a member of the Interski Team, and in 1983, he took on the position of Coach of the Interski Team. During the early 1970s, André was Ski School Director in Lake Louise. André presently owns and operates the Post Hotel in Lake Louise.


Norm Crerar 2000

Member of CSIA’s National Board of Directors from 1975 to 1987
CSIA President from 1980 to 1987
Member of the National Technical Committee from 1968 to 1974
President of the National Technical Committee from 1972 to 1974
President of the lnterski 87 Committee - Banff, 1987
President of CSIA’s International Committee from the 1980s until now
Three-time Member of the lnterski Demo Team:
1971 Garmisch, Germany
1975 Czechoslovakia
1979 Zao, Japan
Member of the Interski Committee from 1983 to 1999
President of the Interski Committee from 1995 to 1999
Instructor – Sunshine Village from 1965 to 1968
Supervisor – Mt. Snow, Vermont from 1969 to 1971
Ski School Director at Big Vanilla, NY from 1971 to 1973
CSIA Chief Examiner in New Zealand from 1974 to 1976
Director of the Sunshine Village Ski Resort in Banff from 1977 to 1981
Partner/General Manager – Silver Star Mountain from 1981 to 1993


Gerald (Jerry) Johnston 2000

Member of CSIA’s National Board of Directors from 1964 to 1970
CSIA President from 1968 to 1970
Member of the National Technical Committee
Interski Delegate twice:
1971 Garmisch, Germany
1975 Czechoslovakia
Owner and Director of the Sunshine Village Ski School in Banff from 1958 to 1977
Founder of the Association for Disabled Skiers
Founding Member of the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS/ACSSH)
CADS President from 1976 to 1978
CADS General Manager from 1978 until now


Lorne McFadgen 2000

Member of the CSIA National Board of Directors from 1965 to 1979
President of the CSIA from 1970 to 1974
National Technical Committee Member from 1965 to 1979
Chairman of the National Technical Committee in 1976
Four-time Interski Demo Team Member:
1965 Badgastein, Austria
1968 Aspen, Colorado
1971 Garmisch, Germany
1975 Czechoslovakia
Interski Team Delegate:
1979 Zao, Japan
1983 Sesto, Italy
Ski column writer in major local and national newspapers from 1964 to 1987
Instructor at Mount Baker, Washington from 1956 to 1960 and Mount Snow, Vermont 1961
Acted as Assistant Director: Mont-Tremblant from 1962 to 1964
Vice-President of Operations and Talisman, Ontario Ski School and Shop Owner from 1965 to 1990
Ski Professional and Boot Fitter at Whistler/Blackcomb from 1990 until now


Clint Melville 2000

1945 to 1955: Vice-President of the CSIA
CSIA Ski School Director (Training) from 1943 to 1949
In charge of the training courses for operating instructors
In charge of introducing CSIA training in Ontario and Manitoba


Mario Podorieszach 2000

Member of CSIA’s National Board of Directors for six years
Member of the National Technical Committee in the 1970s
CSIA Level 4 Examiner
Five-time Member of the Demo Interski Team:
1965 Badgastein, Austria
1968 Aspen, Colorado
1971 Garmisch, Germany
1975 Czechoslovakia
1979 Zao, Japan
Ski School Director:
Mont-Orford, Quebec from 1962 to 1972
Manoir Saint-Castin, Quebec in 1973
Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec from 1976 to 1979
Ski Resort Director: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec from 1980 to 1998


Bill Williams 2000

Member of CSIA s National Board of Directors from 1962 to 1966
Chair of the National Technical Committee from 1964 to 1969
Level 4 Examiner in the 1960s and 1970s
Interski Delegate Member:
1968 Aspen, Colorado
1975 Czechoslovakia
1979 Zao, Japan
Assistant Director in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec from 1960 to 1966
Assistant to the General Manager in Mont-Trembant, Quebec from 1965 to 1980
General Manager at Fortess Mountain, Alberta from 1983 to 1986
General Manager at the Osler Bluff Ski Club, Ontario from 1986 to 1998


Bud Hoffman 2001

George Hoffman, better known as “Bud”, joined the CSIA in 1963 after completing his ASI, and in 1966, he passed his CSI. Bud taught skiing at the London Ski Club. He joined the Beaver Valley Ski School in 1960, and the following year, became their Ski School Director until 1971. Bud became involved with the CSIA very early in his career. Bud was a member of the CSIA Board of Directors from 1963 to 1970 (serving as Secretary, Vice-Chairman and then Past Chairman). He actually originated the first CSIA ramp show. Bud also sat on the CSIA National Board for five years, serving in a variety of positions including Vice-President. During that period, Bud set up the first permanent CSIA National Office and personally supervised the first six months of its operation. That same year, Bud served as a delegate with the CSIA Interski Team held in Garmish, Germany.

Moreover, Bud originated the Level 1 Courses as we know them today. He sat on the committee that arranged government funding from the Ontario Government for these courses. He also served as the first Director for these courses for a number of years. Bud initiated the Molson Molstar Racing Program in Ontario with the assistance of Molson Breweries. This was the first citizen non-competitive racing in the province. Bud is also the Founder of Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario, a haven for cross-country ski enthusiasts.

As a Member of the CSIA Steering and Executive Committees, Bud set up the Ontario Ski Council and Sport Ontario (for Ontario). From 1969 to 1976, he served as the Full-Time Manager of the Southern Ontario Ski Zone. Notable National Team names include Podborski, Safrata, Gibson, Creed and Robbins. Bud subsequently hired Al Raine to come to Ontario to coach. In addition, Bud was the OSRA’s first Full-Time Manager. In 1976, Bud bought an old creamery in Beaver Valley and turned it into a ski shop and cross-country ski area.

At the time of his induction, Bud sat on the Beaver Valley Ski Club.


Doug Leeming 2001

Doug joined the CSIA in 1972 upon completing the ASI course (Level 2) at Talisman Ski Club. Doug and his wife Debbie moved to the Kitchener area and both worked at the Chicopee Ski Club full-time for Peter Schwirtlich. From 1972 to 1978, Doug taught full-time and obtained his CSI (Level 3) and his CSCF Level 2. From 1974 to 1978, he was the Assistant Director of Chicopee.

In 1979, Doug became Director of Skiing at Glen Eden Ski Area in Milton, Ontario. At that time, Glen Eden was a small school with a few hundred lessons given per season. Under Doug’s direction and with a very dedicated staff, the lesson program grew over the next twenty-four seasons. In 2003, when Doug retired from the Glen Eden Ski Area, his school was teaching about 65,000 lessons per season with a professional staff of 250 ski and snowboard instructors.
Doug and Debbie with their two sons, Mark and Andrew, and their concession with Conservation Halton developed a staff of truly dedicated skiers and boarders that have moved on and are now being recognized for their involvement in the organization. These include nine Level 4s, Demo Team Members, Snow School Directors and many full-timers in the industry.

Along with running a successful business, Doug held important roles with the CSIA. From 1981 to 1987, he was a member of the National Board spending the last four of those years as Vice-President. In 1987, Doug attended Interski in Banff, Alberta as an Official Delegate of the CSIA.
In 1990, Doug was approached to see if he would return to the National Board, which he did, and held a position as President from 1991 to 1995. During this time, Doug and the CSIA Board of Directors brought snowboarding under the CSIA umbrella which was later to be called CASI. In 1995, Doug attended Interski, once again, in Japan, as President, and part of the official delegation.

During these periods on the National Board, Doug was very highly regarded for his ability, fairness and diplomacy in dealing with important issues. Doug was also proud of his relationship with the CSIA field staff and was always sensitive to their needs and those of the Membership.

Some of Doug’s achievements include his induction into the Ontario Hall of Fame in 1997.

Doug was inducted into the CSIA National Hall of Fame in the fall of 2001. Doug continued to work for the CSIA, as a Course Conductor, and as the Director of Development back where he started at Chicopee in Kitchener, Ontario. He also developed skiers through his business, The Phoenix Club.

Doug is very proud of his involvement with the CSIA, but especially of his family and their support over the years. Debbie and Mark are both Level 2 Instructors and A.J. (Andrew) is a Level 3 Instructor and a Level 1 Course Conductor. Doug would like to send an open invitation to all his past contacts to keep in touch.


Corrine Whitehouse 2001

Corrine grew up as a ski racer, when she won the famous Taschereau Race in 1953, which was at the time considered to be the "big" race in Eastern Canada for racers aged 18 years and under.

Level 2 Certification - Chantecler in 1954
Level 3 Certification - Chalet Cochand in 1955
Level 4 Certification – Mont-Tremblant in 1958

For four years, Corrine instructed for Ernie McCulloch at Mont-Tremblant during the mid 1950s.

Corrine married CSIA Chief Examiner, Heli Summeurar in 1957, and subsequently, instructed full-time at Mont-Sainte-Agathe, Mont-Orford, Mount Snow, Vermont, and Indian Head, Michigan.

Corrine also made the final cut for the 1965 Interski Team held at Badgastien, Austria.

In the late 1960s, Corrine became Ski School Director at Cuttle's, Mont-Tremblant Club, where she worked for five years. A real trail blazer, Corrine was the first woman to attain the CSIA "Senior" (Level 4) Certification and the first female to examine on CSIA Courses, where she started in Rossland, British Columbia. And so, Corrine examined on CSIA Courses for close to two decades (1958 - 1975).


Ken Baker 2002

Ski School Director at Big White, British Columbia
Ski School Director at Sunshine Village, Alberta
CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor
CSIA Course Director for all of Canada
Instrumental in starting the Examiners’ Training Program
Instrumental in starting the CSIA Courses in Lahr, Germany
Member of the Board of Directors
CSIA Vice-President
Mountain Guide (ACMG), worked for Heli-Skiing out of Golden and Revelstoke, British Columbia


Peter Schwirtlich 2002

Peter Schwirtlich took his first Level 2 Course at Gray Rocks in 1967. Without any experience, he failed. But Lorne McFadgen, at that time Director of Skiing at Talisman Ski Resort in Kimberley, Ontario, was the Course Examiner. Lorne needed full-time Instructors. Recognizing some talent in Peter, he hired him.

After some great training with Lorne, Peter took his Level 2 for the second time in 1968, this time at Mont Tremblant. He won that Course, getting the top marks out of all candidates.

The following year, 1969, Peter passed his Level 3 at Hidden Valley in Huntsville, Ontario, again taking top marks and winning the Course. At that time, Course winners were declared and presented with a trophy and other prizes.

Peter passed his Level 4 in 1972 at Mont Tremblant, on the second try, having failed his first attempt in 1971. In the fall of 1972, he became Ski School Director at Chicopee Ski Club in Kitchener, Ontario, a position he held there until 2003.

Soon after that, Peter received training from the CSIA to work on Courses. He started to examine in the fall of 1972, working on Level 2 Courses.

Peter became Eastern Technical Committee Chairman in 1975. By 1979, Peter was part of the National Technical Committee and went to the Interski at Zao, Japan as CSIA Photographer, Videographer and Technical Delegate. By that time he was qualified to examine at all levels.

Peter again attended Interski in Sesto, Italy, in 1983, then in 1987 served as Technical Committee Chairman, giving a speech on the Canadian ski technique at the Banff Interski. Peter became President of the CSIA soon after the Banff Congress, and held that position until late 1989, almost three years later.

He then became active in CASI, serving as Treasurer from 1994 to 1999.

Peter is now retired and lives and skis in Courtenay, B.C., on Vancouver Island.


Murray Yeudall 2002
CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor (worked on 17 Level 4 Courses)
Member of the Board of Directors
Past-President (Chairman) of the CSIA
Interski Delegate at six Interski Congresses
Eastern and National Technical Committee
Ski School Director at Mont-Avila, Quebec
Ski School Director at Bolton Valley, Quebec
Ski School Director at Bromont, Quebec
Ski Instructor in Aspen, Colorado, Grouse Mountain and Whistler, British Columbia
Canadian Distributor for Suunto Products


Al Bone 2003

1962 - 1979 CSIA Examiner
1965 - 1976 CSIA Technical Committee (Chairman from 1975-1976)
1969 - 1979 CSIA National Board Member
1975 - 1979 President of CSIA National Board
1971 Interski Team, Garmish, Germany
1975 Head of Canadian Delegation, Interski Czechoslovakia
1979 Interski Delegate, Zao, Japan


Luc Dubois 2003

1974 - 1981 National Board Member
1988 - 1991 National Board Member
1979 CSIA National Board Vice-President
1978 - 1984 CSIA Technical Committee
1979 Interski Team, Zao, Japan
1983 Interski Delegate, Sesto, Italy
1987 CSIA Organizing Committee, Banff Interski
President of the CSIA International Committee
Founding Member of CSCF


Brian James 2003

1966 - 1979 CSIA Examiner
1971 - 1975 Chairman, CSIA Technical Committee
1972 - 1974 Member of CSIA National Board
1971 - 1975 Interski Team, Garmish, Germany; Czechoslovakia
1979 Interski Team Coach, Zao, Japan


Stan Knowles 2003

1957 - 1980 CSIA & CSCF Examiner
1955 - 1970 CSIA Ontario Board
1968 - 1980 CSIA National Board
1968 - 1972 CSIA Technical Committee
1966 - 1986 Assistant Coach, National Ski Team Summer Camps
1969 - 1979 Tour Guide France, Italy and USA
Inducted into CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame


Doug Allen 2004

Doug is known as the guy who made “skiing” in Manitoba. He learned to ski by reading books as the CSIA wasn’t here yet. In 1951, Doug became President of the Varsity Ski Club at the University of Manitoba. In the 1960s, Doug was introduced to the CSIA when the Winnipeg Ski Club where he became an instructor and later on took the CSIA Level 2, was referred to as the ASI. Named Ski School Director at the Winnipeg Ski Club in the 1970s, Doug’s relationship with the CSIA strengthened as he was appointed Chairman of various Manitoba sub-committees and became the voice of the National Board of Directors’ Regional Committees.

His involvement as a National Board Member from 1976 to 1982 was instrumental as Doug was named Chairman of the Finance Committee in 1981-1982. Doug was also active in the restructuring of Regions with the CSIA, and ultimately, he was responsible for shaping the Central Region (SK, MB and NWO).

Doug’s involvement in the ski industry was diversified as Jerry Johnston (CADS) was the person who introduced him to teaching the disabled to ski. Working with the disabled became a very important part of Doug’s life. From 1974 to 2004, Doug was a member of CADS and during his long tenure, he was President of CADS. He assisted in creating the By-Laws, Constitution and Policies of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

In 1984, Doug was appointed “Chef de Mission” for the Canadian Team at the Winter Olympic Games for the disabled in Innsbruck, Austria.

Doug retired in 2003 at the young age of 80.


Linda Crutchfield 2004

It is with great pride that Linda Crutchfield was inducted into the CSIA Hall of Fame. Born in Shawinigan Falls, Quebec on April 3, 1942, Linda Crutchfield’s impressive, multitasked career spans over 40 years, and might we add, several continents. Her involvement and dedication to the ski industry is considerable and so is her devotion as an overall athlete.

It is with great pride that we share with you some of Linda’s achievements over the past 10 decades. Linda’s career as an athlete spanned over 17 years in three separate sports:

Canadian National Teams:

From 1959 to 1965: Alpine Skiing in three events – Downhill, GS and SL
From 1965 to 1975: Water Skiing also in three events – Jumping, SL and Figures
From 1967 to 1969: Luge

On four occasions, twice as an athlete, Linda participated in different disciplines at the Olympic Games:

1960: Alternate – Alpine Ski Olympic Team, Squaw Valley, California, USA(Unfortunately, “Alternates” were unable to attend the Games)
1964: Alpine Skiing – Innsbruck, Austria in the SL, Downhill and GS
1968: Luge – Grenoble, France. Linda finished in 10th place and was recognized for Best Canadian Performance, Male or Female
1976: Assistant “Chef de Mission” in Innsbruck, Austria for the Winter Games
1976: Director, Observation Missions – Montreal, Canada during the Summer Games

Linda also participated in five World Championships:

1962: Alpine Skiing – Chamonix, France. She competed in the SL, Downhill and GS. 1965: Water Skiing – Surfers Paradise Gardens, Australia in the Jump and Slalom Categories
1969: Water Skiing – Copenhagen, Denmark in the Slalom and Tricks. She placed 5th in the Jump. 1971: Water Skiing – Banolas, Spain in the Jump and Tricks. Again, she placed 5th, this time in the Slalom
1973: Water Skiing – Bogota, Colombia in the Jump, Tricks and Slalom. Her most impressive achievements in Water Skiing include:

• First woman in Canada to jump over 100 feet in water skiing
• Fifth woman in the world to jump over 100 feet in water skiing

With such an extensive profile, Linda has also been honoured and inducted into four Ski Halls of Fame, namely;

1984: Canada – Ski Hall of Fame
1985: Laurentians – Ski Hall of Fame
1985: Saint-Maurice Valley – Ski Hall of Fame
1994: Quebec (Province) – Water Ski Hall of Fame. Since July 2002, Linda is President of the Laurentians Ski Museum

Her professional career brought her to become Director of six Ski Schools, including Mont-Avila and Saint-Sauveur in Quebec. For eight years (1971 to 1979), Linda examined on Courses across Canada as a CSIA Level 4 Examiner. From 1982 to 1983, Linda was Director of Sports and Recreation at the Alpine Inn and Auberge du Lac Lucerne in Sainte-Marguerite, Quebec. She also held the position of Director of Operations, responsible for Ski School, Marketing and Ticketing Activities at Ski Morin Heights, Quebec.

Since 1998, Linda has been a part-time Ski Instructor at the Mont-Tremblant Snow School. As stated earlier, these are just some of Linda’s many achievements and she should be very proud.

Linda Crutchfield can always be reached by email at the following addresses: lcrutchfield@sutton.com or lcrutchfield@myexcel.ca.


Joe Couillard 2004

To summarize, Joe’s business successes have been many and quite diverse, namely in ski, golf, oil, land, and as a rancher!

In addition to these achievements, Joe’s involvement with the CSIA spanned over a 25-year period:
1967-1973: Member of the Alberta Committee Board of Directors
1971-1973: Chairman of the Alberta Committee
1971-1973 and 1982-1991: Served on CSIA’s National Board of Directors
1989-1991: President of CSIA’s Board of Directors

Joe was also a key Member of the Organizing Executive Committee for the 1987 Interski Event, which took place in Banff, Alberta. He was later appointed Delegate and “Chef de Mission” for the 1991 Interski Event in St. Anton, Austria.

Of course, Joe’s career within the ski industry was a fulfilling one. Here are just a few of the positions he held:

1959-1964: Volunteer Ski Patrol at Lake Louise Ski Area
1964-1969: Ski School Director and General Manager at Happy Valley
1970: Purchased a major share in Paskapoo (COP)
1984: Sold Paskapoo to the Calgary Olympic Committee for the 1988 Olympic Games
1987-1992: Owner/Operator of Fortress Mountain in the Kananaskis


John Hanna 2004

John Hanna’s career in the ski industry is a long standing one. John first took his ASI in December 1961, and the following year, he completed his CSI. In the spring of 1963, he became a Senior Instructor.

His career with the CSIA prospered as he became a Demo Team member for the 1965 Interski Event, which was held in Badgastein, Austria and in 1968 in Aspen, Colorado. In 1971, John was Coach in Garmish Parterkirchen, Germany.

John was also a valued Member of our National Board of Directors from 1969 to 1975. He then became a Member of the TC Committee from the late sixties to the mid-seventies.


Guy Christie 2005

Guy’s involvement with the CSIA continued to flourish. For a decade, from 1970 to 1980, Guy was a Member of the CSIA National Technical Committee and simultaneously served three impressive terms as a Member of the National Board of Directors from 1971 to 1979. Meanwhile, in the 1970s, Guy closely worked with the CSCF and the CSIA Technical Committees to coordinate Course presentations and the overall administration of both organizations. On the international front, Guy was also involved as Coach and Demonstrator at the 1975 Interski Event, and in 1979, he held the position of Manager, and once again, Demonstrator. Guy’s astonishing ski career earned him a wide variety of significant positions such as:

National Alpine Ski Team (Canada) Men’s Coach 1968-1971
Japan National Ski Team - Olympic Technical Coach 1972

From a manufacturing perspective, Guy successfully introduced Descente Ski Apparel to the Canadian market in 1983, and from 1995 to 2003, he held the position of President and CEO of Descente North America, Inc.


