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Phenix logo

Official CSIA 2023 Interski Team Gold Sponsor

The North Face® fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966: 
Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.

Website: www.thenorthface.com



Subaru logo

With constantly changing weather and landscape that encompasses everything from the sprawling prairies of Saskatchewan to the concrete canyons of Toronto to the imposing majesty of the Canadian Rockies, it makes sense for Subaru to have a strong presence in Canada. In 1976, Canadians got their first exposure to the benefits of Subaru All-Wheel Drive when Subaru Auto Canada Limited (SACL) began offering a full range of vehicles. In 1989, the privately owned SACL was purchased by the Toronto-based Subaru Canada, Inc., who, under the guidance of parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, began an expansion process that would eventually see over 85 Subaru Dealers in operation across the country. The safety, control and performance of the Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system has since endeared itself to Canadians, who have helped Subaru sales in Canada to reach record heights.

Website: www.subaru.ca



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GROUPE ROSSIGNOL LogoDynastar Logo StackedLogo LANGE 2021 black LOOK

Groupe Rossignol is a leading global manufacturer of winter sports equipment and the world number one for alpine skiing. The group includes the Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Look and Kerma brands.

The group's core markets are alpine skiing, nordic skiing and snowboarding. Its products include skis, snowboards, boots, bindings and technical equipment, as well as clothing and accessories. Each brand may have its own identity, but they all share excellence, high performance and technical expertise in their DNA.

Website: www.grouperossignol.com



MDV Sports Canada - Welcome to the world of Marker, Dalbello and Völkl.
Together we are one spirit! MDV Sports is the alliance of three major ski sport brands: Marker, Dalbello and Völkl. Individually, they are among the most influential and successful athletic brands worldwide. Together, they develop, produce and distribute innovative and essential winter hardware products. Thanks to this very close cooperation, synergies emerge that influence positively the growth and market positions of all three brands. What is our goal for the future? We will develop the absolute best performing products, and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Website: www.mdvsports.com



Tecnica/Nordica/Blizzard logos

Tecnica Group Canada is a subsidiary of Groupe Tecnica Spa and a leading Canadian distributor of high performance sports equipment. Tecnica Group Canada holds the exclusive distribution rights for some of the most prestigious European and North American brands, including Nordica, Blizzard, Tecnica, Rollerblade and Bladerunner Ice.

Nordica With a heritage that goes back 75 years and an unsurpassed commitment to quality, Nordica skis and boots provide every skier at every level the performance and comfort they are looking for.

Blizzard We are a family of skiers who are committed to building the best skis and boots that can take you to places you never thought possible. Because we are skiers. Because we are passionate about the mountain experience.

Website: www.tecnicagroup.ca



Elan Group is the leading producer and supplier of sports and leisure time activities equipment. We have been present in this market for over 60 years. All Elan’s enterprises are devoted to technical development of products and progressive design through innovative approach and advanced technology.

A combination of all these elements provides the ultimate sporting pleasure to our customers from around the world. The winter division at Elan is based on the manufacture of skis and snowboards, the marine division on sail, while Elan Inventa is the leading brand in providing sports facilities with all necessary equipment. All Elan’s production facilities are located in central Europe.

Skis and sail yachts are produced in Slovenia and snowboards in Austria. Elan owns four companies that market its products in Canada, Germany & Austria, Switzerland and Japan along with independent distributers around the world.

Website: www.elanskis.com



Karl Lenhart, an avid skier himself, was less than impressed by the quality and functionality of the ski poles of the time. Therefore, he used his own machine park to manufacture grips and baskets for skiing poles. These went into mass production in the 60s. On the other hand, Lenhart was familiar with aluminium and composite processing on account of his aircraft manufacturing experience. In 1970, he used these raw materials to produce his first ski poles to be sold under the Leki brand, which stands for the owners and the company headquarters, i.e. Lenhart in Kirchheim. Leki's products are developed and designed together in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany and Tachov, Czech Republic. Poles are manufactured following modern and environmentally friendly processes in Leki's own production facility in the Czech Republic. Leki seeks to operate under one strategic mandate: To combine safety and comfort with attractive design. The permanent exchange with experts and professional athletes ensures a high experience value. In turn, this results in smart, well-designed products, which customers can consistently enjoy and rely upon for years. With over 250 patents, Leki has introduced more innovations and filed more patents than any other manufacturer in the outdoors and ski industry. Today, Leki Lenhart GmbH is broadly recognised as the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems thanks to the consistent implementation of this philosophy.

