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Who is the CSIA?

Founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1949 as a not-for-profit organization, the CSIA is the professional ski teaching body in Canada. It is a federally recognized teaching institution and it trains and certifies Ski Instructors to best serve its Partners such as Snow Schools and the Canadian Skiing Public.

Canada has six CSIA Regions: Atlantic, Québec, Ontario, Central, Alberta and British Columbia — each represented on the Board of Directors. The six members of the National Board of Directors conduct the affairs and business of the CSIA. Regional affairs are addressed through Regional Committees, who are serving regional needs through Member Communications and Regional Events.


What is our Mission Statement?

The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance provides excellence in education for the profession of ski teaching, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of skiing.

At the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA), we value our sport and its environment, our Members, our Partners and the Skiing Public. As the leader in the profession of ski instruction and a most valued and respected contributor to the sport of skiing, we develop a safe and positive guest experience, a progressive approach and set national standards in ski teaching.


Diversity and Equality  

“The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance stands for equality”.

These are challenging times. Our sphere of influence is the passion for our sport and our love of the mountains. It is this realm that gives us a unique opportunity to help shape the future.

We want everyone to join us on the slopes. Everyone. In recent months, we have made some of the biggest changes in the organization’s history. It is our goal to embrace all those communities that have been underrepresented in our organization as Instructors. We are motivated to provide an educational system that provides the opportunity for anyone to be successful.

A deep connection is the cornerstone of us being compassionate and respectful to one another. Our sport creates such a connection. It is the essence of our profession. Our journey to be better never ends.


What do we Offer?

CSIA Education includes Programs with four Certification Levels and extensive Professional Development with Pro Days. Programs are administered under the technical guidelines established by the Technical Committee and the National Office, which is based out of Montréal, Québec.

Anyone who wishes to become a regular Member of the CSIA must attend and pass a Certification Program. Each Member has access to all types of training and education and receives communications and online material provided by the CSIA.



International Affiliations

The CSIA is a member of the International Ski Instructors' Association (ISIA), the body encompassing the national ski teaching associations of some 38 alpine nations. The purpose of the ISIA is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among countries and to harmonize certification equivalencies with regard to international standards. The member nations meet annually, and every four years at a larger meeting, called Interski Congress, which is held on snow.



Board of Directors

Gunars Kazaks
Chair and National Representative of Ontario
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor, ACA Performance Level 

James Lindsey
Vice-Chair and National Representative of Central
CSIA Level 3, ACA Member, CASI Member

Lucia Glasse-Davies
Secretary and National Representative of British-Columbia
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor

Nathan Reece
Treasurer and National Representative of Atlantic
CSIA Level 4, Level 3 Course Conductor, ACA Member

Colin Borrow
National Representative of Alberta
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor, CASI Level 3, ACA DL Level 2

Eric Bonin
National Representative of Quebec / National Board Liaison to TEC Committee
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor, ACA Member, CANSI Member

Past Chair, Non-voting

Serge Fortier
Financial Advisor, Non-voting
CSIA Level 3, ACA Member

Jeffrey Harder
Governance Advisor, Non-voting
CSIA Level 2



CSIA Staff 

Nigel Loring
Managing Director 
CSIA Level 3, ACA Member
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 224

Lisa Cambise
Senior Director of Finance and Shared Services
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 232

Betsy Linnell
Program Manager
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 236

Luc Néron
Senior Leader, Course Conductor Training and Development
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor

Jason Young
Products and Education Manager
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 237

Cedomir Tanackovic
Information Technology Manager
CSIA Level 3, Level 4 (Skiing), ACA Level 3
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 229

Viktoria Bortkiewicz-Hamelin
Membership Experience Manager
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 238

Annie Lussier
Communications Coordinator
CSIA Level 1
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 222

Benoit Fournier
Lead Program Administrator
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 234

Andrew Coates
Accounting Assistant
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 231

Dahlia Mightley
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 230

Sandra Turek
Administrative Technician
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 228

Membership Service Agent
1-800-811-6428 or 514-748-2648 Ext. 221


Education Program Coordinators (EPC) and Regional Administrative Coordinators (RAC). Email communication is preferred. 

Charles Martin
Atlantic Education Program Coordinator
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 100

Mario Bourassa
Québec Education Program Coordinator
CSIA Level 4, Level 3 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 101

Frédérik Lépine
Québec Regional Administrative Coordinator
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 107

James Scott
Ontario Education Program Coordinator
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 103

Kayla Wickens
Ontario Regional Administrative Coordinator
CSIA Level 1
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 102

Craig Chapman
Central Education Program Coordinator
CSIA Level 3, Level 1 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 104

Catherine Jordan
Central Regional Administrative Coordinator
CSIA Level 2
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 112

Kyle Armstrong
Alberta Education Program Coordinator
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 111

Karen Kjorven
Alberta Regional Administrative Coordinator
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 105

Kristian Armstrong
British Columbia Education Program Coordinator
CSIA Level 4, Level 4 Course Conductor
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 106

Simon Woodward
British Columbia Regional Administrative Coordinator
CSIA Level 2, ACA Member
1-800-811-6428 Ext. 108