Mike DesBrisay 2006

Born on June 11, 1944, this Ottawa native graduated from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario, in 1971 with a Business Administration, Major in Management, degree.

His first ski experience began at the tender age of four. Mike grew up skiing, and his many talents took him from cross country skiing to jumping and downhill at the Ottawa Ski Club at Camp Fortune, Quebec.

Mike began climbing the CSIA Certification ladder in 1962 after successfully completing his Level 2 Course (ASI) at Camp Fortune. Moving out West, he then took his CSIA Level 3 (CSI) at Sunshine Village, Alberta, in 1965, and passed his Level 4 in 1971. He also became a founding member of the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) in 1970, and presently holds his CSCF Level 3.

Moreover, Mike enjoyed a successful racing career from 1953 to 1965 with the Ottawa ski club and Gatineau Ski Zone. He also raced nationally, and was named to a 12-person roster, better known today as the Development Team. A famed Taschereau Race winner at Mont Tremblant in 1963, which at the time was the most important race for 18 years and under in Eastern Canada, Mike became a member of the Quebec Ski Team where he won the Canadian Junior Championships in Banff, Alberta. In 1974, he won the Western Molstar Pacesetters Race at Sunshine Village.

CSIA Involvement:
1968 – Observer at the Interski Congress held in Aspen, Colorado
1971 to 1998 – Level 1, 2 and 3 Course Conductor
Mid ‘70’s – Member of the Western Technical Committee
1974 (Approx) – Founding member of the Canadian Professional Ski School Association
1974 to 1975 – Chairman, Alberta Committee
1984 to1987 – Member of Interski ’87 Organizing Committee, event held in Banff
1985 to 1991 – Member of Alberta Committee, Finance Portfolio
1991 to 1999 – Member of the CSIA Board of Directors
1993 to 1995 – Member of the Executive Committee
1995 to 1999 – President of the CSIA

Ski Industry Involvement:
1962 to 1963 – Instructor, Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania and Camp Fortune, Que.
1963 to 1964 – Part-time Instructor, Camp Fortune, Que.
1965 to 1968 – Instructor, Sunshine Valley, AB
1969 to 1970 – Head Coach, Ottawa Ski Club
1970 to 1972 – Head Coach and Technical Director, National Capital Division, Ottawa
1972 to 1973 – Contract Instructor, Queenstown, New Zealand
1972 – Founding member of the New Zealand Ski Instructors Alliance NZSIA)

- Wrote the first manual for the NZSIA (based on CSIA methodology)
1972 to 1973 – Technical Chairman and National Course Director, NZSIA
1973 to 1977 – Ski School Director, Sunshine Village, AB
1978 to 1980 – Ski School Director, Paskapoo (COP), AB
1980 to 1991 – Part-time Instructor, Fortress Mountain, AB
1983 to 1984 – Manager of the 1984 Olympic Disabled Skiing Team, Insbruck Austria
2000 to 2003 – Part-time Instructor, Club Ski Banff, AB
2004 to 2006 – Private Ski Instructor, Fairmont Snow School, AB
1990 to 2006 – Member of Pro Work Shop team of instructors, Panorama, BC


Don Bilodeau 2007

Michel Beaulieu 2007

Martin Olson 2007

David Hay 2009

Marc Turcot 2010

Louis De Passillé 2010

Wade Hampton 2010

John Birrell 2010

Guy Paulsen 2013

Neil Tanner 2014

Norman Kreutz 2015

Guy Ouimet 2016

Louis Joncas 2017

Heather Robertson 2017

Martin Jean 2018

Serge Pilon 2020

Knute Dohnberg 2021

Knute grew up in London, Ontario and learned to ski at the London Ski Club in the early 60’s. He had an incredibly fast rise through our pathway: He obtained his Level 2 in January 1968, his Level 3 in December 1968 and his Level 4 in May 1970. He also achieved his CFCF Level 3 in 1985.  

He has always been totally passionate with his CSIA involvement, which is demonstrated so well, as Knute has attended the Fall Level 4 Course Conductor training for 50 years in a row! He served 3 terms on the CSIA Ontario Board and was Chair during one term, served as the Level 1 Coordinator for the CSIA & CFSF in Ontario and was editor of the CSIA Ontario Newsletter. 

Knute was inducted into the CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame in 1999. 
He also served 2 terms on the CSIA National Board in the 1980’s and was involved with Interski 87 held in Banff. Knute was a Course Conductor for Level 2 & Level 3 Courses for many years across the country and was Ski School Director at Beaver Valley, Ontario for 19 years. 

Knute continues to be an active Course Conductor in Ontario and is a staff trainer at Beaver Valley. 

Otto Kamstra - 2022

Here’s a few highlights of Otto’s many industry achievements and contributions to CSIA:

  • CSIA Level 4 Instructor and Level 4 Course Conductor
  • CSCF Level 3 Coach 
  • PSIA Level 3 Instructor 
  • CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor
  • Past CSIA Demo Team Member
  • Former CSIA National Board Chair, Board Member and treasurer
  • Former CSIA Technical Committee Member

Dan Ralph - 2022

Here’s a few highlights of Dan’s many industry achievements and contributions to CSIA:

  • CSIA Level 4 Instructor 
  • Level 3 certified Alpine Ski Coach, Level 3 race official
  • Former CSIA Managing Director 
  • Former CSIA National Board Member  
  • Past CSIA Technical Committee Chair 
  • CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame recipient 
  • Former CSIA Ontario Board Member 

Kirsti Suutari - 2023

Here’s a few highlights of Kirsti’s many industry achievements and contributions to CSIA:

  • CSIA Level 3 and veteran Level 1 Course Conductor
  • 6 years on the CSIA Ontario Regional Committee and is a past Chair.
  • CSIA National Board member in the 90’s and again from 2007 to 2011 and was Chair.
  • First female Chair of the CSIA
  • Current Chair of the CSIA National Governance Committee
  • Many years instructing and supervising at several areas in the Collingwood area, currently at the Alpine Ski Club. 
  • Delegate at the 2011 Interski in Austria as Past Chair
  • Astute detail and dedicated to her governance work, and to help achieve the highest level of professionalism for the CSIA.
  • Helped craft the creation of the present CSIA Mission Statement and By-Laws.    


Special Contributors

Mike Wiegele - 2001

An emotional Mike Wiegele, long-time CSIA Member, founder of the Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and of the Canadian Ski Guides Association, accepted this plaque at the Hall of Fame event held at the Lake Louise Fall Convention.

Mike was inducted for his special contribution to the skiing and ski teaching profession in Canada.

Mike Wiegele was born in Austria in 1938, the same year the CSIA was founded. He grew up in the Austrian Alps and lived to ski and ski race. Mike came to Canada in 1959, where he instructed at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec in 1960-1961 and Sugar Bowl, California from 1962 to 1965.

Mike subsequently became Ski School Director and Ski Shop Owner in Lake Louise for eight years that is from 1965 to 1972. He also was given the contract to manage the Ski School at Canyon in Red Deer, Alberta.

Mike obtained his CSIA ASI Certification (equivalent to our Level 2) at Gray Rocks, Quebec in 1960 and proceeded to pass his CSI Certification (Level 3) in 1964 at Sunshine. Five years later, in 1969, Mike successfully completed the Level 4 Senior Instructor’s Course at Lake Louise.

The following year, in 1967, Mike married Bonnie and together they had a daughter Michele who has grown up and is now a key person in the family business, better known as Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing.

His achievements didn’t end here. In the early 1970s, Mike also founded the Banff Quikies Ski Club for young children, and with his wife Bonnie and other friends, they taught kids to ski and have fun. This later evolved into the Banff Alpine Racers, which continues to operate. They saw a real need in the Banff community and made it happen. During this period, Mike began exploring and studying various mountain areas for snow patterns and skiing potential. As we know, he found his haven in the Blue River, British Columbia region when Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing was founded in 1970.

From small beginnings, which actually started with no guests, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing has developed into a full service 5-star year-round resort, which is one of the largest heli-skiing and year-round areas in the world. His clientele comes from all over the globe.

Mike also founded the Canadian Ski Guide Association (CSGA) in 1990, which has opened the door for Canadians to train to become ski guides and which introduced a new meaningful way to live and work in the mountains. He then initiated avalanche research in conjunction with the University of Calgary to gain additional knowledge and expertise in this field. Today, all of the heli-skiing operators participate.

Two books have been published on Mike and his heli-skiing operation. Mike is now writing a technical book on ski and mountain guiding. In addition, in 1978, Mike created the now famous Powder 8 World Championships, which he hosts each year at his Blue River Resort. He has hosted the Canadian Ski Team for summer speed training at Blue River for several years, at his own expense. Mike has continually encouraged Canadian CSIA members to join his world as well as the CSIA to broaden its brush in its certification criteria to include first aid, mountain skills and awareness to truly be a full certification in every sense of the word as required by mountain conditions.

In the fall of 2001, Mike invited key people from the CSIA to Blue River to develop the CSIA’s new Mountain Skills & Awareness Program to help the CSIA meet the new criteria for international certification and open doors for our members to pursue the heli-skiing way of life.

Mike Wiegele’s Awards and Merits Include:

• The Bravery Award from the Governor General of Canada.
• The Marshall Award for Excellence from the Canada West Ski Areas Association for his outstanding contribution to the betterment of the ski industry.
• Mike was inducted into the Canadian Honour Roll of Canadian Skiing for his outstanding input in the development of skiing in Canada.

Mike has an enthusiasm and passion for skiing that is unsurpassed and when he feels there is a need to improve or be innovative, he takes on the task whole heartedly. He still has plans to expand and develop his resort to offer more variety and facilities for people to enjoy, including surface lifts to expand the heli-skiing operation. He was asked a few years ago if he thought he still had time to fulfill all his development plans and his reply was simple and enthusiastic… “No problem… I just took out another 150-year lease on life”.

The CSIA wishes to recognize Mike for his tremendous contribution to the ski world and especially for his ongoing encouragement, help and guidance to the CSIA in its growth as well.


Rod Roy Ski School - 2006

Martin Jean proudly presented a plaque Mr. Doug Roy, Snow School Director for their 45 years of successful business.

• In the early 1960’s the era of the Montreal Ski Train was coming to an end. The autoroute did not exist resulting in slow travel even to the closest resorts in the Lower Laurentians. Skiing was available mainly to families with ski chalets
• Snowy Eagle Ski School was founded in December 1962 by Rod Roy and became one of the first traveling ski schools in Quebec. Rod was a Physical Education graduate from McGill University and was a high school teacher in St-Laurent for 33 years
• Skiing immediately became more accessible to children from non-skiing families
• The name was changed to Rod Roy Ski Schools in 1969
• Virtually every ski hill in the Laurentians has been part of the Rod Roy programs including long forgotten resorts like Carling Lake, Mont Fugère, Mont Castor, Sun Valley and Yvon Coutu
• The first season there were only 32 Members & 4 Instructors using one school bus. Today there are 1200 members & 85 instructors using 25 deluxe coach buses

Philosophy & Objectives:
• Safety. Parents are entrusting Ski Rod Roy with their child from the moment they get on the bus in the morning until their return in the evening
• Fun. Skiing and snowboarding lessons are not a sixth day of school. The emphasis is on having fun on the slopes
• Learning. Using the teaching techniques of the CSIA and CASI

Three programs were developed to meet the needs of the skiers:
• Ages 6-10 in full-supervision programs with lessons all day at smaller resorts
• Ages 10-13 with half-day lessons and some free-ski time at mid-sized resorts
• Ages 13+ with the option of half-day lessons or free-ski time all day visiting the larger resorts in Quebec and Vermont
• New programs evolved as the industry changed including snowboarding programs for teens, adult programs, u-drive family programs and in recent years a parks & pipe course

Rod’s passion for skiing continues to this day. He averages 60 ski days a year, and remains involved with the ski school as on-hill ambassador reminding everyone that there is no such thing as a bad ski day.


Snow Hawks Ski & Snowboard School - 2023

  • Founded 40 years ago in 1984 and still operated by Mitch Gorski and his wife, Heather Siderson.
  • Developed the Travelling Ski School business model in Ontario.
  • Largest Travelling Ski School in Ontario via growth and acquisitions.
  • Snow Hawks has introduced literally thousands of people to the sport of skiing.
  • Trained and oversight of 2000 plus Ski Instructors since its start. 
  • Delivers Instructor Training Program for advanced skiers aged 14+ by CSIA Level 3 & 4’s.
  • All Snow Hawks Ski Instructors are CSIA trained & certified!
  • Similar award presented to the Rod Roy Ski School in 2006 as Special Contributor in Quebec.


Inspirational Leaders


Rob Butler 2009

Lynn Warll 2011

Ian Kirkpatrick 2013

Don Kjorven 2016

Heli Summerauer 2018

Martin Jean 2018

Peter Metzger 2019

Cam Watson 2019

Kathy Prophet 2019

Bob McLennan 2019

Serge Pilon 2020

Steve Smart 2020

Pierre Godbout 2021

Pierre is a person of integrity and a passionate skier. I don't know anyone who can share his interest with as much passion, no matter what the weather is... 

Getting his Level 4 Certification was a challenge for Pierre and yet 10 years later he was teaching at the Level 4. He is what we call a late bloomer, a hard worker who never stops improving. Another of Pierre's great qualities is the respect he has for his work partners. He is a true team player who can always be counted on.

In addition to being an Instructor and Course Conductor for the CSIA, Pierre has served on the CSIA Education Committee. He has been an organizer and instructor for advanced skiers at an improvement camp in Chile, a private consultant to Snow Schools and a writer for the Tremblant Express magazine, just to name a few of his activities in the industry.

Eric Rousseau 2021

Eric was one of the most natural talents the CSIA has had in recent memory. While his life was cut way too short, Eric had a profound effect on the people he touched. Skiing was one of Eric’s biggest passions. 

He gave all of himself to make sure everyone around him had that same zest for the sport. As a CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor, Interski Member (team captain), Steering Committee Member, ski teacher and 

Whistler/Blackcomb trainer/supervisor, Eric inspired us all to demonstrate a love and enjoyment for teaching the sport of skiing to others.  

For those lucky enough to have skied with Eric, he would always say “Let’s have the best day ever” and it would be just that. Eric embodied what we, as an organization, strive to do; impart knowledge, understanding and accomplishment. 

Dan Ralph 2022

Here’s a few highlights of Dan’s many industry achievements and contributions to CSIA:

  • CSIA Level 4 Instructor 
  • Level 3 certified Alpine Ski Coach, Level 3 race official
  • Former CSIA Managing Director 
  • Former CSIA National Board Member  
  • Past CSIA Technical Committee Chair 
  • CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame recipient 
  • Former CSIA Ontario Board Member 

Josh Foster 2023

Here’s a few highlights of Josh’s many industry achievements and contributions to CSIA:

  • CSIA Level 4 and Veteran Course Conductor
  • Past Assistant Snow School Director at Lake Louise      
  • Former Snow School Director at Big White
  • Founder of Snow Sports Unlimited
  • Technical Committee Member and a Past TC Chair
  • Past Chair of the CSIA BC Committee
  • 2-time Interski Team member – Korea & Bulgaria
  • Past Ski School Representative for Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA)
  • 7 years as host of Ski Television Ski Tips



Honorary Level 4

Nancy Greene 2002

“Of all the prizes and honorary distinctions I’ve received, this is certainly the most significant one for me, because I know pretty well how much time and effort it takes to achieve a Level 4,” stated an emotional Nancy Greene during her speech in front of CSIA Members.

Among her thirteen World Cup victories (the most by a Canadian) and numerous championships and Olympic medals, Nancy Greene has also been presented with an impressive list of awards and honours including:

Officer of the Order of Canada
Order of the Dogwood (British Columbia’s highest Award)
Canadian Athlete of the Year in 1967 and 1968
Amateur Athletic Union “Female Athlete of the Year”
B’nai B’rith “Woman of the Year”
BC Ambassador of Tourism
Whistler’s Citizen of the Year (with husband Al)
Honorary Doctorate of Laws, University College of the Cariboo
Canadian Female Athlete of the Century
HALVA International Skiing Award

Nancy is also a member of the National Sports Hall of Fame, Canadian Honour Roll of Skiing, BC Sports Hall of Fame, US Ski Hall of Fame and she is the Honorary Chair of the Nancy Greene Ski League.

Nancy and her husband Al are now living in Sun Peaks, where Nancy is the Ski Resort Manager, a partner of the Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Lodge, and where she plays a significant role within the National Speakers Bureau. Nancy also continues to cooperation with Rossignol Skis which allowed to win several competitions.

The CSIA was very proud to present Nancy Greene with this honour, and is greatly appreciative of all her efforts that have truly helped the Canadian Ski Industry evolve on so many levels.


Bernard Trottier 2005

(Mont-Tremblant, Que.) During the Members Convention and Hall of Fame dinner, the CSIA proudly presented the Founder of Bernard Trottier Sports, with an honourary CSIA Level 4. Bernard became a Member of the CSIA in December of 1963 when he obtained his ASI Level 2 at the Cochand Cottage. Three years later in 1966, Bernard completed the CSI Training Session (Level 3).

He was a volunteer builder involved in developing and financing Ski Québec and Ski Canada.

1983-1994 Vice-President, Marketing for Ski Canada at the time of the Crazy Canucks
Mille-Aide Club and support to athletes. 1990-1991 Obtained the J. Réal Boulanger Trophy from the Association des stations de ski du Québec for contributing to the development of the ski sport.

1998 Trophy for exceptional contribution during meetings at Ski Schools in Mont-Tremblant (1938-1998)

Director of several Ski Schools in Quebec:

Domaine de Rougemont, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville
Villa Bellevue, Mont-Tremblant
Mont-Shefford, Station Owner

1999-2000 President of the Gold Medal Club (Currently Governor).

1996 Obtained the Spatule d’Or for contributing to the development of ski competition.

Founder of the University Circuit in cooperation with student sports.

Former Governor and Administrator of Quebec University Sports Award of Merit.

1995 Laurentians Hall of Fame Inductee.

Ski Quebec Ambassador.

Throughout his various contributions, Mr. Bernard Trottier participated in giving Canadian athletes more than a million dollars in bursaries.

It is with great pride that the CSIA awarded Bernard Trottier with this honour to thank him for his past and present efforts in ensuring that the Canadian ski industry continues to help future generations.

Bernard became a Member of the CSIA in December of 1963 when he obtained his ASI Level 2 at the Cochand Cottage. Three years later, in 1966, Bernard completed the CSI Training Session (Level 3). He was a volunteer builder involved in developing and financing Ski Québec and Ski Canada.

1983-1994 Vice-President, Marketing for Ski Canada at the time of the Crazy Canucks
Mille-Aide Club and support to athletes.
1990-1991 Obtained the J. Réal Boulanger Trophy from the Association des stations de ski du Québec for contributing to the development of the ski sport.
1998 Trophy for exceptional contribution during meetings at Ski Schools in Mont-Tremblant (1938-1998).
Director of several ski schools in Quebec:
Domaine de Rougemont, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville
Villa Bellevue, Mont-Tremblant
Mont-Bélair, Mont-Sauvage, Val-Morin
Mont-Shefford, Station Owner
1999-2000 President of the Gold Medal Club (Currently Governor).
1996 Obtained the Spatule d’Or for contributing to the development of ski competition.
Founder of the University Circuit in cooperation with student sports.
Former Governor and Administrator of Quebec University Sports Award of Merit.
1995 Laurentians Hall of Fame Inductee.
Ski Quebec Ambassador.
Throughout his various contributions, Mr. Bernard Trottier participated in giving Canadian athletes more than a million dollars in bursaries.
It is with great pride that the CSIA awarded Bernard Trottier with this honour to thank him for his past and present efforts in ensuring that the Canadian ski industry continues to help future generations.


Rhona Wurtele Gillis 2008

Rhoda Wurtele Eaves 2008

Peter Gibson 2018


25 Year Members

The CSIA 25 Year Membership is exclusive to Members that have paid their Membership dues for 25 years.