Website: www.sportdinaco.com/en/leki-winter



Seirus distributed by Sport Dinaco, a privately owned company, grew out of 2 guys intent on creating solutions to issues that limited the winter experience of the outdoor enthusiast:

  • One looked to help preserve the boot/binding compatibility for more predictable release while skiing and more comfortable & secure walking on winter surfaces – thus Cat Tracks were created.

  • One wanting to shield his face during frequent trips to the Utah powder – leading to the birth of the Original Masque.

For over 30 years the team at Seirus Innovation has been able to develop cutting edge technologies and products that have proven to be leaders in cold and cool weather essentials.

Seirus carries over 300 products covering five unique categories from gloves and liners to quick and essential equipment. Seirus owns nine patents that cover 25 landmark products.

The drive to create better and more effective goods is at the heart of the Seirus philosophy. With the ever changing sports market, you can rely on Seirus remaining at the forefront of innovation.

Website: https://www.sportdinaco.com/en/seirus



Our goal is to create product that meet the needs of today’s consumer. Auclair was founded in 1945 by Renée & Mathieu Auclair; originally, a manufacturer of fashion gloves and mitts. Through the years, the company started developing a line of sport gloves for brands such as Arctic Cat and Bombardier. By 1972 the Auclair brand was exclusively developing and manufacturing products for the sports industry. Auclair covers all sport sectors from alpine, cross-country, winter hiking, mountaineering, skidoo and bike. The business has expanded into private label for organizations such as the Canadian Police Force among others. Today, the Auclair brand is one of the oldest and most respected gloves in North America

Paris Gloves is the only glove company participating in other market sectors - sport, fashion and industrial gloves for men, women and children. We are the glove expert. Our goal is to create product that meet the needs of today’s consumer. Brands produced under the Paris Glove banner in addition to Auclair are: Kodiak, Paris, Prestige, Etienne Aigner, Joseph Abboud and Simon Chang. As well, we develop private label programs for major retailers across North America.

Today, Paris Glove has one goal, to continue to focus on developing gloves and mitts of the highest standard that will be the choice of glove worn by our Athletes in achieving their dreams. When Athletes reach the podium, the Auclair brand will be there. If our Athletes are confident in the Auclair brand, can you afford not to be wearing Auclair?

Website: www.auclairgloves.com



XSPEX xceptional eyewear for xceptional people. XSPEX is committed to producing exceptional eyewear for people with active lifestyles, just like you, regardless of the season. We stylishly equip thrill seekers who share a passion for the outdoors no matter where the next adventure takes them.

The XSPEX team aspires to  surpass our clients expectations...always! We commit to consistently use the best in new technology and blend it with style.

We are dedicated to building a global eyewear brand that matters by never forgetting that style, comfort and performance must always be uniformly first class.

Website: https://www.xspex.ca/



Bronze Sponsors



Head logo

HEAD NV is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of premium sports equipment and apparel. Head Nv’s ordinary shares are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (“Head”).

Our business is organized into five divisions: Winter Sports, Racquet Sports, Diving, Sportswear and Licensing. We sell products under the Head (alpine skis, ski bindings, ski boots, snowboard and protection products, tennis, racquetball, paddle and squash racquets, tennis balls and tennis footwear, sportswear and swimming products), Penn (tennis balls and racquetball balls), Tyrolia (ski bindings) and Mares (diving equipment) brands.

The Company's key products have attained leading market positions based on sales and reputation and have gained high visibility through their use by many of today's top athletes

Website: www.head.com



Briko’s history dates back to 1985, when the company began producing ski wax for the Italian ski team. In the wake of its athletes' success, Briko soon decides to extend its product range, to include sunglasses, helmets and technical apparel, all designed in cooperation with its sports celebrity endorsers, who were always directly involved in the development of new products. During this evolutionary process, Briko developed numerous technical innovations: one example being the hugely successful Thrama lenses, introduced in 1989 and featuring an innovative and wide range of filters. In 1992, the Kasko helmet is launched onto the cycling market, followed in 2000 by Forerunner ski helmet. However, it is clothing that radically changes Briko’s position in the market, with the creation of the Katana collection in 2000, which offered technical pieces for both road cycling and mountain bikers. This was followed by the launch of the Beitostolen Nordic skiing range in 2003. Briko’s current team of sports celebrity endorsers comprises some of the most prestigious athletes on the international sports scene. Today, Briko products are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and their high innovative content is guaranteed by Briko’s own R&D centre for product innovation, aka the "Briko Lab" - established in 2009, where Safety, Kare and Style programs combine Briko’s racing tradition with expert know-how and specialized resources from high-tech industries. And the rich number of medal won by Briko athletes is there to show it.

