On behalf of myself and our Regional EPCs and RACs, I want to start with a thank you to you, our
Members, for your efforts in keeping everyone safe as we continued to operate through last season. We
could not have done it without you!

We have taken time to reflect on our experiences of last season and look forward to the opportunity to
evolve things further for 2022. We are approaching the final stages of these updates and look forward
to publishing them soon.

Here are a few insights available for the beginning of September!

We are working on visual resources that will provide further clarity on concepts such as The
Collaborative Teaching Approach and the Skills Framework. Keep an eye out for these in the coming
months. As the world continues to move toward technology and virtual settings as a way to share,
interact and educate, we will be looking to increase our National approach in these new landscapes
moving forward.

With consistency in messaging and delivery across the country always a focus, our National Course
Conductor Training events will be adjusted to further support this effort. As a team, we are excited to
have Luc Neron in the new role of Product Quality Director. Being able to travel again and meet more
often in the field with our Course Conductors is an exciting prospect. Additionally, much time has been
spent this summer updating Course Conductor Manuals to provide additional detail and guidance that
many felt would be helpful in their delivery of programs. All of these efforts and plans are aimed at
improving the value and experience for CSIA Members participating in programs.

Last season saw the introduction of the Level 4 Academy. If you haven’t seen the statistical results of
the Academy, make sure to have a look at the inaugural Managing Directors’ Communique. We have
unpacked the results and feedback from this first iteration of the Academy and will soon release the
details of the addition of a brush training component and a hybrid structure of Training Camps and final

We were excited to see an increase in the success rate on the Trainer Exam this past season and also
recognized that we had more work to do to clarify the expectations and format of this step in the
pathway. Final details on this will be available soon. The “relocation” of the Trainer Development
Course and Exam (check out the full pathway graphic here https://www.snowpro.com/en/certification-
en/certification ) makes it a tool in developing the skills of prospective CSIA Course Conductors and
trainers in snow schools earlier in their career.

The response from members who were able to participate in Pro Days last season was overwhelmingly
positive. We are addressing feedback that we did receive regarding the clarity of what each Pro Day
offers and who they are for so stay tuned for additional clarity on this in the Pro Day section of
snowpro.com. Also, watch for Pro Day Camps on the website which are multiday Pro Day training
opportunities and member events where members at any level will be able to spend more than one day
focusing on their development with an expert Course Conductor.

While the challenges of Covid have not gone away just yet, we are confident that we will once again be
able to offer a safe environment for our Members and Course Conductors to continue doing what we all
love to do. We look forward to meeting you on snow again soon!