New 25 Year Members

Allard, Heloise
Atkinson, John
Barton, Donya
Beauchesne, Rene
Beaumon, Claude
Bergeron, Claude
Berkovitz, Steven
Bertrand, Elaine
Boivin, Daniel
Bourque, Toby
Bowhey, Rick
Brais, Daniel
Britten, Karl
Brocklehurst, Sarah
Buffel, Kathleen
Bulmer, Kevin J.
Callary, Bettina
Chagnon, Olivier
Champagne, Lina
Clarke, Timothy G.
Clarke, Rick
Colling, Gary
Cook, Florence
Cook, Gary
Cook, Ben
Copp, Doug
Cormick, Tim
Coulter, Kim A.
Cousineau, Ben
Cousins, Julian R.
Crony, Nancy
Cyr, Gerald
Dagneau, Darrel R
D'Amours, Raynald
Dargis, Marc
Darrah, Rob
Davies, Richard
Demers, Sylvain
Deniger, Frederic
Dodds, Chris
Dohring, Patricia Kim
Douglas-Hecker, Michael


Down, Nicholas
Downs, Andre
Drouin, Raymonde
Dubuc, Patricia
Dumoulin, Pier, re-Luc
Dupuis, Edward
Duquette, Stephane
Durda, Paul
Evans, Barry
Ferland, Dianne
Ferlatte, Carmen
Fiechter, Daniel
Fontaine, Robert
Fortier, Catherine
Fortin, Andre
Freeborn, Edward
Frisch, John
Gagnon, Lloyd P
Galarneau, Maurice
Gibson, Art
Giguere, Marius
Gilbert, Stephanie
Golba, Brian
Gunton, Jessika
Hairay, Philippe
Harsant, Dave
Hilton-Wigg, Andrew
Hoch, Susan
Hunter, John R.
Isoyama, Kazue
Jarema, Andrew
Jean, Michael
Jones, Ed
Kawakami, Ai
Kieswetter, Natasha
Kunanec, Robert
Laliberté, Alain
Lavigne, Mark
Leblanc, Melissa
Lee, Linda Ann
Lefresne, Don
Lepage, Rene

Letton, Shawn
Lidstone, Brooke
Londos, Tobyn
Lozon, Alan
Lukala, Derek
Macrae, Carol
Magny, Sylvain
Mainville, Yvon
Marchand, Christiane
Matthews, Darren
Mcgraw, Randy
Mcneil, Colleen
Meakin, Colin
Milot, Jacques
Moffat, Tami
Momy, Chris
Novosad, Peter
Olineck, Ron
Orvig, Chris
Ostiguy, Vincent
Ouimet, Martin
Pagé, Simon
Paille, Julie
Paquette, Daniel
Parker, Paul Joseph
Parsons, William
Patenaude, Joanne
Pflug, Siege
Pinault, Sylvie
Plante, Gilles
Pogontcheff, Craig
Poissant, Stéphanie
Poodry, Edd
Potvin, Alain
Prevost, Ian
Prud'homme, Benoit
Puga, James
Pye, Scott
Quesnel, Jean-Pierre
Reeves, Bill
Reeves, Kirk
Render, Matthew

Rioux, Sebastien
Rousseau, Manon
Roy, Melanie
Rudolph, Danush
Saunders, Jeffrey
Schmidt, Paul
Scott, Colin
Sergent, Leon
Sikes, Richard
Slaughter, Griffith
Smith, Randall
Smith, Fraser A
Sperling, Roy
Stanger, Brad G.
Stephen, Cameron
Stewart, Marina
Stewart, Amy O.
Swiecicki, Joe W.
Tanner, Clive R
Taylor, Evan
Tellier, Jacques
Thom, Linda
Thomson, Mark
Todd, Stephanie
Tsotsos, Jean-Paul
Tsukuda, Toshiro
Vachon, Jean-Francois
Van Buuren, Kimberley
Viau, Jean-Pierre
Vignola, Yvan
Wakefield, Pete
Waldman, Jordan
Ward, Cameron
Warren, Jennifer
Weedmark, Peter
Wickenden, Jennifer
Wilcox, Mark
Wolfe, Jean-Francois
Wood, Paul
Wotherspoon, Douglas (Swatty)
Zabel, Pierre D.

25 Year Members - Atlantic

Allan, Andrew
Antoft, Kell
Antsey, Alfred
Archer, Richard
Archer, Sid
Battah, Armand
Beaudoin, Gilles
Belanger, Bertrand
Belanger, Robert
Bosse, Gilles
Bosshard, Mike
Boudreau, Pauline
Bourque, Toby
Boutilier, Ruth
Bugden, Dave
Byrne, Damian
Byrne, Gregor
Cameron, Marty
Callary, Bettina
Carrier, Gilles
Chesworth, Sandra
Clarke, Larry
Clarke, Michael
Clarke, Timothy
Coleman, Mary
Copp, Doug
Cote, Alain
Daigle, Gilles

Daly, Patrick
Dauphinee-Wilson, Heather
Demone, Janet
Deniverville, William
Dion, Greg
Dwyer, Peter
Elworthy, Kevin
Elworthy, Les
Falardeau, Nicole
Forbes, Annie
Gagnon, Lloyd
Gillan, Chester
Graham, Joey
Green, David
Hardy, Roger
Hassin, Omar
Healy, Robert
Hebert, Pierre
Henderson, Peter
Homenick, Linda
Hoyt, Michael
Humphries, Perry
Huntington, Andrew
Isenor, Andrew
Irwin, Keri
Jewkes, Lloyd
Johns, Todd
Johnson, Robert

Justason, Doug
Kelly, Lynn
Kennedy, Josephine
Kerr, David
Kilpatrick, Karen
Lalonde, Jean-Pierre
Lavoie, Marcelle
Leger, Michele
Levy, Alex
Lidstone, Doug
Ling, John
Lord, Kevin
Lovely, Dennis
Lovely, Jane
MacAdam, Vern
Macdonald, Darcy
Maclean, Doug
McMurtrie, Cheryl
McMurtrie, Peter
Mcvicar, Frank
Meesters, Rien
Meredith, Gary
Mersereau, Sam
Moore, Donald
Murphy, Karen
Myrden, Pauline
Nichols, Kenneth

Nicholson, Carl
Noiles, Art
Oland, James
Ouellet, Martin
Owen, John
Peach, Glenn
Peddle, Donald
Pierce, Michael
Power, Catherine
Pratt, Nicholas
Proctor, D. Jean
Prusinski, Les
Quarles, Donald
Rasmussen, Roy
Redden, Carroll
Redden, Johanna
Renault, Helene
Richardson, Thomas
Ross, Sandy
Roy, Georges
Saucier, Jean-Francois
Sear, Tom
Smith, Nicole
Sturgeon, John
Sullivan, Desmon
Thompson, David
Turgeon, Raymond

25 Year Members - Québec

Abdalla, Bruce
Achille, Francois
Adam, Serge
Albers, Fred
Albers, Neil
Alie, Nicole
Alie, Tristan
Allaire, Michèle
Allaire, Roch
Allard, Benoit
Allard, Denis
Allard, Heloise
Allison, Barry
Allmand, William
Amiot, Charles-Andre
Anderson, Daniel
Angers, Andre
Archambault, Michel
Arnaldi, Luca
Arsenault, Remi
Ashton, Stephen
Asselin, Gaetan
Aubert, Benoit
Auclair, Michel
Aucoin, Darron
Aucoin, Susan
Audet, Sylvain
Audy, Manon
Auger, Jacques
Ayotte, Alain
Ayotte, Pierre
Baccardax, Trent 
Baker, Ken
Bant, James
Bant-Mcconnell, Wendy
Barabe, Eric
Baraby, Jacques
Barbeau, Christian
Barbour, Donald
Bareil, Rene
Baril, Pascale
Barkshire, Tom
Barre, Guillaume
Barrette, Germai
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Beaudoin, Anne
Beaudoin, Bernard
Beaudoin, Michel
Beaudoin, Pierre
Beaugrand-Champagne, Francois
Beaulieu, Alain
Beaulieu, Bruno
Beaulieu, Hildebrand
Beaulieu, Jean-Francois
Beaulieu, Remi
Beaumont, Claude
Beaumont, Louis-Martin
Beaupre, Pierre
Beauregard, Emily
Beausoleil, Benoit
Bedard, Chantal
Beetz, Charles
Belair, Richard
Beland, Gerald
Belanger, Daniel
Belanger, Gilles
Belanger, Guy
Belanger, Jacques
Belanger, Jean
Bélanger, Marie-Josée
Belanger, Michel
Belec, Aimee
Belisle, Richard
Bellart, David
Bellemare, Jacques
Bellerive, Jean
Bellerive, Jocelyne
Belley, Denis
Bellon, Blandine
Benard, Jean-Claude
Bendit, Emile
Berard, Louis
Bergeron, Andre
Bergeron, Claude
Bergeron, Jacques
Bergeron, Rejean
Bernard, Alain
Bernard, Gervais
Bernier, Guy
Berthiaume, Claude
Bertrand, Claude
Betrand, Elaine
Bertrand, Julie
Bérubé, Bernard
Besner, Karine
Bessette, Jacques
Bibeau, Nathalie
Bienvenu, Yves
Bigras, Lyne
Bisaillon, Eric
Bissonnette, Alain
Bissonnette, Daniel
Bissonnette, Monique
Blackburn, Pierre
Blair, Alan
Blais, Andre
Blais, André
Blais, Fabienne
Blais, Jean-Francois
Blanchard, Louis
Blaquiere, Guy
Blondeau, Bianca
Boies, France
Boily, Dany
Boily, Gary
Boisvert, Hugues
Boivin, Alexandre
Boivin, Charles
Boivin, Daniel
Bolduc, Jean-claude
Bonin, Eric
Bonin, Gisele
Boorne, Sandra
Borgers, Torben
Bouchard, Charles
Bouchard, Denis
Bouchard, Gaston
Bouchard, Gerard
Bouchard, Jean-Claude
Bouchard, Mark
Bouchard, Serge
Bouchard, Serge
Bouchard, Victor
Boucher, Gilbert
Boucher, Pierre
Boudreault, Nicole
Boudreault-Sauvageau, Philippe
Bourassa, Mario
Bourassa, Pierre
Bourbeau, Marjorie
Bourcier, Marcel
Bourdeau, Andre
Bourgeois, Genevieve
Bourque Raymond, Therese
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Boutin, Myonne
Bouvier, Michel
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Bradley, Bill
Brais, Daniel
Brassard, Francois
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Briere, Frederic
Brindamour, Susy
Brisbois, Paul
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Brochu, Stephane
Brodeur, Yvan
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Brousseau, Paul-Ernest
Bruneau, Stephen
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Brunet, Francis
Brunet, Jean
Burch, Pierre
Bureau, Martin
Buron, Jacques
Buron, Vanessa
Cadieux, Alain
Cadieux, Jean
Cadieux, Jean-Marc
Cadieux, Paul
Calderon, Eddy
Cameron, Merri
Campbell, Duncan
Cappadocia, Kelly
Careau, Mathieu
Careau, Sylvie
Carier, Yvon
Carle, Christian
Carli, Brent
Caron, Mario
Caron, Pierre
Caron, Pierre
Carpentier, Jean
Cartier, Louis
Castonguay, Roger
Cerveny, Karel
Chabot, Jacques
Chagnon, Benoit
Chagnon, Olivier
Chalifoux, Simon
Chamberland, Sylvie
Champagne, Lina
Chappell, Kenneth
Chappell, Robert
Charest, André
Charest, Paulo
Charette, Annie
Charette, Brigitte
Charette, Christian
Charette, Gerald
Charette, Marc
Charlebois, Julie
Charlebois, Pierre
Charron, Michel
Charron, Pierre
Charters, John
Chauvin, Pierre
Chayer, Pierre
Chenard, Jacques
Chenard, Yanick
Chenevert, Jacques
Choquette, Andre
Choquette, Jean
Chouinard, Yvan
Chretien, Danielle
Christensen, Ian 
Chunlaud, Didier 
Claude, Christiane
Claveau, Anne
Clement, Denis
Clement, Etienne
Clifford, Betsy
Clinton, Richard
Cloutier, Linda
Cloutier, Luc
Cloutier, Maurine
Cockburn, John
Coderre, Martin
Cole, Brian
Comeau, Jean-Francois
Cormier, Albert
Cormier, Maurice
Corno, Anne
Cota, Teri
Cote, Bernard
Cote, Dave
Côté, Martin
Coudry, Denis
Coulombe, Francois
Courchesne, Camille
Courchesne, Pascal
Courville, Nathalie
Cousineau, Yves
Coutu, Richard
Couture, François
Couture, Johanne
Couture, José
Couture, Marie
Couture, Martin
Couture, Serge
Couture-Dubois, Helene

Craig, Darryl
Crete, Louise
Crete, Stephan
Crevier, Yves
Crook, James
Cuerrier, Michel
Cuirot, Pascal
Cunningham, Catherine
Curry, Leslie
Cyr, Gerald
D'Amours, Raynald
Dagenais, Andre
Daigle, Marc
Dalbec, Louise
Dargis, Marc
Daoust, Maurice
Daviault, Alain
David, Jacques
Dawson, Fabian
De Courcy, Nicolas
De L. Harwood, Marie
De Repentigny, Maurice
De Varennes, Christian
De Zordo, Christopher
De Zordo, Ernest
Decarie, Luc
Deczky, Gustav
Dedieu, Jean-Pierre
Delisle, Gilles
Delorme, Jean-Francois
Delorme, Matthieu
Demers, Guy
Demers, Hugues
Demers, Patrick
Demers, Sylvain
Deniger, Frederic
Denis, Alain
Derome, Andre
Derouin, Tom
Dery, Francine
Desautels, Gilles
Deschenes, Denis
Deshaies, Andre
Desilets, Andre
Desjardins, Andree
Desjardins, Luc
Desjardins, Lucille
Desjardins, Pierre-Paul
Deslauriers, Roger
Desmarais, Hélène
Desmarais, Robert
Desormeaux, Luc
Desormeaux, Wendy
Despatie, Pierre
Desrosiers, Marc
Di Giacomo, Celine
Dinielli, Tony
Dion, Claude
Dion, Jean-Marie
Dion, Roland
Doherty, Patrick
Donkin, James
Dore, Marc
Downs, Andre
Doyle, Scott
Drouin, Jean
Drouin, Raymonde
Dube, Chantal
Dube, Louis
Dube, Marc-Andre
Dube, Nicolas
Dubois, Jacques
Dubord, Caroline
Dubord, Louis-Robert
Dubreuil, Alain
Dubuc, Jacques
Dubuc, Patricia
Duchesne, Francois
Duchesne, Mario
Duchesne, Philippe
Dufort, Michel
Dufour, Pierre
Dufresne, Francois
Dufresne, Mark
Dugal, Yves
Dugas, Eric
Dugas, Serge
Duhamel, Charles
Duhamel, Gaetane
Duhamel, Marc-Andre
Dumont, Daniel
Dumontier, Jean Marcel
Dupere, Jean-Claude
Dupras, Andre
Dupuis, Dominic
Dupuis, Gilles
Duquette, Guy
Duquette, Stephane
Durand, Jean-claude
Durocher, Martin
Durocher, Stephane
Duval, Daniel
Duval, Genevieve
Elie, Luc
Emond, Bertrand
Emond, Isabelle
Emond, Karl
Ethier, Gerald
Ethier, Luc
Eustace, Edward
Falardeau, Pierre
Ferdais, Jean-Raymond
Ferland, Dianne
Ferland, Michel
Ferlatte, Carmen
Filiatrault, Pierre
Filion, Jean-Francois
Filion, Laurent
Filion, Mario
Fillion, Georges-Henri
Filteau, Jean
Fiset, Michelle
Fitzgerald, Marc
Fitzpatrick, Murray
Flanagan, Michael
Fontaine, Johanne
Fontaine, Robert
Forget, Hugues
Fortier, Catherine
Fortier, Catherine
Fortier, Frederic
Fortier, Marie-Helene
Fortier, Serge
Fortin, Andre
Fortin, Jean
Fortin, Patrick
Fortin, Pierre
Fortin, Yves
Foucault, Marc
Fraysse, Philippe
Frechette, Greg
Gabriel, Mario
Gagne, Eric
Gagne, Jean
Gagne, Jocelyn
Gagne, Stephane
Gagnon, Antoine
Gagnon, Claude
Gagnon, Claudine
Gagnon, David
Gagnon, Gaétan
Gagnon, Isabelle
Gagnon, Jacques
Gagnon, Marcel-D
Gagnon, Mario
Gagnon, Raymond
Gagnon, Renaud
Gagnon, Stephane
Gagnon, Theophane
Gagnon, Wendy
Galarneau, Maurice
Gareau, Gilles
Garnham, David
Gasparini, Alessandro
Gattuso, Dominique
Gaudreau, Mathieu
Gauthier, Andre
Gauthier, Francis
Gauthier, Jacques
Gauthier, Jeanick
Gauthier, John
Gauthier, Mathieu
Gauthier, Patrick
Gauthier, Robert
Gauthier, Roland
Gendron, Marc
Genoni, Stefano
Gervais, Eric
Gibson, Art
Giguere, Marius
Gilbert, Marie-Claude
Gilbert, Marie-Josée
Gilbert, Raymond
Gilbert, Stephanie
Gillis, Rhona
Gilmour, Robert
Gingras, Jean
Giroux, Claude
Godin, Dominique
Godin, Eric
Godin, Jean-pierre
Goffart, Guy
Gohier, Mario 
Goneau, Renee
Goodman, Aubrey
Gourde, Sylvain
Graham, Margaret
Gratton, Paul
Gratton, Solange
Gravel, Remi
Gravel, Robert
Gravelle, Sonia
Gray, Paula
Gregoire, Richard
Gregory, Edmund
Grenier, Nelson
Grenier, Richard
Gribbin, Phil
Grondines, Michel
Guay, Daniel
Guay, Lise
Guay, Yves
Guilbaud, Julien
Guindi, George
Guindon, Claude
Guindon, Michel
Hache, Jean-Guy
Haineault, Paul-Andre
Hanna-Ratcliffe, Marsha
Handley, Glen
Hansen, Gilles
Harmon, Greg
Harrison, Christine
Harvey, Camil
Hausermann, Adrian
Hebert, Alain
Hebert, Claude
Hebert, Eveline
Hebert, Pierre-Olivier
Hogue, Daniel
Hope, Erin
Horman, Dorothy
Hotte, Sebastien
Hotte, Sylvain
Houde, Jacquelin
Houghton, Gary
Houldsworth, Fiona
Houle, Stephanie
Huot, Claude
Huot, Jocelyn
Huot, Michel
Imbeau, Paul
Irwin, Elton
Jacob, Bernard
Jaderny, Kamil
Jarema, Andrew
Jean, Sylvain
Jerome, Chantal
Jodoin, Pierre
Jodoin, Remi
Jodoin, Richard
Johnson, Pat
Johnson, Susan
Jolicoeur, Patrick
Jolicoeur, Stephan