Website: www.briko.ca



With passion for sports Reusch keeps focusing its strengths on the development of professional gloves. As a global acting sports glove supplier with German roots we’re concentrating on different elements interacting with each other. Tradition is one key element of Reusch. Since 1934, for us tradition means transferring knowledge and experience from the past to the present. Tradition is development; it’s the reflection of success! From then till now. Knowledge is our engine of progress. Guided by tradition and powered by knowledge we focus one direction: forwards! Movement is evolvement! Keeping in mind where we come from, we are sure about where to go. Flexibility and innovation are our companions on the way forward. We adapt to changes, reflect our strengths and open our eyes for what comes next. We keep moving! And so do our products. Reusch – Love your sport!

Website: www.reusch.com



Sidecut designs the highest quality tools and provides professional free tuning videos and workshops enabling skiers & snowboarders to reach their maximum potential. At Sidecut our goal is to positively impact the on-snow experience of as many skiers & snowboarders as possible. Ultimately, we feel this is only possible by providing our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. Through our affordable, high-quality products, and free educational tools and workshops, we positively affect the on-mountain experience of our customers and contribute to the betterment of the global snow-sport community. By equipping snowsports enthusiasts with knowledge about ski & snowboard tuning techniques, we strive to enhance their ski or snowboarding skills, so they can have more fun in the mountains..

Address: Whistler, BC
Phone: 604.902.7773

Website: www.sidecut.com



Bracelayer Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants are constructed on an anti-bacterial Lycra base and feature low-profile knee sleeves built right into the pants. Bracelayer compression tights have our unique Tri-Tech Support Layer, which incorporates a thin layer of medical-grade, perforated neoprene around the knees and hips. This extra layer of compression helps to relieve knee pain and to provide extra support, stability, and protection to active and recovering knees. 

Many athletes wear compression pants to increase blood flow & circulation which can improve recovery and rehabilitation. Studies have shown no adverse effects of wearing compression tights and have noted that applied compression can increase muscle activation which may improve performance and further aid in recovering from injury and rehab. Compression knee sleeves are commonly used to prevent injury, increase stability, and relieve knee pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, ligament tears, and joint sprains. Research has shown compression knee sleeves can offer benefits to healthy, as well as arthritic and injured knees. 

In healthy knees, compression sleeves improved proprioception or awareness of movement and knee position as well as reduced muscle fatigue. Improved gait, balance & pain relief has been recorded in osteoarthritic knees. Swelling & pain reduction as well as functional improvements have been shown in injured knees when compression sleeves are used. By combining the proven benefits of compression tights with the functionality of knee sleeves, Bracelayer athletic tights are a game-changer and confidence booster for athletes with active knees. 

Our unique line of functional Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants offers unparalleled levels of stability, balance, pain relief, and recovery capabilities when compared to traditional compression tights.

Website: www.bracelayer.com



ib logo orange dot black RGB

Icebreaker was and still is a merino pioneer. In 1994, it was the first to see the huge potential of the incredible natural material that was not only capable of outperforming synthetic and plastics but was an infinitely better choice for the well-being of the planet. In 2022 we will use 95% merino and plant-based fibres across our range.

We're determined to lead the way towards a more natural way of living with natural merino and plant-based performance alternatives. Merino wool breathes, doesn't smell, it's lightweight, comfortable, absorbs sweat and regulates temperature.

Feel comfortable in your clothing and move to natural.

Website: https://www.icebreaker.com/en-ca/home

 ROI GreyLeafLogo84x84

Recreation Outfitters Inc. is a proudly Canadian distributor of heritage outdoor lifestyle, skiing and snowboard products, for over 40 years. We are excited to invite accredited professionals such as yourself, to enjoy equipment from our exclusive premium brands. Hestra Gloves, Deuter packs and travel baggage, Devold of Norway Merino & wool apparel, Colltex Ski Skins, Dahlgren Socks, Spot Satellite Messengers.

Website: https://www.roirecreation.com/


 ROI GreyLeafLogo84x84

LEVEL establishes its leadership in the snow glove industry, thanks to its constant technological progress. With its innovative approach and many applied technologies, Level established itself as a world leader in the sector of snowboard protection gloves.

LEVEL has now succeeded in applying its philosophy of “innovative style” that characterizes the “snow” world, to the “ski” world, using the same concepts of innovation, safety and design.

LEVEL’s market positioning was immediately a winner. Thanks to its innovative applied technology involving state-of-the-art materials, and its passionate team, the company shot to the top of the snowboard equipment market. An important example of the company’s technological progress is the special wrist protection Biomex®, developed by LEVEL (together with the Klinik Gut in St. Moritz), that can reduce the risk of sprains and fractures while snowboarding. Now, LEVEL goal is to develop its know-how to become a leader producer in the glove market for all winter sport activities. Innovative design, maximum quality, revolutionary style and innovative technologies are at the base of Level strategy, all along.