Joly, Frederic
Kaluza, Sylvester
Kasprzyk, Ed
Kawai, Diane
Kelly, Kevin
Kochenburger, Daniel
Knitel, Klaus
Krix, David
Kunanec, Robert
L'Esperence, Andre
L'Esperence, Lucette
Laberge, Donald
Labrecque, Marc
Labrecque, Simon
Labrie, Jean-Sebastien
Lacasse, Diane
Lacasse, Donald
Lacasse, Gilles
Lacasse, Lynn
Lacerte, Real
Lachance, Robert
Lachapelle, Michel
Lachapelle, Pierre
Lacroix, Christian
Lacroix, Jean-Guy
Lacroix, Pierre
Laforge, Jean-Marie
Lafrance, Chantal
Lagace, Diane
Lagueux, Gabrielle
Lajoie, Jean-Jacques
Lalancette, Marie
Lalande, Benoit
Laliberté, Éric
Lalonde, George
Lalonde, Guy
Lalonde, Luc
Lalonde, Paul
Lamarre, Claude
Lambert, Serge
Lamontagne, Yann
Lamontagne, Yvan
Lamothe, Linda
Lamoureux, Francois
Lamy, Carmen
Landreville, Marco
Landry, Jean
Landry, Sandra
Landry, Simon
Langevin, Patrice
Langlois, Pierre
Lanthier, Gilles
Lanthier, Michel
Laplante, Jacques
Laplante, Pierre
Lapointe, Diane
Lapointe, Roger
Laporte, Monique
Laporte, Nicole
Laprise, Robert
Lareau, Robin
Lareau, Roger
Laricheliere, Martin
Lariviere, Claude
Laroche, Aurele
Larocque, Marie-Josee
Larouche, Carole
Larouche, Yvon
Latreille, Andre
Latreille, Celine
Latulippe, Claude
Laurendeau, Annie
Laurendeau, Josee
Laurendeau, Nicole
Lauzon, Christopher
Lauzon, Julie
Lauzon, Normand
Lavallee, Alain
Lavallee, Daniel
Lavallee, Daniel
Laverdure, Jean-Claude
Lavigne, Serge
Laviolette, Jean
Lavoie, Marc
Lavoie, Michel
Lavoie, Mireille
Leahey, David
Lebel, Jocelyn
Leblanc, Marc-André
Leblanc, Melissa
Leblanc, Simon-Pierre
Lechasseur, Robert
Leclerc, Michel
Lecompte, Marie-Soleil
Lecomptes, Hugues
Ledoux, Michel
Leduc, Carol
Leduc, Jean
Leduc, Michel
Lefebvre, Luc
Lefebvre, Paul
Lefebvre, Pierre
Lefort, Alexandre
Lefrançois, Denis
Legare, Jean-Pierre
Legault, Jean-claude
Legault, Robert
Legault, Roger
Legault, Serge
Legendre, Éric
Legrand, Claude
Lemaitre, Nicolas
Lemieux, Dennis
Lemieux, Jacques
Lemieux, Michel
Lemire, Gaston
Lemire, Pierre
Lepage, Jonathan
Lepage, Rene
Lepage, Richard
Lepine, Frederik
Lesage, Andre
Lesage, Guy
Lesage, Maurice
Lessard, Egide
Lessard, Jean
Letourneau, Bastien
Letourneau, Francis
Letourneau, Michel
Levasseur, Gervais
Levesque, France
Levesque, Francois-Yves
Levesque, Louis-pierre
Levesque, Richard
Liboiron, Richard
Lizotte, Benoit
Logue, Marc
Loisel, Marc
Loiselle, Eric
Macdonald, Mary
MacDougall, Red
Magny, Sylvain
Maher, Benoit
Mainville, Yvon
Maisonneuve, Jean-pierre
Mallette, Roger
Malo, Pascal
Marchand, Christiane
Marciano, Lissa
Marcotte, Rolande
Marcoux, Pierre
Marois, France
Marquis, Claude
Marsolais, Benoit
Marsolais, Serge
Martineau, Amelia
Martel, Andre
Martel, Karine
Martel, Francoise
Martin, Line
Martin, Pierre
Martin, Yanik
Masse, Vincent
Massicotte, André
Masson, Jean-Patrick
Mathier, Louis
Mathieu, Andre
Mathieu, Ginette
Matthon, Natalie
Mayer, Annie
Mayrand, Florian
McCann, Jean-Francois
Mcclure, Ross
Mcdougall, Sandy
Mcgee, Jean
Mcgee, Terence
Mcewen, Don
Mclennan, Juliette
McLennan, Robert
Mcnabb, Heather
Mcnulty, Louise
Melanson, Jean-Pierre
Meloche, Guillaume
Mercier, Louise
Mercier, Yves
Meroz, Sebastien
Michaud, Martin
Miller, Arnold
Miller, Evelyn
Miller, Joel
Millette-Malo, Gisele
Milot, Jacques
Mitrow, Carolyn
Mitschuinig, Patrick
Moisan, Daniel
Moisan, Elaine
Montpetit, Maurice
Montreuil, Louise
Moore, James
Moras, Helene
Morency, Catherine
Morency, Francois
Morin, Gilles
Morin, Guy
Morin, Jean
Morin, Stephane
Morissette, Daniel
Morissette, Jocelyne
Morneau, Conrad
Moss, Frank
Mossa, Vito
Murray, Annie
Murray, Pierre
Nadeau, Denis
Nadeau, Martin
Nebelung, Helen
Nelson, Jennie
Neu, Oliver
Newberry, Roch
Niquette, Gilles
Normandin, Guy
Normandin, Jean-luc
Nourry, Claude
Ostiguy, Vincent
Ouellet, Jean-Guy
Ouellet, Martin
Ouellet, Mathieu
Ouellette, Renee
Ouimet, Martin
Owen, Dave
Page, Caroline
Page, Christian
Page, Patrick
Pagé, Simon
Pageau, Carl
Paille, Francois
Paille, Julie
Painchaud, Francois
Palardy, Francesca
Papale, Antimo
Paquet, Bernard
Paquette, Claude
Paquette, Daniel
Paquette, Felix
Paquette, Michel
Paquin, Jean
Paquin, Luc
Pare, Ghyslain
Pare, Raynald
Parisien, André
Parvu, Allan
Patenaude, Joanne
Patry, Lucien
Payer, Yves
Payment, Daniel

Pearson, Andre
Pelland, Marie-Geneviève
Pelletier, Bernard
Pelletier, Jean-Marc
Pelletier, Leonard
Pelletier, Sylvain
Pelrine, Tammy
Pepin, Claudette
Pepin, Francois
Perreault, Alain
Perreault, J.M.
Perrier, Lise
Perrier, Michel
Perron, Andre
Perron, Pierre
Peternell, Robert
Petitclerc, Marc
Petitclerc, Rejean
Phaneuf, Michel
Philbin, Donald
Picard, Dany
Picard, Guillaume
Piche, Jacques
Pigeon, Frederick
Pigeon, Jocelyn
Pinault, Sylvie
Piotte, Diane
Pipon, Stephane
Place, Warren
Plamondon, Sarah
Plante, Caroline
Plante, Gilles
Plante, Suzanne
Plouffe, Pierre
Plourde, Chantal
Plourde, Jean-Philippe
Podorieszach, Mario
Poirier, Marie-Josee
Poirier, Michel
Poirier, Michel M.
Poirier, Real
Poissant, Stéphanie
Poitras, Laval
Poitras, Rene
Pollock, Douglas
Pomerleau, Francois
Port, Philip
Potvin, Alain
Potvin, Frederic
Poulin, Miguel
Poulin, Pascal
Pouliot, Guy
Pouliot, Sven
Pouliotte, Francois
Poupart, Gilles
Pozzulo, Gina
Pratte, Claude
Prefontaine, Eric
Prefontaine, Pierre
Prevost, Ian
Prevost, Pierre
Prevost, Ronald
Primeau, Denis
Prophet, Geoff
Prophet, Kathy
Proulx, Denis
Proulx, Stephanie
Prud'homme, Benoit
Prud'Homme, Sylvain
Pruneau, Francois
Prunier, Linda
Puttee, Don
Quesnel, Jean-Pierre
Quessy, Brad
Quessy, Glenn
Racine, Noel
Ranger, Diane
Raymond, Stephane
Reeves, Helene
Reeves, Kirk
Remillard, Dominic
Renaud, Vincent
Renauld, Dan
Rex, Michel
Rheaume, Robert
Ricard, Claude
Ricard, Francois
Rice, Louise
Rich, Nancy
Richard, Dominique
Richard, Renald
Ringuette, Rheaume
Rioux, Corine
Rioux, Sebastien
Rioux, Stephane
Rivest, Jonatan
Roberge, Jean
Roberge, Luc
Robichaud, Natalie
Robitaille, Martin
Robitaille, Pierre
Robitaille, René
Roch, Marie-France
Rochefort, Isabelle
Rochon, Josee
Rochon, Michel
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Twink
Rolland, Marc
Romer, Ted
Rose, Gregory
Rosenblum, Frank
Rousseau, Andre
Rousseau, Danielle
Rousseau, Gilles
Rousseau, Manon
Rousseau, Philip
Roussel, Daniel
Roussel, Francois
Routhier, Claire
Roux, Jacques
Roy, Gaetan
Roy, Gordon
Roy, Jean
Roy, Melanie
Roy, Yves
Royal, Alain
Rubin, Don
Rudolph, Danush
Ruel, Marc
Ruel, Pierre
Ryan, Tom
Saillant, Yvon
Salvail, Guy
Samson, Melanie
Samson, Raynald
Santello, Patrick
Sauvageau, Julie
Sauve, Mary
Savard-Scott, Frederic
Savaria, Jean-Francois
Schofield, Bruce
Schule, Ute
Scofield, Frank
Scott, Alistair
See, Larry
Seguin, Brigitte
Seguin, Jean-Francois
Senecal, Jean
Senecal, Louise
Sephton, Jean-pierre
Sergent, Leon
Servay, Eric
Sevigny, Jocelyn
Shuter, Margaret
Siarov, Sava
Silas, Robert
Simard, Herve
Simard, Sylvie
Simoneau, Claude
Sliman, Alex
Smith, Alex
Smith, Gilbert
Smith-Doiron, Jean-Pierre 
Sohier, Genevieve
Soubiran, Eric 
Soucy, Gaston
Spain, Jean
Sperberg, Richard
St Laurent, Louiselle
St-Arnaud, Simon
St-Arnauld, Pierre
St-Georges, Isabelle
St-Jacques, Dominique
St-Jacques, Marie-Michelle
St-Laurent, Michel
St-Marseille, Richard
St-Pierre, Nicole
Ste-Marie, Stephen
Sternthal, Benjamin
Stein, Joan
Striganuk, Serge
Synnott, Charles
Taillon, Christian
Tardif, Berthier
Taschereau, Richard
Tellier, Jacques
Temple, Daniel
Tessier, Leon
Tetrault, Nicole
Tetreault, Gilles
Theriault, Paul
Theriault, Philippe
Theroux, Gilles
Therrien, Robert
Thibault, Norman
Thibault, Sylvie
Thivierge, Andre
Thouin, Larry
Tommy, Andrew
Tranchemontagne, Sophie
Tremblay, Camille
Tremblay, Caroline
Tremblay, Jacques
Tremblay, Marc
Tremblay, Pierre-Charles
Tremblay, Sylvain
Trottier, Roger
Trudeau, Alexandre
Truscott, Kimberley
Turcotte, Bruno
Turcotte, Mariette
Turcotte, Michel
Turgeon, Claude
Turgeon, Nicole
Turnbull, Pamela
Turner, Daniel
Turpin, Doris
Uplaznik, John
Vachon, Jean-Francois
Vaillancourt, Andre
Vaillancourt, Francine
Vaillancourt, Gaetan
Vaillancourt, Michel
Vaillancourt, Sylvain
Vallee, Simon
Vanasse, Mireille
Vaupshas, Rosemary
Vegiard, Roger
Veilleux, Yvan-Denis
Verreault, Daniel
Verreault, Lise
Verreault, Sunny
Vezina, Denis
Vezina, Marc
Vezina, Nadine
Viau, Jean-Pierre
Viel, Carole
Vignola, Yvan
Villeneuve, Marc
Villeneuve, Martin
Vourthis, Johannis
Ward, Douglas
Watanabe, Frank
Wathier, Jean-luc
Waterman, Anik
Whitehead, John
Wolf, Barbara
Wolfe, Jean-Francois
Wood, Donald
Wooden, Jason 
Woodburn, Andrea
Wurzinger, Rudolf
Yale, André
Yale, Raymond

25 Year Members - Ontario

Abbott, Douglas
Abe, Kevin
Acri, Frank
Acs, Frank
Acton, Diane
Acton, Gordon
Adler, Melissa
Affoo, Lester
Aidelbaum, Abe
Ajersch, Mary
Albert, Gary
Albert, Sharon
Alexander, Wayne
Alison, Gary
Allen, Graham
Allen, Michael
Alley, Edward
Allin, Heather
Allin, Lucan
Ameli, Peter
Amey, Douglas
Anderson, Jim
Anderson, James H.
Anderson, Janice
Anderson, Paul
Anderson, John
Anderson, Geraldine
Anderson, Earl
Andras, Robert
Andrews, Peter
Andrews, Alexandra
Ann-Davidson Ouellette, Carolyn
Archibald, Wendy
Argue, Nona
Armstrong, Brent
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Linaire
Armstrong, Paul
Armstrong, William
Arnon, Ilan
Aschauer, Ernst
Asselin, Rene
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Sandra
Audsley, Lorraine
Avery, Julia
Bailey, Marc
Baillod, Wayne
Bain, Greig
Baker, Philip
Baker, Bruce
Baker, Wells
Baker-Bigauskas, Karen
Balazsovits, Andre
Ball, John
Ball, Josh
Ballman, Reginald
Bambrick, Tiffany
Banfield, Shawn
Banks, Douglas
Banning, David
Barcellos, Michael
Barker, Roger
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Richard
Barrass, Keith
Bartos, Anton
Basciano, Leonard
Bassin, Peter
Bassin, Peter
Bate Boerop, Lorraine
Bates, Bill
Bates, Carol
Baubock, Cindy
Beard, Allan
Beattie, William
Beckmann, Karl
Becks, Bill
Behan, Cheryl
Belanger, Catherine
Belanger, Richard
Beldham, John
Belec, Michael
Bell, Barbara Ann
Bell, Dave
Bell, Lynn
Bell, Susan
Bendel, Sheldon
Bender, Paul
Bentley, David
Bergeron, Stephanie
Berkovitz, Steven
Berrang, Rudy
Berry, Alex
Bertram, Daniel
Bertsch, Rudy
Besasparis, Dalia
Bettinger, Paul
Bielaskie, Ray 
Bieman, Paul
Bilkey, Paul
Birchall, Margaret
Bjarnason, Peter
Blair, Eileen
Blair, Gordon
Blake-Knox, Rodney
Blodgett, Ken
Bloksma, Eric
Board, Stefan
Boguslawski, Michael
Book, Bill
Booth, John
Borack, Judith
Borzecki, Chris
Bouffard, Clermont
Boulerice, Donat
Bowditch, Scott
Bowhey, Rick
Bowles, Richard
Boyce, Walter
Boyd, Peter
Boyle, Grant
Boyles, Richard
Bradfield, Rod
Bradley, Doug
Bradley, Matthew
Brady, Sean
Branch, Bruce
Brandt, Vern
Bricel, Tania
Bridcut, Steve
Bridge, Shari
Brillinger, Anne
Brillinger, Garth
Brisley, Peter
Brouillard, Eric
Brown, Tyler
Brown Gyles, Jane
Browne, Aubrey
Brownlee, Gerry
Bruneau, Gaston
Buchanan, William
Buchbinder, Estelle
Buckley, Thomas
Buckrell, Lorne
Budlovsky, David
Buligan, Serge
Bull, Eric
Bullard, William
Bulmer, Kevin
Burch, Peter
Burman, Bart
Burrows, Peter
Burrows, Robert
Burt, Diane
Burt-Gerrans, David
Byam, Doug
Byers, Pamela
Byl, Nico
Byles, John
Byles, Karen
Byrne, Terry
Cadieux, Patrick
Cadieux, Susan
Cahill, James
Cahill, Valerie
Caicco, Barbara
Campbell, Bruce
Campbell, David
Campbell, Don
Callahan, Andrea
Callahan, Chris
Cantin, Elizabeth
Carney, Ryan
Caron, Richard
Carpenter, Jason
Carruthers, Sandy
Casey, Marie-Eileen
Casey, Michael
Cater, Paul
Caton, Margaret
Chabot, Kevin
Chabot, Lianna
Chapman, Susan
Chapman-Agro, Karen
Charing, Jean-Marc
Chartrand, Don
Checkley, Kevin
Choffe, Rhonda
Chomyn, Jeffrey
Chong, Richard
Chorostecki, Edward
Chow, David
Christie, Stephen
Christie, Michael
Christie, Jennifer
Cimon, Robert
Claassen, Neal
Clark, Tim
Clark, W.t.
Clark, Steven
Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Rick
Clarkson, Max
Clement, Clairette
Clifford, John
Cobean, Tom
Cockram, Robert E.
Cockram, Robert R.
Cocks, J.h.m.
Cocks, Jim
Coffeng, Christine
Cohen, Shauna
Colgrove, Barry
Colling, Gary
Collins, Marion
Comtois, Carole
Connell-Casey, Caroline
Conroy, Doug
Cook, Florence
Cook, Rick
Cooke, Allan
Coome, Vincent
Cooper, Alan
Corber, Beryl
Cordery, Len
Corkill, Chris
Cormick, Tim
Cornell, Dan
Cornell, David
Corrigan, Gareth
Corry, Alex
Corry, Terrance
Costanza, Ezio 
Coudert, Chris
Coughlin, David
Coughlin, Lynn
Coulter, Kim
Coultis, John
Courtemanche, Jeff
Coutanche, Jennie
Cox, Ronald
Coxon, Bill
Cradduck, Tim
Crawford, Derek
Cressy, Susan
Crichton, J.
Cronyn, Nancy
Cross Dagg, Lucille
Crouch, John
Cuccaro, Matthew
Cuddy, Helga
Curlew, Thomas
Curtis, Wendy
Curwen, Derek
Curwen, Jason
Dagenais, Pat
Dagg, Nicholas
Dal Bello, Rick
Damm, Viggo
Daniel, Paul
Dare, Graham
Daren, Carolyn
Davidson, Carl
Davidson, Colin
Davies, Richard
Davison, John
Dawson, Joel
Dean, Derek
Dean, Jane
Deckelmann, Gerd
Deike, Shelagh
Del Bosco, Terry
Delaney, Shaun
Delaney, Kerry
Denard, Robert
Dent, John
Deplaedt, Catherine
Derbyshire, Dave
Dermott, Walter
Derochie, Chris
Desbarats, Georges
Desjardins, Marcel
Devooght, Charles
Devries, Peter
Dewar, Robert
Dewhirst, Betty
Diedenhofen, Brian
Diernegger, Peter
Dimic, Ivan
Disera, Pamela
Dixon, David
Dobrew, Walter
Dobrucki, Len
Dobson, Don
Dodds, Ingeborg
Doering, Ed
Dohle, Manfred
Dohring, Patricia
Donaldson, Ian
Donato, Brian
Douglas, Robert
Douglas-Hecker, Michael
Dow, Gilbert
Doyle, Jack
Doyle, Patrick
Drukarsh, Brian
Dubois, Terry
Dubowezky, Leonard
Dubowski, Jan
Dubrule, Gerry
Ducommun, Claire
Dugale, Graeme
Duke, Lisette
Duncan, George
Dunlop, William
Dupuis, Edward
Durante, Marna
Durda, Paul
Eades, Christine
Eades, Glorya
Earle, Davis
Earle, Mark
Earthy, David
Eastmure, John

Eaton-Lanskail, Georgina
Eddy, Bruce
Ederer, Walter
Edwards, Sarah
Eggleton, Brian
Eichenberg, Paul
Elliot, Christine
Elliott, Bruce
Elliott, Catherine
Elliott, Eleanor
Elliott, Min
Elliott, Traci
Ellyatt, Jane
Elsdon, Andrew
Enns, John
Evans, Lesley
Evans, Mark
Evans, Ralph
Evans, Terry
Everts, Jim
Fabricius, Peter
Faga, Hercules
Fairbairn, Charlton
Feder, Michael
Feltmate, Blaine
Feltmate, Darcie
Ferguson, Brian
Ferguson, Douglas
Fern-Macdougall, Susan
Fisher, Jayne
Fiske, Lucinda
Flanagan, John
Fleischer, Tim
Fletcher, Steven
Flood, Patricia
Floyd, Robert
Flynn, Sharon
Fogarty, Justin
Fong, Edward
Forcier, Michael
Ford, David
Ford, Wayne
Foreman, John
Forest, Frank
Forth, Gary
Fournier, Barry
Fowlie, Naomi
Fox, Donald
Fraser, Brent
Fraser, Donna
Fraser, Ian
Frawley Braun, Kimberley
Frawley, Paul
Fricot, Yves
Frid, Douglas
Fujino, Paul
Fuller, Sean
Fulton, Gordon
Fusee, Nicole
Fydell, Joan
Gagnon, André
Gagnon, Hervé
Galley, Arthur
Gardner, Sandy
Garriock, Jeff
Garriock, Suzanne
Gaumond, Anik
Gear, Jim
Genz, Wolfgang
George, Mark
German, Mark
Gibson, W.
Gilbert, Abb
Gilfillan, Fiona
Gill, Randall
Gillies, Thomas
Glaysher, Shirley
Glowacki, Jozef
Godin, Jean
Goit, Paul
Golba, Brian
Gooch, Rhoda
Goodman, Michael
Gordon, Pam
Gorman, Brian
Gorsky, Ian
Gosselin, Kevin
Gosselin, Peter
Gougeon, Thornton
Gowland, Glen
Graham, Dave
Graham, Scott
Graham, Shawn
Grant, Jason
Grants, Roland
Grassl, John-Hans
Green, Donna
Green, Jeffrey
Green, Larry
Greenberg, Sue
Greenwood, Fred
Greer, Robert
Gregoire, Kevin
Greig, Ian
Grieve, Jason
Grieve, Richard
Griffiths, Bill
Griffin, Shawn
Gripper, Robert
Grondin, Normand
Gruber, Hans
Guchardi, Susan
Gummow, James
Gunton, Jessika
Guselle, Patricia
Hagar, Nathalene
Hagar, Steven
Haiduk, Joan
Hall, Steven
Halpin, Ross
Hamden, Dan
Hamel, Julie
Hampson, Brenda
Hampson, Brian
Hampton, Wade
Hannah, Gregory
Hansman, David
Hanson, Barbara
Harangozo, Steve
Harasiewicz, Katarzyna
Hardtke, Michael
Harlow, George
Harper, Ken
Harper, Rick
Harrington, Kip
Harrington, Steven
Harris, Jim
Harris, Michael
Harrison, Catherine
Harrison, Michael
Harrison, Michael
Harrott, Stephen
Hart, Steve
Hartin, Shayne
Hase, Roland
Haslett, Robert
Hauer, Fred
Hayball, Gary
Hayward, Geoffrey
Healey, Art
Healey, Dorothy
Heatherington, Kevin
Heeney, Carey
Hefler, William
Hemmerling, Ray
Henderson, Christine
Henderson, David
Henderson, Iris
Henderson, Lloyd
Henderson, Paul
Hendry, Gary
Henkenhaf, Greg
Henkenhaf, Jesse
Henning, Patricia
Herman, James
Heslop, Blair
Hibbard, Peter
Hibbard, William
Hiegelsberger, Rudolf
Hill, John
Hill, Wendy
Hilton, Gregory
Hilton, Read
Hilton-Wigg, Andrew
Hindle, Terry
Hindmarch, Mark
Hinnerichsen, Inga
Hirsig, Sonja
Hobson, Robert
Hoch, Susan
Hodder, Mary
Hodgins, Rooney
Hodgins, William
Hodgkinson, Rick
Hoff, Herbert
Hoffman, Bud
Hogarth, Anne
Hogarth, Douglas
Hogarth, Wendy
Hoke, Steven
Holah, Julie
Holba, Andrew
Holba, Jeff
Holland, Kathryn
Hollingsworth, Jan
Hollingworth, Joy
Holmes, Frederick
Holmes, Michael
Holmes, Susan
Holt, Peter
Hood, Mark
Horning, Donald
Horwitz, Hartley
Houde, Denyse
Houde, Kerri-Lynn
Houde, Michael
Hough, Gordon
Houghtling, Phil
Howard, Wayne
Hrabets, Larry
Huggins, James
Hughes, Martin
Hull, Morgan
Hunkin, Dennis
Hunkin, Maureen
Hunter, Chris
Hunter, Dan
Hunter, Douglas
Hunter, John
Hutchison, Patrick
Hutny, Chris
Hutny, Wes
Hutter, Bruno
Hyland, Glenn
Hyndman, Brent
Hynes, T.e.d.
Hynes, Thomas
Ignacio, Cynthia
Inch, Weldon
Innes, James
Iutzi, Karen
Iutzi, Terence
Jakym, Alex
Janovich, Jeff
Jeffery, Stephen
Jeffrey, Brent
Jekielek, Jan
Jennings, Heather
Joanisse, Christian
Joe, Paul
John, Patricia
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Christian
Johnson, Gerald
Johnson, Kristopher
Johnson, Sarah
Johnston, Greg
Johnston, Nancy
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, Ross
Johnston, Shelley
Jones, Carolyn
Jones, Gerry
Jones, Jeff
Jones, Judy
Jones, Karen
Jones, Lloyd
Jones, Trevor
Jones Running, Lindsey
Jowett, Nicola
Juneau, Daniel
Jung, Jack
Kaesermann, Arthur
Kapteyn, David
Karaim, Terry
Katocs, Bill
Kazaks, Gunars
Kazaks, Olavs
Keery, Jennifer
Keith, Norman
Kellar, Daryl
Kellum, Carl
Kelly, James
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Steve
Keltz, Michael
Kemp, Freda
Kent, Pentti
Kerschbaumer, Robert
Kessler, Su
Ketchin, Robert
Keyzer, Adrienne
Kieswetter, Natasha
Kilgour, Ashley
Kinderman, Donald
King, Bonnie
King, Gerry
King, Patri
Kirchhoff-Romer, Elizabeth
Kissick, James
Kitchen, Ken
Klakurka, Jan
Klump, Leo
Knaggs, Chris
Knechtel, David
Kness, Lisa
Knowles, David
Knowles, Lori
Knowles, Robert
Knowles, Stanley
Knox, Alberto
Knox, Wayne
Koller, Claudia
Konoby, Don
Kosche, Michael
Kozbial, Andrzej
Kreiner, Thomas
Kristy, Karen
Kristy, Michael
Kroker, Erich
Kubasiewicz, Magda
Kubeck, Kimberley
Kuhnke, Mary
Kulakowsky, Kurt
Kulakowsky, Tom
Kular, Joanne
Kular, Rick
Kumpula, John
Kupka, Peter
Kuyvenhoven, James
Kwasniak, Nicholas
Kylau, Sascha
Lacasse, Vicki
Lacroix, Richard
Laframboise, Leonard

Laichmann, Kurt
Lajoie, Rob
Laliberté, Alain
Lalone, Benoit
Lambier, Andre
Lanc, Veljko
Lane, Barton
Langer, Linda
Langmaid, Christopher
Lanskail, James
Laplante, Pat
Lapointe, Paul
Larocque, Annie
Lashley, Brad
Later, Larry
Latimer, Nancy
Latreille, Rene
Lave, Ian
Lavigne, Joseph
Lavigne, Mark
Lavoie, John
Lawes, Ronald
Lawrie, Michael
Leake, Howard
Learmonth, Hailey
Lebel, Chantal
Lecomte, Sandra
Lee, Edward
Lee, Glenn
Lee, Gon
Lee, Jack
Lee, Jeffrey
Lee, Linda Ann
Lee, Martha
Leeming, Andrew
Lefresne, Don
Lehtinen, Bruce
Lemaire, Adele
Leonard, Ray
Leonard, Stephen
Lessard, Michel
Lester, Charlene
Letonja, Karl
Letton, Shawn
Levitin, Howard
Levy, Brian
Levy, Nancy
Lewis, Chris
Lewis, Janet
Lewon, Ernst
Liddy, John
Lidstone, Bob
Lidstone, Brooke
Lillico, Donald
Lillie, Lory
Lithgow, Bill
Liu, Godwin
Lo, Joseph
Lochran, Martin
Logan, Kim
Londos, Tobyn
Long, Brammer
Long, Janice
Long, Michel
Lord, Rita
Love, Barry
Lovell, Andrew
Lowe, Adam
Lowe, Chuck
Lozon, Alan
Lubinski, Owen
Luck, Betty
Lukala, Derek
Lutzeier, Andrea
Lutzeier, Renee
Lutzeier, Sylvia
Lye, William
Mabson, Patricia
Macdermott, Lyndsay
Macdougall, John
Macewen, Peter
Macisaac, Keith
Mackenzie, Darlene
Mackenzie, Wayne
Mackinnon, Ben
Macpherson, Julie
Mainguy, Paul
Majdell, Robert
Malcolm, Craig
Malloy, Frank
Maltby, James
Mann, Mary-Jane
Manning, Jason
Manoni, Pierre
Mansell, Diane
Manuel, Gord
March, Bruce
Markus, Jeffrey
Marlatt, Ken
Marshall, Dave
Martell, Christine
Mathies, Tom
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Lori
Martin, Paul
Martin, Robert
Mason, Jodi
Mathieu, Jean
Matthews, Darren
Matthews, Gregory
Mauer, Susan
Maxwell, Suzanne
Mayer, Cindy
Mayer, Robert
Mccabe, Kathleen
Mccannell, James
Mccaughey, William
Mccleery, Alan
Mccolgan, Ian
Mcconkey, Thomas
Mccoy, James
Mcdorman, Edward
Mcdowell, Jeff 
Mcelligott, Scott
Mcentee, Theri
Mcfadden, Patrick
Mcfadden, Tom
Mcgann, Michele
Mcgee, David
McIntyre, Wendy
Mckay, Tod
Mckechnie, Gabriele
Mckinnie, Paul
Mclaren, Douglas
Mcleese, Robert
Mcleod, Marlene
Mcleod, Taffy
Mcmahon, Larry
Mcmahon, Michael
Mcmillan, Earl
Mcmillan, Karen
Mcmillan, Robert
Mcmillan, Sharon
Mcmillan, Sharon A.
Mcrae, David
Mcrae, John
Mcvicar, Bud
Mcvicar, Catherine
Meadows, Allan
Meadows, Roger
Meakin, Colin
Mednick, Jason
Meikle, Kenneth
Melnyk, David
Melnyk, David
Meredith, Bruce
Merwin, Jane
Merwin, Lynne
Messervey, Robert
Metcalfe, Linc
Michalski, Jas
Mielzynski, Heather
Mierins, Victoria
Mihaita, Rodica
Miller, Christie
Miller, James
Miller, Peter
Miller, Stephen
Milley, Andrew
Milley, Roy
Mills, Stephen
Mirault, Pierre
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John
Mitrowski, Andrew
Moffat, Bruce
Moggach, Paul
Mohr, Rebecca
Molinari, Frank
Molloy, Michael
Momy, Steven
Monette, Jason
Monette, Nadine
Monette, Paulina
Monette, Ron
Mooder, Douglas
Mooney, Todd
Moore, Tom
Moos, Jason
Morden, Brad
Morgan, Leslie
Morphy, David
Morralee, David
Morris, Erik
Morris, Erling
Morris, Inger
Morrison, Bruce
Morrison, Hugh
Morrison, Ian
Morrison, Ross
Motyczynska, Agata
Mouck, Donna
Mount, Sonya
Muckleston, Robert
Muir, P.
Muller, David
Mulligan, John
Munns, Catherine
Munns, Evangeline
Munns, Thomas
Murray, Douglas
Murray, Ron
Muzzell, Charles
Nagy, Kathleen
Nagy, Zoltan
Nattress, John
Naumovski, Darko
Nella, Antony
Nella, Peter
Neumann, Peter
Neumann, Wolfgang
Newhouse, Jeff
Newmarch, Stan
Newson, David
Newton, Robert
Ney, Michael
Ng, Wai
Nicholls, Larry
Nichols, Joanne
Nicholson, Elizabeth
Niro, Luigi
Nischan, Hans
Nixon, George
Nolf, Brenda
Norman, Angus
Norris, James
Nott, Keith
Nurisso, Robert
O'Brien, David
O'Halloran, Patrick
Oattes, Betty
Ohalloran, Kieran
Okimura, Elaine
Ongman, Brent
Onken, Kirk
Orr, Brian
Osborn, Allan
Ossowski, Monika
Ouellette, Keith
Pady, Audrey
Page, Robert
Pagett, Catherine
Pairaudeau, Genevieve
Pakstas, Vilius
Palmer, Mark
Paolasini, Toni
Parenteau, Patrick
Park, Kim
Parkinson, Graeme
Parks, Thomas
Parrott, Brian
Parsons, William
Partington, Ginette
Paterson, Thain
Patten, Richard
Patterson, Douglas
Patterson, J.J.
Patterson, John
Patterson, Margaret
Pavlov, Christopher
Payne, William
Peacock, Charles
Pearl, Michael
Pearson, Patrick
Peck, Lachlan
Pecore, Trisha
Peever, Grant
Peever, Jim
Peever, John
Pengelly, Mary
Perry, Bill
Peters, Henrica
Peterson, Greg
Petrykowski, Christopher
Pettit, Chris
Pettit, Colin
Pettit, Geoffrey
Pettit, Paul
Petts, Thomas
Phan, Bac
Phillips, Alison
Piche, Karl-Etienne
Pietras, Bonnie
Pilon, Francois
Pinard, Alain
Pingitore, joe
Pirie, Derrick
Podorieszach, Nancy
Pollock, Andy
Poodry, Edd
Porter, Clive
Poulsen, Erik
Poulson, Barry
Powell, Keith
Powell, Kenneth
Pownall, Brent
Preston, Cathy
Pridday, Bayliss
Pridday, Robert
Pristl, Andrea
Pritchard, Douglas
Pritchard, Scott
Pybus, Richard
Pye, Scott
Rankine, Larry
Ratcliff, Joan
Ray, Timothy
Redden, Paula
Redman, John
Reeves, Bill
Reid, Bruce
Reid, David
Reid, Jacques
Reid, Ken

Reid, Stephen
Reid, Yvonne
Remme, Ola
Renaud, Connie
Repas, Drago
Rex, Donna
Ricci, Joe
Rich, Greg
Richard, Dana
Richards, Dean
Richardson, James
Richardson, Sheila
Rickenbacker, Rene
Riddick, Dina
Riehl, Anna
Ring, Rory
Riopelle, Mary
Ritchie, R.
Ritchie, Scott
Robarts, Dick
Robb, Scott
Robbins, Paul
Robelek, Les
Roberge, Francois
Roberts, Jennifer
Roberts, Sandee
Robertson, Bill
Robichaud, Jacque
Robinson, Dave
Robinson, Jeff
Robinson, Larry
Robinson, Marc
Robinson, Mike
Robinson, Stuart
Robinson, Tom
Rockburne, Jeffrey
Rodenkirchen, Klaus
Rodger, Michael
Roe, Gregory
Roe, Laird
Roe, Neil
Roehrig, Herbert
Rog, Martin
Rogan, John
Rogers, Cindy-Lee
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, William
Rolston, George
Romanick, Lenka
Romano, Serafino
Rosenfeld, Elisabeth
Rosenfeld, William
Rosenthal, Howard
Rosewarne, Harry
Rosborough, Ryan
Ross, Keith
Rowland, F.
Rowland, James
Rudd, Dean
Ruban, Karl
Rumball, W.
Russell, Catherine
Russell, Tom
Rusynyk, Jonathan
Rutherford, Kathryn
Rutitis, Raymond
Ryckman, Brad
Rylott, William
Sainthill, Herb
Salhany, Chris
Saliba, Joe
Sampson, Jerry
Sampson, Sherry
Sands, John-Paul
Santilli, Tony
Sarsfield, Brian
Sauer, Phillip
Saunders, Jeffrey
Savijarvi, Liisa
Savino, Gerry
Schartinger, Edward
Scheel, Scott
Scherer, Grant
Schindler, Christel
Schmidt, Bevin
Schmitt, Gerhard
Schneider, Richard
Schoales, Tracy
Schramm, David
Schramm, Ronald
Schroeder, Eric
Scott, Colin
Scott, Christopher
Scott, James
Seaman, Olive
Seaman, William
Sears, Barry
Seguin, Claude
Seguin, Jean-Philippe
Seiden, Edgar
Selby, Michael
Sell, Dirk
Senk, Tomaz
Seymour, Gary
Sharpe, Clive
Shaw, Adam
Shaw, Trevor
Shea, Andrew
Sherbourne, Nick
Sherman, Ernest
Sherman, Jeff
Short, Norman
Siderson-Gorski, Heather
Sikes, Richard
Sillito, Albert
Simchak, Ronald
Sims, Susan
Sinclair, Jeff
Sion, Nick
Sittler, Pamela
Skoropad, Sasha
Slaughter, Griffith
Slisarenko, Victor
Smerchynsky, George 
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Fraser
Smith, Gregory
Smith, Ian
Smith, Jamie
Smith, Keith
Smith, Kimberley
Smith, Krista
Smith, Pamela
Smith, Peter
Smits, Anthony
Sneyd, Kevin
Sneyd, Michael
Snow, Susan
Somborac, Judith
Somerville, Robyn
Sommerville, Sonya
Spencer, Jamie
Spiers, Bill
Spiers, Joe
Spratt, Jeff
Spracj, Franjo
Stadnyk, Doreen
Statham, James
St-Aubin, Roch
St-Germain, Leo
St-Germain, Sacha
St-Laurent, Bernard
Steen, Christine
Steen, Robert
Stefanski, John
Steinebach, Roy
Stephen, Cameron
Stetic, Nenad
Stevenson, Wendy
Stewart, Neil
Stinka, Herbert
Stockton, Ronald
Stone, Andrew
Storey, David
Storey, Michael
Stovel, Craig
Stripinis, Linas
Sudnikowicz, Sophia
Sullivan, Frank
Sullivan, Mary
Suutari, Lisa
Suyama, Glen
Swain, Kenneth
Sweatman, Donald
Swift, Don
Sywanyk, Linda
Szentes, Cynthia
Tal, Andre
Tambre, Madis
Tarr, Randy
Tarrant, Kathryn
Tasker, Alison
Taylor, Brad
Taylor, Paul
Teaffe, Michael
Tebbit, David
Theriault, Vanessa
Therriault, Patricia
Therriault, Tim
Thom, Linda
Thompson, Jeffrey
Thompson, Rick
Thorpe. Miriam
Thrasher, Paul
Thyer, Kevin
Tighe, Bob
Tischuk, Jon
Todd, Stephanie
Todorov, Dimitre
Tomarin, Larry
Toth, Gabor
Towers, David
Tsotsos, Jean-Paul
Trach, George
Traub, Walter
Trieloff, Barbara
Trist, Cheryl
Trusler, Connie
Tucker, Earl
Tucker, Erica
Turcotte, Clarence
Turnbull, Douglas
Turney, David
Turpin, Nicole
Twible, Cameron
Twelvetrees, Lois
Ungerman, Howard
Urbanowicz, Jacek
Valade, Jean-Louis
Valickis, Tod
Van Der Vechte, Joe
Van Twuiver, Jan
Varga, Vince
Vasilkovs, Mario
Veale, Tony
Veitch, James
Vendramini, Ann
Vendrig, Janet
Vendrig, Richard
Venier, Roberto
Ventura, Ken
Verhegghe, Larry
Verscay, Winnie
Viets, John
Visutski, Pam
Vivian, Lisa
Vogel, Ken
Vogel, Robert
Wadeson, Elizabeth
Wagg, Terry
Waldman, Jordan
Wallace, Jim
Wallace, Robert
Wallingford, Elyse
Wannamaker, Brian
Warcop, Shane
Ward, Bryan
Ward, Cameron
Ward, Douglas
Ward, Kevin
Ward-Price, Wendy
Warll, Lisa
Warll, Rick
Warll-Pennie, Lara
Warman, John
Warren, Jennifer
Warren, Leslie
Warren, Neil
Watson, Allan
Watson, Christine
Watts, Thelma
Waxman, Stephen
Weames, Greg
Weatherhead, Judy
Webb, David
Webb, Wendy
Weekes, Craig
Weeks, Greg
Weeks, Lucienne
Weeks, Peter
Weiss, Fred
Welsh, Mary
Wharton, Lawrie
Wheeldon, Keith
Whiston, Keith
White, Bruce
White, Denise
Whitton, Abby 
Wickenden, Jennifer
Wickens, Leo
Wieland, Hans
Wigg, Stuart
Wilcox, Adam
Wilcox, Peter
Wiley, Amy
Williams, Richard
Williamson, Todd
Wills, John
Wilson, Arthur
Wilson, Carol
Wilson, Franklyn
Wilson, Geraldine
Wilson, Julie
Windsor, Terry
Winkels, Judy
Winter, Don
Wiszniewska, Diana
Wiwchar, Chris
Won, Ray
Won, Warren
Wong, Jean
Wood, Paul
Woodhouse, Paul
Woods, John
Woschitz, Joseph
Wotherspoon, Douglas
Wright, Elaine
Yankovich, Kathy
Yaremchuk, George
Yeigh, Bill
Youmans, Meredith
Young, Jason
Young, Mark
Young, Stephen
Zabek, Jakub
Zacher, Kaspar
Zahnt, Frank
Zaidi, Carlos
Zajkowski, Tom
Zucker, Leonard
Zucker, Steve
Zwarts, Sam