Website: https://www.levelgloves.com/


 Carv wordmark 02

Carv provides real time analysis and feedback on the user’s ski technique. Through 72 pressure and motion sensors in a pair of inserts that sit under the liner of the user’s boot, Carv provides data and coaching on the user’s balance, foot pressure, edging and rotary skills through a variety of different training modes in the app.

The sensors in the hardware communicate with an app on the user’s smartphone more than 20 times per second. The hardware is built to withstand hard skiing, the batteries will last for a minimum of three full days and the device is fully waterproof.

Carv have recorded over 200 million turns of ski data. The product has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s best instructors, including demo team members from ski instructor organisations around the world and most notably two-time Olympic gold medallist and five-time World Champion Ted Ligety. Ted has partnered with Carv to deliver a new Train with an Olympian mode, which tasks users with working through a series of levels to develop Ted’s 4 fundamental skills for advanced Carving – Edge Similarity, Outside Ski Pressure, Early Edging and Edge Angle.

Website https://getcarv.com/


Industry Partners



Alpine Canada logo

Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) is the National Sport Organization responsible for the development of World Class Athletes in three of Canada’s fastest and most exciting Snow Sports: Alpine, Para-alpine and Ski Cross.

Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) holds its values in passion, perseverance, pride and teamwork allowing for the nation to be a world leader in sport.

As of the 2015-2016 season Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) assumed the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) and now coach education in Canada is recognized as Canadian Ski Coaches (CSC).

Canadian Ski Coaches (CSC) educates, leads and develops excellence in ski coaching from coast to coast.

CSC provides educational opportunities in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA) for current Coaches to continue their careers and learning opportunities as well as facilitates entry level programs for the next generation of Coaches.

All Courses meet or exceed minimal National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Standards and are in-line with the updated 2017 LTAD.


Website: www.alpinecanada.org & www.canskicoach.org
Phone: 403-777-3200
Address: Suite 302, 151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 6B7


 CSC Logo

Canadian Ski Council established in 1977. Few sports have such a diverse number of organizational bodies to foster and maintain the development of the sport and related industry. Distinctly autonomous groups have been formed to administer the various aspects of alpine and cross country skiing, instruction, coaching, ski area operation, disabled skiing, racing, safety, and the equipment wholesale and retail industries.

While each group answers specific needs, the entire ski/snowboard industry long ago recognized their common need for the on-going promotion of the sport. It was felt that it would be most effective if one central body was responsible for the implementation of generic promotions and marketing of our sport on the ski/snowboard industry’s behalf, rather than have many different groups duplicating efforts.

The goal of the Canadian Ski Council is to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing in Canada.
Website: www.skicanada.org
Email: info@skicanada.org
Phone: 877-440-9140
Address: 7600 Highway 27, Suite 14
Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0P8


ASSQ logo

The Québec Ski Area Association (ASSQ) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1979 by Québec Ski Areas Owners who wanted to defend the interests of their industry and promote skiing among a more youthful clientele.

The ASSQ team comprises of over a dozen employees who are responsible for a wide range of programs, products and services.

The ASSQ primarily gets most of its funding from sales of the Passe-Partout, the Provincial Pass and the dues paid by the Association’s nearly 75 active Members.

Website: www.maneige.com
Email: ski@assq.qc.ca
Phone: 450-765-2012
Address: Québec Ski Areas Association
1347, National Street
Terrebonne, Québec J6W 6H8



ASAA logo

Email: gm@crabbemountain.com
Phone: 778-484-5535
Address: Atlantic Snow Resorts Association (ASRA)
370 Ski Martock Rd, RR3
Windsor, Nova Scotia B0N 2T0



OSRA logo

The Ontario Snow Resorts Association is proud to provide a calendar of events for the winter Sports Industry and its Members.

Website: www.skiontario.ca
Email: osra@skiontario.ca
Phone: 705-443-5460
Address: Ontario Snow Resort Association (OSRA)
P.O. Box 575,
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 4E8



CWSAA Colour

The Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA) is a not-for-profit trade association that represents the Ski Areas of Western Canada. Its primary areas of focus are safety and risk management, sustainable market growth, people and talent development, and government advocacy.