25 Year Members - Central

Allen, Douglas
Asselin, Juidre
Asselin, Richard
Babcock, Cindy
Barker, Scott
Beckmann, Marsha
Beckton, John
Bednarczyk, George
Bergstrom, Dwight
Brown, Ken
Brownlie, Wendy
Busch, Bob
Cochrane, Cory
Cochrane, Kirk
Conn, Tracey
Cousineau, Ben
Cuddy, Jonathan
De Nardi, Tom
Devloo, Jason
Dowling, Sheldon

Dynes, Robert
Fred, Scott
Freedman, Geralyn
Fritz, Randy
Gordon, John
Gormley, Siobhan
Gurney, Brian
Hamer, Jeanette
Hare, Ron
Harvey, Brent
Heidel, Alan
Huculak, Rachelle
Hughes, Brad
James, Darcy
Kiazyk, Orel
Kirk, Vern
Knudsen, Ron
Kwiatkowski, Greg
Lamontagne, Geoff
Lawrie, Robert

Liska, Karen
Liska, Tim
Mackay, Nancy
Mars, Jeffery
Mcfadden, Dale
Mcfarlane, Garry
Mcgillivray, Douglas
Mcilraith, Ewen
Mckay, Cathy
Meikle, Tony
Morneau, Michelle
Musgrave, William
Myska, Kent
Nicol, Lyle
Oquinn, Derek
Petit, Jean-Luc
Piccinin, Ken
Poulton, Gordon
Prince, John
Reed, Richard

Reid, Gordon
Render, Matthew
Romaniuk, Morley
Roy, Claude
Rumancik, Richard
Russell, Kelly
Shlapak, George
Smith, Jim
Smith, Robert
Soble, Kyle
Stutsky, Brenda
Tiltman, Doug
Tollefsen, Steven
Twietmeyer, Don
Viherjoki, Stephen
Waffler, Rolf
Wilcox, Barry
Wolfram, Ray
Wywrot, Gordon
Zagozewski, Brett

25 Year Members - Alberta

Adams, Daniel
Adams-Smith, Moyra
Agnew, Arthur
Alexander, Vanita
Allin, Robert
Andersen, Roy
Anderson, Patricia
Armitage, Jack
Armitage, Pat
Arney, Paul
Ayres, Dean
Babakhanian, Dany
Baird, Duane
Ball, Alexander
Ball, Vivienne
Barbu, Alexandra
Barnes, Bryan
Barnes, Mary
Barton, Donya
Beach, Martha
Beatson, Jamie
Beaudry, Alfred
Beaudry, Stacey
Bedier, Ray
Belanger, Rejean
Beliveau, Sophie
Bell, Harry
Bennett, Rick
Bentt, Brian
Bergman, Don
Bertin, Alvin
Bigsby, Ronald
Bird, Compton
Black, Fredrick
Black, Helen
Bloom, Fred
Booth, Geoff
Borgers, Armin
Borrow, Colin
Bossé, Guy
Boucher, Jeff
Bouius, Cornelius
Bradbury, John
Bradford, Mike
Breitkreutz, Dwayne
Brideau, Daniel
Brink, Ilselore
Bromley, Deborah
Brooks, Caleb
Brooks, Mark
Buelher, Ernst
Buffel, Kathleen
Bunbury, Melanie
Burnes, Paul
Bursey, Bryan
Busson, Debra
Butler, Robert
Byar, Robert
Cadenhead, Charles
Cameron, Sean
Campbell, Ainslie
Cardinal, Lesley
Carss, Matt
Cattoni, Garry
Cayouette, Yves
Charlebois, Mike
Chartrand, Michael
Clare, Bob
Clark, Doug
Clark, John
Collins, Irene
Collins, Shaun
Collison, Colleen
Collison, Jennifer
Conner, Justin
Connolly, Mike
Cook, Gary
Cornell, Doug
Corson, Rob
Cote, Robert
Couillard, Joseph
Courtney, Mike
Cull, Michael
Cunnius, Paul
Curle, Dennis
Darling, David
Dawson, Robert
De Bellefeuille, Michel
De Leeuw, Cheryl
De St Croix, Jim
Degeer, Dana
Demers, Yves
Denouden, Jill
Didriksen, J.E.
Dlouhy, Nancy
Dodds, Chris
Dreaver, Kenneth

Drouin, Yves
Drysdale, Ross
Dumont, Pierre
Dumoulin, Pierre-Luc
Dupre, Serge
Edgar, Stephen
Elekes, Steven
Eng, Grant
Engel, Morgan
Evans, Barry
Fels, Christopher
Fielding, Gord
Filliol, Marc
Findlay, Andrew
Findlay, Donald
Fischer, David
Forbes, Eileen
Fortin, Marc
Fortin, Patrice
Fraser, Cam
Fraser, Wayne
Frick, Dave
Fulton, Ian
Fynn, Sean
Galletly, Danielle
Gardner, Traci
Garvey, Randy
Geber, Robert
Geiger, Hugh
George, Martha
Gervais, Michael
Gilbert, David
Giroux, Bernard
Graham, Ian
Gregoire, Michel
Griffith, Martha
Grywalski, Betty
Grzymek, Andrew
Guilhon, Franz
Haggins, Sandra
Haiduk, Henry
Hallett, Dave
Hamilton, John
Harper, Doug
Hawkins, David
Hazelton, Christine
Hazen, Rob
Hearnden, Dave
Heatherington, Jack
Heggerud, Scott
Helland, Garth
Herdman, David
Herman, Doug
Herman, Shelley
Hewitt, Kevin
Hicks, Gord
Hillman, Charles
Hinchliffe, Mike
Horner, Liz
Hoshino, Tom
Howland, Doug
Hui, Jackee
Hulme, Francis
Hunt, Robert
Hunt, Robert
Hunter, Christy Lynn
Hutchison, Susan
Ing, Carol
Insole, Mike
Isoyama, Kazue
Jackson, Aileen
Jackson, Colin
Jenkins, Christa
Jobbitt, Warren
Jones, Chris
Jordan, Leanna
Kawakami, Ai
Kennedy Sadler, Wendy
Kennedy, Debbie
Kieffer, Catherine
Kilbourn, Douglas
Kilbourne, Judith
Knot, Rich
Knowles-Clipsham, Robin
Koper, Mike
Krupa, Bradley
Kumpula, John
Labonté, Jean-Jacques
Lacroix, Mireille
Laliberte, Denis
Lalonde, Herve
Landrie, Edward
Lane, Peter
Langer-McIntosh, Jeffrey
Larter, Karen
Laurenson, Art
Laver, Stewart

Lemoine, Robert
Levesque, Claire
Lewy, Michael
Logan, Clare
Lumby, Pollie
Lumby, Wendy
Lynch, Patrick
Ma, Fred
Mabee, Michael
Macrae, Carol
Mallett, Trevor
Mansell, Chad
Marks, Jeffrey
Marsh, Michael
Mccarthy, Wesley
Mcgovern, Valery
Mcintosh, Judy
Mcintyre, Debbie
Mciver, Patrick
Mckenna, Walter
McLain, James
Mcneil, Colleen
McNeil, David
Mcpherson, David
McRae, Jane
Mctimoney, David
Mesley, Joan
Miller, David
Miller, William
Mills, Dutch
Mink, Chris
Mirea, Victor
Mitchell, Kean
Moore, Kenneth
Moore, Ted
More, David
Morgan, Ted
Morrical, Lois
Morris, Wayne
Morrish, Mark
Morrison, Janet
Moynihan, Michael
Muir, Randy
Muir, Todd
Murphy, Des
Nccorchuk, Garth
Necesanek, Mike
Nelson, Eileen
Neville, Kathleen
Nimis, Rosita
Nobert, Lorraine
Norlander, Andy
Normand, Louis
Nuyt, Pierre
O'Hara-Leman, Maureen
O'Neill, Katie
Oilund, Brent
Olineck, Ron
Olson, Jill
Ornstein, Linda
Ostrensky, Wesley
Oxtoby, Ralph
Palsen, Jim
Parker, Paul
Paulsen, Guy
Pearson, Jeffrey
Pelletier, Andree
Pelletier, Yvon
Penney, Joan
Penney, Thomas
Perry, Karen
Petersen, Ryan
Petterson, Garth
Philips, Thomas
Picard, Paul
Piket, David
Pischke, Randy
Player, Warren
Plesman, Nicholas
Pliva, Kim
Podtetenev, Boris
Pogontcheff, Craig
Porteous, Richard
Profitt, John
Proulx, Louise
Puga, James
Purvis, Ron
Razniewski, Tomasz
Renwick, Rodger
Renz, Nelson
Rettie, Wade
Rhodes, Edward
Ridgely, Mark
Riehl, Rick
Rishworth, Brian
Robertson, John

Rode, Brian
Roenspiess, Ross
Ross, Andrew
Ross, Stan
Rousselle, Robert
Roy, Richard
Runnalls, Todd
Russon, Al
Savage, Douglas
Sawicki, Ozzie
Scaravelli, Linda
Schilling, Jason
Schleppe, Vicki
Schmidt, Conrad
Schmidt, Paul
Schmidt, Robert
Schonewald, Doug
Schrottner, Edwin
Schwartz, Sue
Scott, David
Semper, James
Shelso, Robert
Shenstone, Derek
Shokoples, Cyril
Shostak, Bill
Siarkowski, Andrew
Simms, Frank
Sinclair, Rebecca
Skakun, Andrew
Sliman, Victor
Smith, Graham
Smith, Graham
Smith, John
Smolik, Peter
Sobb, Douglas
Sorensen, Perry
Southwood, Reg.
Staniland, Kathleen
Steckle, Anna
Stein, Mark
Stern, Marlene
Stewart, Amy
Stewart, Marina
Stewart, Peter
Stewart, Tom
Stokie, Tom
Stutz, Walter
Sundholm, Chris
Suttill, James
Swann, Ian
Swiecicki, Joe
Talbot, Jim
Tauber, Shannon
Taylor, Jeff
Thomson, Garry
Trevis, Neil
Trevis, Ryoko
Tritter, Duane
Tsang, Randolph
Uffelmann, R
Underschultz, Kathy
Underschultz, Tim
Van Buuren, Kimberley
Van Tine, Jaison
Vincett, Ross
Wade, Robert
Wadsworth, Jeffrey
Wagner, Dot
Walaszczyk, Waldemar
Walden, Shawnee
Waldie-Gudwer, Susan
Walker, Scott
Wallace, Scott
Wallace, Tim
Wallinder, Bradley
Ward, Janet
Watson, Ken
Weedmark, Peter
Wesche, Ralph
White, Russell
Whyte, Aileen
Wiebe, Victor
Wilcox, Mark
Williamson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Brian
Winfield, Mark
Witt, Colin
Woeppel, Jean
Woods, Charles
Wong, Rene
Wyslouzil, Nikolaus
Young, Christopher
Young, Robert
Zahnt, Mike
Zuliani, Janice
Zuzak, Harry

25 Year Members - BC, YT, NWT & YK

Abel, Justin
Acciaroli, Stephen
Ades, Pamela
Affleck, Geoffrey
Ajersch, John
Akama, Tom
Alford, Douglas
Allaway, Cara
Allen, John
Andereggen, Walter
Anderson, Darlene
Anderson, Donald
Andrews, Ellis
Armour, Kristy
Armstrong, Christiane
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Kristian
Armstrong, Stuart
Asche, Ursula
Askew, Bruce
Astles, Tony
Atamenenko, Alex
Atamanenko, George
Atherton, Judith
Baeckmann, Bernhard
Bailey, Erika
Baker, Don
Baker, Mike
Barczynski, Bartosz
Barlow, Leanne
Barnes, Susan
Baron, Robert
Barran, Paul
Barrett, Toby
Barry, Mathew
Bastien, Bernard
Batho, Joe
Beaudry, Gabriel
Beaudry, Ronald
Becker, Olaf
Belanger, Guy
Belanger, Jacques
Belanger, Jan
Belanger, Jean-Francois
Belec, Jean
Bell, Anthony
Bell, S. Anne
Bellware, Frederick
Bentley, Tom
Berger, Heinz
Bergeron, Christiane
Berke, Norman
Berthoud, Margie
Berthoud, Michel
Bessette, Manon
Betts, Ronnie
Bexton, Stewart
Biernacki, Waldemar
Bikowski, Louis
Bilodeau, Donald
Bisset, Kathy
Bisson, Marcel
Black, Shannon
Blackwood, William
Blais, Jean-Marc
Blanchette, Jean-Paul
Bleakney, John
Boake, Christine
Boehm, Dale
Bonell, John
Boni, Dennis
Borsari, Grace
Boulerice, Marc
Bout, Steven
Bradley, Herb
Bray, Michael
Broderick, Kathy
Brombal, Karen
Brooks, Stephen
Brooks-Hill, Jamie
Brougham, Dave
Brown, Dave
Brown, Don
Brown, Grant
Brown, Kathi
Brown, Norma
Brown, Rick
Brownfield, Brian
Brunelle, Alain
Buchanan, Bill
Buchanan, Linda
Buckingham, Bruce
Bulcock, Graham
Bull, Alan
Bunbury, Ian
Burnell, Bill
Burns, Jane
Burton, Jane
Bush, Wade
Butt, Brian
Buxbaum, Elisabeth
Bysterveld, Bob
Cadman, Gary
Cadrin, Douglas
Campbell-Smith, Erik
Campbell, James
Cais, Patrick
Carlsen, Steven
Caron, Carole
Caron, John
Carre, Daniel
Cassidy, Douglas
Catricala, Elizabeth
Chapman, Steven
Chan, Jody
Chenier, Archie
Ching, Michael
Chouinard, Sami
Christiansen, Chris
Christiansen, Ole
Cipelletti, Claude
Clark, Robert
Clark, Russell
Clarke, Catheryn
Clarke, Michael
Clarke, Shawn
Clarke, Trenna
Claude, Robert
Clerk, Raymond
Cohen, Andrew
Cole, Scott
Coleman, Donald
Comrie, William
Conover, Paul
Conn, Tracey
Cook, Ben
Cook, Jennifer
Cook, Randal
Cooper, Betty
Cooper, Michael
Cooper, Nigel
Corlett, Ernie
Cosway, Linda
Coulombe, Maureen
Coulson, Ann
Coward, Laura
Cox, Stephen
Cragg, Ryan
Cragg, Tom
Craigen, Christine
Crawford, Mark
Creelman, Glen
Creelman, Patricia
Crichton, John
Croteau, Louis
Csak, Frank
Cullis, Lynn
Culver, Pamela
Curley, Glen
Dagneau, Darrel
Dagneau, Diane
Darrah, Rob
Davidson, Christine
Davies, Brad
Davies, Meg
Davis, Bryan
Davison, Mark
Deacon, Erin
Dean, Jody
Deane, Wayne
Deans, Gordon
Dee, Murray
Delisle, Nicolas
Dempsey, Cecilia
Deneau, Mark
Dennison, Robert
Derewenko, Randy
Derry, Angus
Deschenes, Daniel
Diamond, Mel
Dickey, Keri
Dietrich, Paul
Dionne, Rodrigue
Distefano, Matt
Dixon, Doug
Doak, Keith
Doherty, Eamon

Doherty, Teresa
Doraty, Kenneth
Douglas, Ron
Doyle, Gerald
Dubeck, Beth
Duffy, John
Dufour, Robert
Duhamel, Charles
Dumbrille, Susanna
Dunn, Colleen
Dunn, Suzanne
Durno, Lindsay
Durno, Roberta
Durocher, Danielle
Eastmure, Dick
Ebacher, Denis
Ebbern, Chris
Edwards, Diane
Edwards, Robert
Elliot, Andrew
Endo, Kenji
Erickson, Anne
Erickson, Penny
Erven, Cliff
Esch, Dean
Evans, Esta
Fidork, Mike
Fillatre, Terry
Fiset, Regent
Fisher, Ken
Fisk, Steven
Fitzpatrick, Bryan
Fleck, Sherri-lynn
Fleet, Kevin
Fleming, Shawn
Floyd, Ali
Foreman, Janet
Foreman, John
Forsyth, Ralph
Foster, Joshua
Foster, Timothy
Fournel, Kim
France, Kenneth
Francisty, Paul
Francois, Thierry
Fraser, Tracey
Freeborn, Edward
Freedman, Brent
Frisch, John
Fry, David
Fulton, Ellen
Furber, Leandra
Furlong, Brendan
Gagne, Maxime
Gagne, Michel
Gaherty, William
Gale, Wendy
Garey, Justin
Garrett, Dave
Gee, Gary
Gelineau, Daniel
Gelpke, Norman
Gentle, Garret
Gervais, Richard
Giannisis, Jack
Gilbert, Jody
Gilbert, Troy
Gillespie, Robert
Gillis, Barry
Gniewotta, Floyd
Godbout, Olivier
Gostlin, Keith
Gourley, Joel
Grain, Colin
Grandlienard, Francis
Gravel, Normand
Graves, Tad
Greenberg, Allyson
Griffiths, John
Gross, Dwight
Gross, Horst
Gross, Peter
Gunby, Hal
Gushway, A.
Guthrie, Don
Hachey, Nadio
Hainault, Mike
Hairay, Philippe
Hallman, Doug
Hamilton, Ted
Hancock, Stephen
Haney, Matt
Hansen, Dennis
Harkins, Michael
Harper, Suzanne
Harris, Jack D.
Harsant, Dave
Hart, Hugh
Havard, Tom
Haynes, Richard
Hayto, John
Helgeson, Cindy
Henderson Robazza, Lisa
Herstein, Bernie
Hewgill, Margaret
Hill, Graham
Hillier, Christian
Hobson, Art
Hobson, David
Hobson, Joann
Hoggan, James
Holden, Simon
Holloway, Pamela
Holmes, Michael
Holmes, Richard
Honeywell, William
Hornby, Mark
Howrigan, Norm
Hradsky, Janina
Huckell, Victor
Hughes, Scott
Hughes, Susan
Hutny, Barbara
Ilmer, Wolfgang
Inkster, Hank
Ishiguro, Satoshi
Jaegli, Christian
Jagger, Lucinda
Jagger, Richard
Jagli, Redzep
Jarvis, Blair
Jean, Michael
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Pam
Johnston, Gerald
Jones, Ed
Joubert, Christian
Juustila, Irja
Kaipio, Chris
Kakeo, Yuichi
Kamachi, Stephen
Kamstra, Otto
Karaloff, Kevin
Kargl, Helga
Kargl, Michael
Kargl, Peter
Kassa, Peggy
Kato, Chiho
Kawakami, Michelle
Kawasaki, Yasuyuki
Keam, Erin
Keary, Douglas
Keith, Anne
Keith, Gary
Kemp, Wayne
Kerr, Richard
Kerschbaumer, Michael
Kierstead, Diane
Kierstead, Robin-Leigh
Kierstead, Ted
Kim, Mi Young
King, James
Kingsbury, Edmond
Kirkpatrick, Sandy
Kjorven, Ruth
Kline, Mark
Klingspohn, Thomas
Knight, John
Koch, Gerda
Koch, Werner
Konst, Anthony
Kostantin, Andrea
Kowalchuk, Roger
Kreiner, Laurie
Kress, Douglas
Kreuzer, Stefan
Krupa, Jason
Kumagai, Noriaki
Kupferschmidt Linder, Barbara
Kuroiwa, Jack
Kwok, Barry
Kwong, Gordon
Laakmann, Holger
Lafontaine, Louise
Lafontaine, Vincent

Lai, David
Lamarre, Bruno
Lamy, Lucie
Langer, Eric
Langley, Barbara
Langmaid, Jack
Larsen, Lori
Latham, Robert
Latour, Michel
Lauzon, Robert
Laviolette, Lionel
Lavoie, Jacques
Lavoie, John
Lawrence, Kevin
Lawson, Peter
Leblanc, Denis
Lebrero, Frank
Leduc, Normand
Lehoux, Christian
Lenzi, Todd
Leopkey, Tobin
Lepage, Sylvain
Lepschi, Robert
Lesieur, Jacques
Lessels, Craig
Letain, Elaine
Lewis, Michael
Lindsay, Matt
Linnell, Betsy
Lipka, Julius
Little, Martin
Littlefair, Greg
Lloyd, Jackie
Lochhead, Kenneth
Logan, Ian
Lohuaru, Peter
Long, Michael
Longinotto, Lisa
Lopeter, Barb
Lord, Robert
Loring, Nigel
Loyd, Jim
Ludt, Gordon
Lund, Arne
Lussier, Jean-Marie
Lytle-Mcghee, Bill
Maccorkindale, Bruce
Macdonald-White, Candise
Macdonald, Edwin
Mackinnon, Gary
Mackinnon, Richard
Maclaren, Grant
Maclean, Andrea
Maclennan, Jeff
Macleod, Ian
Malone, George
Manara, Michael
Manara, Norman
Marche, Sheldon
Marcoux, Michel
Marsden, Dennis
Marsh, Richard
Marshall, Jeffrey
Martin, John
Martin, Robert
Martindale, Scott
Marusin, Wendy
Mason, Alan
Mastalir, Alice
Mather, D. Andrew
May, Steve
Mayer, Steven
Mcconnel, Michael
Mcdonald, Cam
Mcdonald, Fiona
Mcdonald, George
Mcdorman, Elsie
Mcdougall, Tricia
Mcdowell, James
Mcfadgen, Barbara
Mcfadgen, Lorne
Mcgaw, Linda
Mcgrath, Mike
Mcgraw, Randy
Mcinnis, Rob
Mckay, Douglas
Mclean, Charles
Mclean, John
McLennan, Bruce
McNeil, Rod
Mcpeake, David
Mcrae, Laurie
Mcrann, Wendell
Mcskimming, Robert
Mcwhinnie, Betty
Mihailescu, Ben
Millar, Sandy
Milne, Lorne
Mohitpour, Bijan
Moffat, Tami
Mok, Kim
Momy, Chris
Moody, John
Moore, Jim
Morel, Natalie
Morey, Ian
Morrison, Debra
Mosley, Jonathan
Mosna, Jiri
Mott, Terrance
Mueller, Helmut
Mulholland, Patrick
Munro, Carol Anne
Munroe, Neil
Muran, Robert
Murl, Jeff
Murl, Robert
Murl, Stacey
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murray, Kathy
Nadeau, John
Naidu, Charlton
Nagge, Bob
Narita, Hiro
Neal, Frank
Needham, William
Negrych, Sherrie
Neron, Luc
Newell, Brad
Newell, Robert
Newton, David
Nikolajsen, Kim
Noel De Tilly, Jacques
Norman, Jennifer
Norrish, Ed
Norton, Steve
O'Connor, Lorne
O'Connor, Mike
O'Neil, Nancy-Jo
Oetter, Joseph
Ogilvie, Andrew
Oldfield, Richard
Oneil, Donald
Orlando, Sylvia
Ormerod, Sarah
Orvig, Chris
Ostrowski, Diane
Pagliaro, Misty
Palaske, Mark
Papineau, Deanna
Parry, John
Paterson, Judy
Patterson, Philip
Paton, Jim
Pearson, Frank
Pearson, John
Pedulla, Rosemarie
Peeters, Jean
Peiffer, Helga
Pelletier, Luc
Pennell, Simon
Penney, Brian
Pepperdine, E.
Perolli, Rick
Perrier, Normand
Perry, Bill
Perry, Susan
Peters, Evan
Pettit, Joel
Pflug, Siege
Pheasant, Bruce
Phillips, Lincoln
Pirie, Kenneth-Edward
Pitman, Donald
Plater, Jacklyn
Potter, Richard
Powell, Ryan
Power, Brenda
Prefontaine, Craig
Prochazka, Tom
Prokipchuk, David
Pryde, Mitchell
Pullen, Tony
Purkhart, Fred
Purvis, Dale
Queen, David
Qureshi, Elfi

Radke, Thomas
Raven, Kenneth
Raymond, Daniel
Read, Christopher
Reddy, Michael
Regan-Pollock, Robert
Reid, Scott
Reidel, Richard
Reimer, Gerhard
Reusz, Aladar
Reynolds, Robert
Rhodes, Gerry
Richards, Scott
Richmond, Darren
Riedl, Nicolas
Ritchie, Beverlee
Rivest, Jean-Guy
Roberts, Melanie
Robinson, David
Robson, Peter
Roe, Neil
Rose, Kelly
Rossi, David
Routley, Shane
Ruddy, Colleen
Ruggles, Mary
Safrata, Robert
Salter, Frank
Sampert, Cec
Samson, James
Samson, Mary
Sandles, David
Sartisson, Andrew
Sauhammel, Hans
Sauve, Brian
Sauve, Francois
Sauve, Paul
Savard, Guy
Saxvik, Christian
Schiesser, Bernhard
Schmitt, Rosemary
Schmoll, Kevin
Schmunk, Perry
Scholz, Rudolf
Schonner, Brigitte
Schrottner, Herman
Schwab, Andrew
Schwirtlich, Peter
Scott, Andrew
Scully, Laura
Seadon, David
Seagram, Geoffrey 
Seeley, Ritch
Sego, Darcy
Sharpe, Noel
Sharpham, Neil
Shatilla, Karen
Shaw, Amanda
Shaw, Robert
Shell, Marcus
Sheppard, Bonnie
Sherwood, Max
Shields, Karen
Shimizu, Janet
Shymanski, Wendy
Sikorski, Don
Simpson, Jason
Sinclair, Ken
Skelton, Jenny
Slaney, William
Smart, Stephen
Smith, Craig
Smith, Keith
Smith, Michael
Smith, Randall
Smith, Stan
Smith, William
Smythe, David
Snook, Gary
Sommerfeld, Ken
Spence, Keith
Sperling, Roy
Splait, Nick
Squires, Jonathan
St-Armour, Georges
St-Armour, Jasmine 
St-Pierre, Claude
Standish, Jace
Stanger, Brad
Stebeleski, Laurissa
Steigvilas, Ray
Stipec, Carol
Stone, Dean W.L.
Storie, Alex
Stuart, Doug
Sudar-Diedenhofen, Nancy
Summersides, Dayl
Susko, Shannon
Sutherland, Michael
Sutherland, Sieglinde
Sutton, Wade
Svelnis, Ron
Szentes, Tibor
Tanos, Stephen
Taylor, Bob
Taylor, Evan
Taylor, Michael
Tessier, Sylvain
Thibault, Daniel
Thibault, Monique
Thomsen, Glenn
Thomson, Mark
Timm, Rodney
Timson, John
Titley, Yves
Toller, Margot
Topp, Jeffrey
Traynor, David
Tremblay, Pierre
Tremblay, Michel
Trimmer, John
Trussler, Derek
Tsui, Dick
Tuskey, Brian
Tweter, Allan
Uskoski, Charlotte
Vaillancourt, Andre
Vaillancourt, Ron
Vaillancourt, Suzanne
Valentine, Nicola
Van Chesteing, Nelson
Vanderkruk, Elizabeth
Vanderkruk, Eric
Van Tine, Jim
Veale, David
Venner, Paul
Vernon, Phil
Viviani, Claudia
Vollet, Debbie
Vrana, Jan
Walker, Paul
Watson, Al
Watson, Sharon
Watts, Joyce
Weale, Debby
Webster, Anne
Webster, R. J.
Weddell, Craig
Wedel, Albert
Weidner, Wilma
Weiskopf, Hans
Wells, Patrick
West, Darrin
White, Alan
Widas, Barry
Wilder, Ken
Williams, Jordan
Willis, Donna
Wilson, Brenda
Wilson, David
Wilson, Lisa
Wily, Barbara
Winstanley, Dustin
Wishart, Robert
Wittman, Rhonda
Wollner, Lorna
Won, Ki-Chang
Wong, Joseph
Wong, Suzanna
Wood, Eddie
Wood, Glenn
Wood, Ron
Wood, Russel
Woosnam, Robert
Wright, Daniel
Wright, James
Yagi, John
Yau, Bernie
Yick, Robert
Yoja, Anne
Yoja, Dan
Young, Abigail
Younker, Joanne
Zavaglia, Mike
Zepik, Korry
Zryd, Robert

25 Year Members - USA

Anderson, Carroll
Anderson, Mary Lou
Baginski, Ted
Bain, James
Barnes, Janet
Basler, Peter
Beairsto, Kelly
Beauchesne, Rene
Beveridge, Jillian
Blay, Kenneth
Blundell, Bruce
Bogutyn, Patrick
Brayley, Allan
Brock, Albert
Browning, Dan
Brussel, Jan
Calvello, Jack
Carre, Kenneth
Cavallaro, Michele
Chenevert, Louis
Cheney, Trisha

Chesney, Tina
Cyr, Mike
Dorken, Jill
Elander, Walter
English, Craig
Esson, Gillian
Everitt, Richard
Friedberg, Stanford
Gaida, John
Gagnon, Amelie-Frederique
Gratton, Helene
Hayward, Rick
Haywood, Julia
Hill, David
Hines, Beatrice
James, Jacqueline
Kent, Kerri
King, Scott
Klimsa, Paul
Knowlton, Christopher
Kristofic, Paul

Lehr, Eric
Lerch, Ulrich
Levine, Ronald
Lorenzetti, Don
Lutes, Warren
Mackay, Chris
Magruder, John
Mcdermott, Court
Mcgarry, Gavin
Moore, Shelagh
Nagy, Franz
Oliver, Thomas
O'Neill, Thomas
Paparazo, Louis
Paterson, Lee
Penttila, Michael
Petricco, John
Pierce, Robert
Robotham, Norman
Roy, Robert
Schmidt, Arthur

Sigmund, William
Smalls, Raymond
Sommers, John
Soucy, Maxime
Sponar, Toni
Steiner, Marc
Stockamore, Rick
Stone, Dean
Summers, Anne
Tewnion, Angus
Tremblay, Pierre
Troyer, Terry
Vachon, Bernard
Walsh, Tom
Weber, Sharon
Wheeler, John
Whitnall, Michael
Wong, Wayne
Zabel, Pierre
Zanier, Vinio

25 Year Members - International

Adams, Deborah
Addison, Dave
Allwright, Mark
Baird, Wayne
Ball, John
Bellamy, Andrew
Bennett, Andrew
Besignach, Neville
Boyle, Ian
Bradley, Michelle
Brocklehurst, Sarah
Burgess, Alastair
Burns, Glenda
Cousins, Julian
Delaney, Louise
Desbiens, Paul
Deszecker, Christoph
Down, Nicholas
Draffin, Jonathan

Durand, Roger
Ellis, David
Fiechter, Daniel
Fielding, Barry
Freeman, Mark
Frost, Amanda
Frost, Douglas
Grant, Gordon
Grossek, Ernest
Hannah, James
Hartwig, David
Healey, Sean
Hennessy, Matthew
Hufton, James
Iseto, Shugo
James, Paul
Kapel, Anton
Keegan, Owen

Kikuchi, Yasue
Kolodziejski, Witold
Louka, Andrew
Magnaval, Jean-Louis
Mcdougall, Andrew
Mcknight, Christopher
Miyajima, Noriko
Mori, Rika
Nieland, James
Niem, John
Novosal, Peter
Ohbuchi, Yoshiko
Perrin, Andrew
Reynolds, John
Robb, James
Ryan, Steve
Sehgal, Anil
Seki, Kanako

Scorgie, Peter
Smith, Roderic
Standeven, Bethel
Standeven, Gordon
Stansfield, Clive
Stringer, David
Sudmann, Bridget
Tanner, Clive
Thomas, Graeme
Tombolato, Robert
Tsukuda, Toshiro
Ungelert, Michael
Wakefield, Peter
Walker, Cameron
Watkins, Paul
Watson, Vanessa
Yatabe, Kiyonobu
Zala-Tanno, Francesca


40 Year Members

The CSIA 40 Year Membership is exclusive to Members that have paid their Membership dues for 40 years.

New 40 Year Members

Adam, Serge
Allmand, William
Anderson, James A
Babin, Peter
Badke, Catherine
Bakker, Valerie
Balfour, Davison
Baraby, Jacques
Barry, David
Baxter, Brent
Beaupre, Denis
Beckmann, Volker
Bedel, Murray
Belczyk, Felix
Bethiaume, Claude
Blair, Alan
Booker, Christine
Boon, Rick
Bowering, Joanne
Bowhay, Lawrence
Brisson, Marie
Brochu, Christian
Butler, Catherine
Ciotti, Andrea
Clark, Larry
Clift-Madden, Susan
Cloutier, Linda
Cote, Denis
Cotter, Brent
Couture, José
Couture, Serge
Craik, Peter
Davis, Robert
de Bruycker, Violet Ann

Desjardins, Luc
Desmarais, Hélène
Desmarais, Richard
Dickner, Andre
Dugas, Eric
Ellis, Kenneth
Ethier, Luc
Fischer, Manny
Fong, Derek
Forner, Edward
Forsytn, Pamela
Gauthier, Michael
Goin, James
Gourde, Sylvain
Gratton, Paul
Gravel, Remi
Gray, Malcolm
Gribbin, Phil
Guay, Lise
Hadley, Daniel
Hatherly, Brian
Hayashi, Utsushi
Hendry, Anngret
Hepburn, Ian
Heringer, Philip
Hindlet, Michel
Holm, Ian
Impey, Mark
Jaques, Michele
Johnston, Trevor
Joncas, Louis
Jones, Mark
Joubert, Christian


Kostur, Daniel
Kraut-Hase, Petra
Lackner, Susan
Lacoursiere, Gordon
Lacroix, Dan
Lajoie, Jean-Jacques
Lamothe, Linda
Laviolette, Jean
Leduc, Michel
Legate, Steve
Levasseur, Gervais
Lister, Stephen
Macdonald, Glenn
Macnaughton, Heather
Marciano, Lisa
McCreary, Jill
McIntyre, Wendy
Mclean, Brian
McNulty, Louise
Meighan, Gordon
Metzger, Heather
Mitrovic, Michael
Monette, Nicole
Morin, Jean
Morris, James
Mortveit, Allan
Mounsey, Lee
Neil, Ann
Palvetzian, Mark
Paquette, Felix
Paynter, Ken
Place, Warren
Poitras, Rene

Porter, Terry
Poulin, Andre
Prits, Allan
Pruneau, Francois
Raymond, Stephane
Reid, James
Renaud, Vincent
Richard, Sylvie
Richards, Michael
Sapra, Neetan
Sarjeant, Richard
Sliman, Alex
Sloan, Stephanie
Smith, Wayne
Smithson, Jodi
Spain, Jean
Stachowski, Woytek
Stamper, Graham
Steeves, Ronald
Steggall, Roslyn
St-Jacques, Dominique
Temple, Daniel
Terwiel, Anne
Terwiel, George
Thoen, Garry
Thomson, Karl
Tomczyk, Theresa
Trevison, Cristina
Turner, Ian
Vezina, Mark
Wathier, Jean-Luc
Welsby, Keith
Williams, Alison

40 Year Members - Atlantic

Babin, Peter
Bilek, Lou
Boudreau, Thomas
Brown, Gary
Chiasson, Raymond
Fong, Derek

Guest, Cathy
Hindlet, Michel
Hogan, William
Kilpatrick, Brian
Lidstone, Doug

Mcdonell, Remi
Moser, Roger
Olive, James
Peters, Roy
Robertson, Judith

Ross, Scott
Ryan, James
Smith, Harry
Steeves, Ronald
Sweeney, Cheryl

40 Year Members - Québec

Adam, Serge
Allmand, William
Albers, John
Alford, Baird
Amiot, Denis
Amyot, Daniel
Arcand, Yvon
Asselin, Mario
Aubert, Monique
Audette, Eric
Baraby, Jacques
Beauchemin, André
Beaulieu, Marcel
Bedard, Michel
Belec, Philip
Bellerive, Jean
Bennett, Don
Benoit, Jean-Pierre
Bergeron, Andre
Bergeron, Jacques
Bernier, Francois
Berthiaume, Claude
Bigeault, Pierre
Blair, Alan
Blanchette, Jacques
Blouin, Guy
Boileau, Diane
Boisvert, Mario
Bolduc, Claude
Bouchard, Serge
Brisson, Marie
Brochu, Christian
Brown, Ronald
Calve, Paul
Camus, Francois
Cartier, Louis
Castonguay, Jean
Charbonneau, Pierre
Charette, Michel
Chenevert, Jacques
Chouinard, Jacques

Cloutier, Linda
Cote, Denis
Couture, José
Couture, Serge
Daigle, Gilles
Dandurand, Sylvie
Daoust, Serge
Desjardins, Luc
Desmarais, Hélène
Desmarais, Robert
Doucet, Nick
Dufresne, Benoit
Dugas, Eric
Eaves, Bruce
Ethier, Luc
Farmer, Francois
Fontaine, Claude
Fortin, Claude
Fortin, Yvon
Fournier, Dominique
Fournier, Louise
Fournier, Luc
Fyfe, Serge
Gamache, Roger
Gauthier, Claude
Gillies, John
Gilmour, Steve
Godbout, Pierre
Gourde, Sylvain
Graton, Jacques
Gratton, Gilbert
Gratton, Paul
Gravel, Remi
Greatrix, Terry
Gribbin, Phil
Guay, Lise
Hamel, Paul
Haydock, Lawrence
Hebert, Jean
Hebert, Louisette
Houle, Christiane

Jaccard, Claude
Johnson, Stanley
Joseph, John
Joubert, Christian
Kiss, Erno
Kelegher, June
Lacroix, Denis
Lafreniere, Serge
LaGarde, James
Lajoie, Jean-Jacques
Lamothe, Jacques
Lamothe, Linda
Lamothe, Michel
Lancop, Claude
Laviolette, Jean
Lavoie, Raynald
Leduc, Michel
Legault, Normand
Lemelin, Louis
Leonard, Daniel
Lepine, Richard
Letourneau, Lawrence
Levasseur, Gervais
Léveillé, Marie-France
Levesque, Miville
Levesque, Suzanne
Locas, France
Marchand, Denis
Marciano, Lisa
Martin, Michele
McIntyre, Wendy
McMartin, Suzanne
McNulty, Louise
Moody, Christine
Mondor, Pierre
Monette, Nicole
Morin, Jean
Nelson, Dana,
Noel, Regent
O'Reilly, Denis
Ouimet, Guy

Paquette, Felix
Paquette, Richard
Parent, Daniel
Payment, Pierre
Perron, Fernand
Philips, Jan
Pilon, Serge
Place, Warren
Plamondon, Richard
Poitras, Rene
Pratte, Michel
Pruneau, Francois
Quessy, Gilles
Raymond, Stephane
Renaud, Vincent
Rodrigue, Pierre
Roy, Doug
Rioux, Clarence
Saint-Onge, Martin
Samson, Paule
Schingh, Marie Andree
Schlapper, Peter
Schleichkorn, Ernest
Shields, Erick
Sliman, Marco
Spain, Jean
Spain, Marco
St-Jacques, Dominique
St-Laurent, Michel
Temple, Daniel
Thivierge, Marc-Andre
Tremblay, Lynda
Trott, John
Vaillancourt, Michel
Vézina, Alain
Vezina, Marc
Vincent, Marcel
Voyer, Andre
Wathier, Jean-Luc
Welsch, Hans