CWSAA was founded in 1967 and incorporated in 1973, under the Canada Corporations Act. At the May 12, 2014 CWSAA AGM Members approved new By-laws and Articles of Continuance to facilitate a migration to the new Canada not-for-profit Corporations Act. CWSAA filed the required forms with Corporations Canada on May 26, 2014 and received a Certificate of Continuance on June 3, 2014.

As of 2019, CWSAA represents 271 Members, including 121 Ski Areas and 150 Suppliers to the Ski Industry. This outstanding level of Member support allows CWSAA to provide a strong and unified voice for the Western Canadian Ski Industry.

Ski Areas in Western Canada attract 9.5 million alpine skier visits and generate $2.1 billion in spending annually. They employ 28,600 people (19,000 FTE's) and provide an economic cornerstone for the winter Tourism Industry.

Website: www.cwsaa.org
Email: office@cwsaa.org
Phone: 778-484-5535
Address: Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA)
#300 - 1726 Dolphin Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 9R9


CASI logo

The Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) was formed in 1994 and incorporated in 1995. It is the professional snowboard teaching body in Canada with its Head Office located in Cambridge, Ontario.

CASI's Mission Statement is “To promote the sport of snowboarding, snowboard instruction and the profession of snowboard teaching in Canada by training and certifying Snowboard Instructors to ensure that a national standard of safe and efficient snowboard instruction is maintained.

CASI is divided into 6 Regions: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic. Each Region has a Regional Coordinator to address Regional concerns and administer our Level 1 Courses.

Website: www.casi-acms.com
Email: headoffice@casi-acms.com
Phone: 877-976-2274
Address: Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI-ACMS)
60 Canning Cres.
Cambridge, Ontario N1T 1X2



CSA logo

Incorporated in 1920, the CANADIAN SNOWSPORTS ASSOCIATION (CSA) represents its 10 Member Snow Sport Disciplines. Each discipline operates through Regional divisions consisting of more than 700 Clubs with over 97,000 Members.

The first 9 disciplines are the National Sport governing bodies for each of their sports in Canada. Their mandate is the development of competition programs and events, the development of Athletes up to and including the National Team level and the pursuit of excellence at all competition levels. These 9 Members of the CSA are all National Sport governing bodies responsible for all aspects of the sport within each of the Provinces and Territories.

The Canadian Ski Coaches Federation is a professional body whose mission is to educate their Coaches to lead and develop excellence in ski racing and to provide a variety of services to its Members.

Website: www.canadiansnowsports.com
Email: info@canadiansnowsports.com
Phone: 604-734-6800
Address: Canadian Snowsports Association (CSA)
Suite 202, 1451 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1H6



CSP logo

The Canadian Ski Patrol is Canada’s leader in certifying Ski Patrollers and advanced first aid personnel for our on-snow Resort Partners.

Since the 1940s, this organization has continued to fill a critical need for first responders on the ski slopes. Today, the CSP delivers a cross-section of national programs which provide vital skills, certified education and training in outdoor emergency care. Many lives are saved each year thanks to the competence of CSP Patrollers.

We promote safety and injury prevention and provide the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services to the Snow Industry.

Website: www.skipatrol.ca
Email: info@skipatrol.ca
Phone: 613-822-2245
Address: Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP)
4531 Southclark Place,
Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3V2



CANSI logo oval 5264x1797 transparent with fade

The Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) is a non-profit organization designed to promote and advance the sport of cross country skiing in Canada through the provision of high quality instruction. CANSI strives to promote a positive and proactive approach to the teaching of cross country skiing skills through lesson planning and instruction.

Website: www.cansi.ca
Email: office@cansi.ca
Phone: 819-360-6700
Address: CANSI National Office Secrétariat
CANSI National Office
8 Douglas Road
Chelsea, Québec J9B 1K4



logo partner cads new

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the joy of participating and competing in adaptive snowsports. CADS does this by developing and promoting adaptive snowsports through partnerships, training, and Instructor Certification Programs.

CADS is a national organization with 2,000 Disabled Skiers and Snowboarders and over 2,500 active Instructors and Volunteers from all Regions of Canada. CADS has touched thousands of individuals, both on and off the slopes in its 40 year history.

Website: www.cads.ski
Email: Christian Hrab christian@cads.ski
Phone: 514-224-8934
Address: Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS)
32 Chemin des Ancolies
SADL, Québec J0R 1B0



isia logo new

The International Ski Instructors Association, known better by the acronym ISIA, is the world body for professional Ski Instructors. The ISIA was formed in 1971 and there are currently 37 Member Nations representing the very best in ski instruction around the world.

Website: www.isiaski.org
Email: info@isiaski.org
Phone: +39 (0)471 974620
Address: International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)
Leonardo da Vinci Strasse 8
I-39100 Bozen