40 Year Members - Ontario

Ackford, Daniel
Adam, Peter
Aidelbaum, Stephen
Allingham, Scott
Alward, Marc
Anderson, James A
Anderson, Jim
Andic, Milan
Annand-Robichaud, Tracy
Arif, Alex
Armstrong, J
Armstrong, Paul
Bader, David
Badger, Gregg
Badke, Catherine
Bahl, Gordon
Baker, Peter
Balfour, Davison
Ball, Jane
Bandler, Greg
Base, Adrian
Bekiroski, Diane
Betts, Antony
Black, Coll
Bohren, Fritz
Booth, Geoff
Bowering, Joanne
Bowering, Richard
Brandt, Eric
Brandt, Kirk
Bremner, Craig
Bricel, Gary
Brockbank, James
Brodkin, Harvey
Brokenshire, Chris
Brunette, Jeff
Butler, Catherine
Candow, Chris
Cannell, Bruce
Chaloner, Mary
Chambers, Robert
Charles, Sandra
Ciotti, Andrea
Clayton, Stephen
Coates, Robin
Cockerill, Robert
Collins, Keith
Conway, Robert
Cook, Deborah
Cook, Walter
Corcoran, Brian
Cotter, Brent
Coull, Douglas
Courage, William
Craik, Peter
Cronk, Alan
Crook, David
Croxford, Mark
Cunningham, Neil
Curtis, Gary
D'Angelo, Kathy

Dahms, Gregory
Dalton, Judith
Dattolo, Anthony
Demerling, Douglas
Dickinson, Nancy
Dougherty, John
Dube, Paul
Dunbar, James
Duncan, Robert
Duvall, Donald
Eades, Cam
Elliott, Peter
Ellis, Kenneth
Faga, Hercules
Fennell, Stephen
Fester, Karen
Findlay, Diane
Finer, Michael
Finestone, Stephen
Fischer, Manny
Flengas, Nick
Fodrek, Bo
Forsyth, Pamela
Fournier, Michelle
Fridrich, Jerry
Gajewski, Kazimierz
Gale, William
Gauthier, Michael
Gauthier, Peter
Genge, Cathy
Gold, Margaret-Anne
Goodman, Peter
Gorski, Mitchell
Grant, James
Greaves, Rick
Greene, Scott
Grinter, Gregory
Gyles, John
Hamilton, Doug
Haveruk, Lorne
Hawthorne, Dave
Haywood, Bruce
Hepburn, Ian
Hladki, Karen
Hollingsworth, Jan
Hollingsworth, John
Hope, Andrew
Howard, Marion
Howard, Robert
Hunts-Watts, Brenda
Ikeno, Geof
Ireland-Majdell, Lori
Jaciw, Andrew
Jackson, Malcolm
Jarksi, James
Jarvis, Robyn
Jaques, Michele
Johnston, Trevor
Jones, Denys
Jonjev, Steve

King, Ross
Kinread, Richard
Kirk, Bob
Kirkpatrick, Ian
Kligerman, Randy
Knaggs, Ruth
Knowles, Henry
Knowles, Marc
Koc, Frank
Kraut-Hase, Petra
Kulin, Thomas
Lachance, Allan
Lackner, Susan
Laurin, Terrance
Layhew, Gordon
Leone, Frank
Lister, Stephen
Loeffler, Bernard
Lovell, Peter
Macdonald, John
Macleod, David
Macnaughton, Heather
Maheux, Peter
Majkot, Richard
Marchand, James
Marchiori, Gord
Marsden, Elgin
Mathieu, Joan
Maughan, Peter
Mayer, Chuck
Mayer, Robert
Mccoy, Terry
McCreary, Jill
McDonald, Anne
Mckenzie, Jacqueline
Mcmullen, Robert
McPhedran, Margaret
Meighan, Gordon
Merwin, Jane
Metzger, Heather
Metzger, Peter
Middleton, David
Moos, Bernd
Morden, Robert
Mori, Hide
Morris, James
Mortveit, Allan
Mortveit, Karl
Mouck, David
Naumovski, Darko
Nella, Ralph
Newman, James
Nicoll, Katherine
Ornstein, Charles
Ough, Jamie
Palvetzian, Mark
Pastoris, Eleonora
Pecore, Michael
Petzold, Peter
Pfurtscheller, Josef

Pokorny, Jan
Porter, Terry
Price, Ken
Pridday, Rip
Prits, Allan
Ralph, Dan
Ramesbottom, James
Rawley, Judy
Rayner, Brook
Reid, James
Reid, Robert
Richards, Laura
Robb, David
Roberts, Kim
Robinson, Christopher
Rodgers, Kenneth
Roe, Laird
Rohr, Steven
Rolston, Christina
Rolston, Susannah
Rowland, William
Rozinowicz, Jan
Ruby, Michael
Rutherford, Peter
Sapra, Neetan
Sarjeant, Richard
Schuller, Fritz
Schmidtke, Helmut
Schramm, David
Schvarcz, Margaret
Schwass, Kirstin
Shinoff, Steven
Simmerle, Peter
Smith, David
Smith, Douglas
Smithson, Jodi
Steggall, Roslyn
Suutari, Kirsti
Terry, Doug
Thomson, Karl
Tomczyk, Theresa
Toyama, George
Travaglini, Robert
Tremblay, Paul
Trevison, Cristina
Van Oorsten, Marianne
Vogel, Robert
Walker, Patricia
Walker, Ronald
Walmsley, David
Warll Murray, Lynn
Weatherhead, Emmet
Weinert, Imo
Westlake, Ron
White, Stephen
Whitehead, Jim
Wilson, Brian
Winsor, Diana
Winsor, Gary
Wright, James

40 Year Members - Central

Bager, Mike
Beaupre, Denis
Beckmann, Volker
Bedel, Murray
Bradley, David
Durno, Lindsay

Guerard, Lionel
Hatherly, Brian
Hedemann, Lloyd
Heringer, Philip
Kerluck, Richard

Lacoursiere, Gordon
Lofgren, Raymond
Machold, Marc
Mcconkey, James
Poulin, Andre

Ratcliff, Allan
Ruta, Wally
Thoen, Garry
Warren, Roy
Zerr, David

40 Year Members - Alberta

Bakker, Valerie
Baxter, Brent
Belke, Ken
Berto, Claudio
Boon, Rick
Bowman, Pamela
Brenner, Ellen
Burdon, Jamie
Byar, Shauna
Clark, Larry
Clayton, Catharine
Cochrane, William
Conner, Michael 
Couture, Joseph
De Boeck, Brian
Deike, Susan

Demian, Ryoko
Dick, Bernie
Enticknap, Lynn
Forner, Edward
Fraser, Michael
Gibson, David
Goin, James
Goodhelpsen, Dennis
Grogan, Kevin
Hansen, Marty
Hayashi, Atsushi
Henry, Bruce
Honeyman, Dave
Jaroch, Michelle
Jefferies, Alice
Jessee, Robert

Kitafuji, Yoshikazu
Kjorven, Donald
Langille, RandyMacDonald, Neil
Mackenzie, Kim
Maclean, David
Metikosh, Serge
Mitrovic, Michael
Montgomery, Joseph
Neufeld, William
Offet, Vern
Oforsagd, Michael
Park, Robert
Petersen, Ulf
Pinnington, Geoff
Plante, Richard
Read, Lynda


Reid, Eric
Rieck, Marcus
Robertson, Heather
Roginski, Peter
Rowland, David
Seguin, Raymond
Seki, Shinsuke
Shumborski, Steven
Stachowski, Woytek
Storey, Eleanora
Sugden, Murray
Van Drongelen, Nick
Verhun, Darcy
Von Mirbach, Carl
Wilson, Joan
Wilson, John

40 Year Members - BC, YT, NWT & YK

Abel, Julia
Allman, David
Arif, Stephen
Baeckmann, Judith
Belczyk, Felix
Bilodeau, Heather
Blair, Robert
Boorne, Maureen
Bowhay, Lawrence
Bragg, Andrew
Bragg, Joanne
Brett, Bob
Brett, Donald
Brown, David
Burbee, Herbert
Cairns, David
Castonguay, Charles
Champoux, Francine
Charlebois, Marc
Charters, Jim
Chesley, Kay
Clift-Madden, Susan
Corner, Gordon
Coutts, Ross
Davis, Robert
Dawson, Steve
de Bruycker, Violet Ann
Dekker, Melgert
Dempsey, Mike
Denby, Cameron
Dickner, Andre
Dixon, Gregory
Eakins, John
Elliott, James
Erickson, Brian
Field, George
Floyd, Richard

Fraser, David
Fujino, Ronnie
Gerrie, Pat
Glaysher, Leslie
Gray, Malcolm
Hadley, Daniel
Haid, Mark
Hamilton, Ian
Hancock, Robert
Hemsted, Bridget
Hendry, Anngret
Holm, Ian
Hradsky, Jiri
Imai, Michael
Imhof, Roland
Impey, Mark
Jaroch, Michael
Jefferies, Glenna
Jenkinson, Nancy
Johnson, Allan
Johnson, Bruce
Joncas, Louis
Jones, Mark
Jungen, Kilian
Juustila, Heikki
Kassa, Hamish
Kearns, Robert
Kent, Chris
King, Gary
Konig, Hans
Konst, Jos
Kreutz, Norman
Krusche, Jack
Lacroix, Dan
Legate, Steve
Letain, Danny
Lino, Marcel

Macdonald, Douglas
Macdougal, Peter
MacLachlan, Don
Malone, Suzanne
Martyna, Mitchell
Matthews, Janet
Meadows, Eugene
Mende, Jens
Mcclelland, Hugh
Mcconnell, Craig
Mclean, Brian
Mcmahon, Alan
Mcpherson, Glen
Mcwilliam, Scott
Meredith, Jack
Mintzberg, Leonard
Mitchell, Stephen
Moore, Robert
Morgan, Janice
Morgan-Blunden, Donalda
Mounsey, Lee
Munroe, Paul
Neil, Ann
Neill, Brian
Nickerson, Doug
Paynter, Ken
Pearson, John
Penny, Philip
Peterson, Raymond
Pollock, James
Pudwell, Dennis
Reade, Wendy
Richards, Michael
Rideout, Kent
Robert, Marc
Robinson, Keith
Rogers, Dave

Rose, Jon
Rose, Monique
Roswalka, Clarence
Rublee, William
Schulz, Kurt
Scott, Katie
Sharman, Richard
Sharp, Mark
Sharpe, Ian
Sharplin, Ted
Shoniker, Michael
Sidorov, Alan
Silvester, Ian
Sloan, Stephanie
Smith, Dallis
Smith, Wayne
Stamper, Graham
Stewart, Logan
Terwiel, Anne
Terwiel, George
Trottier, Yvon
Vaillancourt, Andre
Vajda, Andree
Vollet, Gary
Von Hausen, Michael
Watson, Ardith
Watson, Cameron
Webster, Ken
Weigeldt, Hendrik
Weiss, Peter
Welsby, Keith
White, Robert
Whittingstall, Neal
Williams, Alison
Willis, David
Wilson, David
Young, Peter

40 Year Members - USA

Barry, David
Betts, Douglas
Betz, Randal
Booker, Christine
Bryant, Geoff

Cronin, Bruce
Fischer, Terry
Kindree, John
Lowther, Ronald
Macdonald, Glenn

Omotani, Les
Pitz, Nicholas
Richard, Sylvie
Roberts, Paul

Robertson, Paul
Sheer, Barry
Smith, David
Turner, Ian

40 Year Members - International

Bartolacci, G
Beger, Ueli

Delaney, Tony

Hadade, Mus

Loftus, Michael


50 Year Members

The CSIA 50 Year Membership is exclusive to Members that have paid their Membership dues for 50 years.

New 50 Year Members

Allen, Glenn
Argue, Steven
Blankstein, Daniel
Blaschke, Eric
Bostock, Kim
Bourget, John
Caruso, Larry
Charters, Douglas
Chew, Bing
Crerar, Raymond

Elliott, Bruce
Findlay, Doug
Fulton, Robert
Goss, Anderson
Groulx, Mark
Hews, Dianne
Hodgins, Robert
Kulisek, Gary
La Rue, Gary


Leeming, Douglas
MacKenzie, Cameron
Mandle, Anthony
Martin, Charles
Mathiesen Guay, Ellen
Nisbet, Jay
Panneton, Claude
Sharzer, Stephen
Shaw, Graham

Smith, Peter
Swift, Elizabeth
Todd, David
Vinet, Neal
Wallace, Robert
Webster, Bill
Wilson, Robert
Wolfhard, Peter
Yeaman, Don

50 Year Members - Atlantic

Antoft, Asta
Bosshard, Hans
Emmerson, John

Fawcett, Charles
Larlee, John
Martin, Charles

Murray, Kenneth
Provencher, Raymond
Todd, Brian

Todd, David
Walter, James

50 Year Members - Québec

Adams, Tony
Alie, Yves
Anderson, Susan
Arnold, Tandy
Barclay, John
Beauchamp, Rene
Beaulieu, Michel
Begin, Marc
Belanger, Andre
Bergeron, Suzanne
Bissonnette, Suzanne
Blundell, John
Booth, Dean
Bouchard, Yvon
Champoux, Jacque
Chapdelaine, Pierre
Charron, Pierre
Chisholm, Jane
Christensen, Stanley
Claymore, Lorne
Cloutier, Jean-Guy
Cole, Ross
Colligan, James
Cossette, Raynald

Coutu, Louis
Crevier, Francois
Crook, Robert
Crutchfield, Linda
Culver, Diane
Curry, Maureen
Dairy, Donald
Daze, Gilles
De Rosa Moulin, Louise
Dubois, Luc
Dufour, George
Dumontier, Claude
Finch, Barbara
Fugere, Robert
Gagnon, Claude
Gribbin, Christopher
Guay, Conrad
Hall, James
Hebert, Louis
Hungerbuhler, Anthony
Iosch, Jack
Jean, Martin
Klein, Larry

Kulisek, Gary
La Rue, Jean
Laforge, Jean-Marie
Lafreniere, Lucie
Lapierre, Normand
Larouche, Jean-Louis
Larouche, Yves
Lavigueur, Roger
Le Blanc, Francois
Legault, Josianne
Legris, Robert
Leonard, Guy
Lino, Marcel
Malenfant, Robert
Malo, Bobby
Malo, Paul
Marceau, Bob
Mathiesen Guay, Ellen
Mccurdy, Leslie
Miron, Robert
Nebelung, Dietrich
Orr, Philip
Panneton, Claude

Pare, Guy
Peissard, Bernard
Petrone, Mario
Podorieszach, Bruno
Prevost, Pierre
Quintal, Andre
Racine, Jacques
Relton, Patrick
Richardson, Bob
Rivard, Carol
Ruel, Francois
Santerre, Jean
Shaw, Graham
Tanguay, Andre
Tanguay, Roger
Trottier, Bernard
Vallerand, Robert
Vallon, Michael
Verot, Pierre
Vigeant, Georges
Vinet, Neal
Whitehouse, Corinne
Yeudall, Murray

50 Year Members - Ontario

Abbott, Alan
Alexander, Brian
Amey Douglas
Argue, Steven
Arney, Patricia
Arney, Paul
Ashton, Alan
Aquilina, George
Aquilina, Margaret
Bartlett, Richard
Beardsall, Robert
Bender, Paul
Betty, Thomas
Blaschke. Eric
Bocock, Robert
Boulerice, Donat
Bramham, Terry
Buckley, Thomas
Butler, Robert
Caruso, Larry
Chambers, Fred
Chapman, Leonard
Coffeng, Martinus
Corbett, Bob
Curry, David
Daca, Joseph
Dean, Ronald
Dohnberg, Knute
Eaves, Rhoda

Eckhardt, Helm
Elliot, Alex
Elliott, Bruce
Eriks, Lennart
Ferguson, Ralph
Finlay, Doug
Florjancic, Louis
Fujino, Mary
Genge, Dan
Gfeller, Jurg
Gilmour, Grant
Groulx, Mark
Hanna, John
Hansman, David
Harris, Michael 
Hart, Samuel
Hartin, John
Henkenhaf, Wilhelm
Hodgins, Robert
Hoffman, Bud
Hughes, Paul
Hunt, David
Joyce, Howard
Kupka, Peter
Layeux, Helen
Leeming, Douglas
Lowes, Donald
Lusher, Ronald

Lyon, Don
Mandle, Anthony
Margesson, David
McCowan, Ronald
Mcnally, Keith
McNeill, Gary
Mills, Ted
Moore, Brian
Nicholls, John
Oke, Colin
Oldfield, Robert
Park, Randy
Parsons, Douglas
Patrick, Linda
Patrick, Robert
Peers, William
Plater, Keith
Popovich, Edward
Powell, Keith
Prince, Ron. 
Rawley, Kim
Reynolds, May
Riddell, Roy
Robbins, Geri
Rosewarne, Jamie
Rotundo, Joseph
Row, Gordon

Sabourin, Ronald
Schmidt, Rainer
Schofield, John
Senk, Marjan
Sharzer, Stephen
Simpson, Bruce
Skat-Petersen, Eric
Smith, Peter
Sneyd, Peter
Sova, Francis
Starr, Bill
Stevenson, Sandra
Stewart, Duncan
Tassie-Goad, Twylla
Wallace, Robert
Walzl, Sepp
Warll, Alfred
Warll, Mary
Watson, William
Weiss, Michael
Williams, Joan
Williams, William
Wilson, Robert
Wolfhard, Peter
Wroldsen, Peter
Yeaman, Don
Zahradnik, Peter

50 Year Members - Central

Allen, Glenn                                                    Charters, Douglas
Blankstein, Daniel                                           Goss, Anderson    

Morgan, Robert                                              Receveur, Rick
Patola, Roger 
                                                Speiss, Craig

50 Year Members - Alberta

Bichsel, George
Biggs, David
Blackstaffe, Walter
Bryden, Wendy
Buckingham, James
Burrows, Budge
Christie, Liam
Clark, Allen

Crerar, Raymond
Davis, James
De Boeck, Brian
DesBrisay, Mike
Finestone, Jeffrey
Fischer, Peter
Frizzell, Robert
Galbraith, David

Gallagher, Lloyd
Gow, John
Hrynyk, Ann
Moore, Terry
Miller, David
O'Brien, Charles
O'Regan, Mary
Osler, Hugh

Schwarz, Andre
Smith, Graham
Snowsell, Ladd
Tanner, Neil
Vickers, Robert
Wells, Frank 
Zinger, Herbert

50 Year Members - BC, YT, NWT & YK

Birrell, John
Blackman, Gordon
Blaxland, Michael
Bone, Al
Booth, Ronald
Booth, Wayne
Bostock, Kim
Boutry, Butch
Bradford, Wayne
Brown, Gordon
Butler, Eddy
Chew, Bing
Christie, Guy
Clark, James
Cook, Casandra 
Crerar, Norman
Dawson, Robert
Doumont, David

Feedham, Stephen
Fraser, Elaine
Fulton, Robert
Georgas, James
Gibson, Peter
Goudge, Gerald
Green, Stewart
Greene Raine, Nancy
Grisedale, Lyle
Haffey, Colin
Hall, F.
Harvey, Walter
Hay, David
Hews, Dianne
Hustvedt, Asbjorn
James, Brian
Johnsen, Ornulf
Lake, Arthur

Leinweber, Lonell
Leishman, Chuck
Longstreet, John
Livsey, Robert
Ludwig, Harald
MacKenzie, Cameron
Marien, John C.
Matthewman, William
Mcconkey, James
Moore, Wendell
More, William
Nadeau, Claude
Olson, Martin
Rhodes, Brian
Richards, Don
Ripley, Willard
Robert, Suzanne
Rutherglen, Grant

Scott, John
Sheehan, Mike
Sigalet, Dirk
Stolzenberg, Harry
Swift, Elizabeth
Tutty, Brian
Vennels, Bill
Vogrin, Leo
Wallden, David
Webster, Bill
Welk, Hans
Wiegele, Michael
Wilson, Chris
Witt, Gary
Wood, David
Wurtele, Glenn
Young, George

50 Year Members - USA

Bourget, John
Clouston, Robert
Dawson, Kenneth
Fergstad Brunson, Janet

                       Finne, Ronald
                       Gratton, Robert
                       Ironstone, Howard


                           Kopp, Franz
                           Mailhot, Peter 
                           Mcgrath, Gordon

                                    Nisbet, Jay
                                    Preston, William
                                    Uberbacher, Wolgang

50 Year Members - International

Ducis, Pierre                                                 Gendron, Claude                       

 Hanff, Hose